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Young landlords would help tenants if asked - survey claim

Over half of young landlords would provide support to tenants during the cost of living crisis if they were asked, it’s being claimed.

A survey by Uswitch says 57 per cent landlords agent 18 to 24 - an extremely small group, anyway - were most willing to help if requested.

Groups of older landlords were less inclined to help, although 40 per cent of those agent 55 or above were happy to assist.


The comparative service polled landlords to discover their attitudes towards landlord-tenant relationships, and whether they are open to supporting their tenants through the cost of living crisis. Tenants were also surveyed in order to identify any differences in perspective.

A fifth of all tenants believe they would be denied support from their landlords, though the percentage decreases with age. 

A quarter of 18-24 year-olds have no expectation of help, but only 16 per cent of tenants aged 55-plus surveyed felt their request for support would be turned down. More than a third of surveyed tenants felt that it was ‘possible’ that their landlord may help them out.

Uswitch spokesperson Kellie Steed says: “If your tenants are unable to pay their rent, it could leave you in a vulnerable position for your own mortgage payments. 

“If your tenant approaches you asking for support due to their struggles with rent and bills, here are some things you can do:

“Keep in regular contact with your tenants: Encourage your tenants to maintain regular communication with you, particularly over any issues in the property. This will allow you to resolve any small problems before they become costlier. A clear line of communication will also allow your tenants to approach you with any struggles with rent, so that you can manage this sooner;

Help tenants to keep the property in its best condition: Make sure they know the most efficient way to heat the property, as well as how to properly ventilate in order to prevent mould and damp. Make sure all appliance manuals are available to them, so that they don’t misuse or damage any. The cost of living crisis can affect people’s mental health, so being able to come back to a home in good condition is one less thing for your tenants to worry about;

Invest in the energy efficiency of your home: There are small changes that are easy to enact which can increase your energy efficiency, such as installing LED bulbs and properly draught-proofing the property. It may be tempting to avoid costlier enhancements, such as investing in triple glazed windows.”

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  • George Dawes

    Young and gullible, live a little then wake up to reality

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    It's a known fact that the brain doesn't mature until 24, a few yrs as a landlord soon hardens us up, give an inch and they'll take a yard, been there, done that and got the tee shirt


    Thanks to SNP influence a 21 year old man (boy?) convicted of raping a 13 year old girl has escaped being jailed and only given community service.

    This is the same SNP who wants 16 year olds to vote and change their sex without any parental knowledge!

    Wonder if the newly arrested husband of Wee Jimmy Krankie is old enough to take responsibility for any missing £600,000 ?

    • B L
    • 05 April 2023 12:21 PM

    Probably this is the reason why they desperately want independence.

  • icon

    Yeah - Green- is the word that comes to mind. But there’s nothing wrong with listening then tryin to help. I have rather than evict .( going through all that). Bottom line they look after house and usually pay rent on time - work together to get result for both sides.

  • icon

    Landlords aged 18 to 24? Most likely inherited a property then and would feel more empathy with tenants in same age bracket than other landlords. They will learn as soon as they get the ones that tell a good sob story but then don't pay the rent and don't look after the property.

  • icon

    What’s the point of such a minuscule survey? It can’t influence anything. We all know that very young adults lack experience. Waste of time.

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    Young Landlords are more likely than more mature experienced Landlords to empathise with the high cost of costalot coffees, foreign holidays and the desire to pay monthly for fancy cars that they'll never own.

    I had one young couple who pleaded with me to let them out of the tenancy agreement a few months early as they wanted to move in with parents to save up for their own home.

    I readily agreed and they then asked me to ensure that they got their deposit back ASAP as they wanted to put it towards a new car!


    Yep that's a classic Robert, most of them don't help themselves, house or new car and they chose the new car, mugs, but as someone once said to me if it weren't for the mugs out there we wouldn't be as wealthy as we are

  • icon
    • B L
    • 05 April 2023 11:30 AM

    Young landlords certainly have healthier finance affordability (it is easy to be kind when it doesn't concern you) and easier
    to be manipulated. Being landlords is a business and its main principles are all in the contract. One may give help to others in an emergency, but none of us can do so if they are perennially in need of help.
    Most PRS landlords are doing their best to get along with their tenants in managing their business in a fair way and making efforts to avoid conflicts. Therefore, please stop dividing landlords and tenants by publishing nonsense and exaggerating.

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    Anyone had a tenant offer to pay more rent?

  • icon

    John yes I had a Tenant offer me more rent. I had a couple rent a one bed garden Flat with parking and some out space but they went abroad 6 months ago and now wants to come back and offered me a lot more rent but sadly not now available.
    So now they pay more rent for a double room in a sheared house.

  • icon

    Andrew don’t have much desire for Classic Cars it’s more a novelty but if you want a perfect car any size any make only 6 year old diesels £40k Merc’s included a snip at £7k. London is your Market a wash with good cars that will see you out. Thanks to a Rogue Mayor with his ULEZ and talk about saving the Planet, how much energy to recycle many of those and then to manufacture replacements, someone missing a trick here.
    Seriously a niece market waiting for you here no ULEZ in Norfolk.

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    Did you see 'the beast'? Recently sold for £72k. 27litre spitfire engine and qualifies as exempt for ULEZ

  • icon

    John didn’t see it sure is a nonsense isn’t it, haven’t a clue is there a decimal point missing, maybe old spitfire Triumph but petrol.


    Go to car and classic dot com and search for 1972 JOHN DODD'S THE BEAST He put a WW2 spitfire merlin engine 27 litres V12 in a car on a Rolls Royce chassis mated to a 3 speed auto. There's also a link to a youtube video all about it.

    Also my Vauxhall Insignia 2.0 litre Turbo with 260HP is also exempt.

  • icon

    Good heaven’s I thought at first maybe a hand built Bristol or an Aircraft but I digress.


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