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Landlords and tenants get on badly? Don't you believe it...

A survey claims that 75 per cent of tenants regard the relationship with their landlord as good or very good - and 89 per cent of landlords believe they have a good rapport with their renters, too.

In a study commissioned by online platform Mashroom some 59 per cent of tenants cite strong communication as the reason for their landlord’s good relationship. Sixty seven per cent of landlords also say that being communicative was the reason for their good relationship with tenants. 

Letting agents and property managers are often seen as the go-between to get deals done and take care of property maintenance, but it looks like their involvement is a hindrance rather than a help. 




Out of the tenants and landlords surveyed, 59 per cent of renters said they deal with their landlord directly, rather than going through an intermediary. Of the landlords, 53 per cent said they let and manage their rented properties without external help.

Thirty three per cent of tenants said they live in their rented homes for between two and five years, with 23 per cent staying for more than half a decade. The landlords surveyed also enjoyed long-term relationships – 30 per cent have had the same tenants for between two and five years.

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    We all know this - its just that Shelter & Generation Rent don't want to see this type of headline as it doesn't support their agenda.

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    Truth is most landlords and tenants get along just fine, the problems come when you get one that isn't paying then it's always very unreasonable for the landlord to evict them.

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    English Housing Survey puts tenant satisfaction at 84%


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