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Activists want more anti-landlord measures even before Bill is published

Activists are demanding that the government stop landlords circumnavigating an imminent eviction ban by hiking rents so tenants leave anyway.

The London Renters Union made the demand ahead of the publication of the long-awaited Rental Reform Bill.

One of the Bill’s provisions is widely expected to be a ban on Section 21 evictions but the LRU claims the plans are “open to a range of abuses and would fail to properly abolish ‘no-fault’ eviction.”


In the four years since Downing Street first promised to scrap Section 21, the government has also been adamant that it will not introduce rent controls in England, although they now exist in Scotland.

Last year’s government White Paper - although seen by many as very pro-tenant - also resisted rent controls.

An LRU spokesperson now says: “The Tories must not give with one hand and take with the other.

“If [Housing Secretary] Michael Gove is serious about bringing renters security in our homes, he must ensure this new legislation brings an end to all no-fault evictions, especially the use of unaffordable rent rises to get tenants out.

“The Tories have kicked this Bill into the long grass for years, and it is only the growing strength of the housing movement that has forced them to deliver change.”

The union wants an immediate rent freeze and stronger protections against fraudulent uses of new section 8 eviction powers which are expected to feature in the Bill.

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    More nonsense. More have-nots demanding the world and offering nothing in return.

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    I’m surprised they don’t simply want us to give them the property and transfer the title at the land registry😰


    I think that that is the ultimate aim.


    Wait until Labour get in.

    Daniela Provvedi

    @Nick, Labour WON'T get in, if you all don't vote for them.

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    I saw somewhere the suggestion that Tenants should be allowed to make alterations to the property they rent. 😱. I cannot count the number of man years I have spent undoing the damage caused by diy illiterate tenants under the current regime so that idea fills me with horror. Also where do they draw the line with tenants interfering with something that renders a house dangerous ie electrics


    I've had tenants decorate. Lovely Romanians. He apparently was a professional decorator. He did a terrible job...

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    I put in for a 10% rent increase for a ''protected'' tenant that has to be assessed by the rent officer, I got 8%, so under inflation, in real terms a 2% rent reduction


    And then take the tax out so you are even worse off.

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    Don't these idiots realise that bringing in rent controls just makes families and long term renters less desirable tenants than students who do tend to leave after one or two years giving Landlords the opportunity then to reset rents at current market rates?

    In practice anti landlord and anti tenant measures are exactly the same measures, just opposite sides of the same coin - the viability of the PRS and thus availability of good PRS homes at affordable rents.


    They are idiots - they don't understand anything!

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    Edmonton County Cournts
    19 weeks to open an email or letter
    (was quoted as 57 working days, but 19 sounds smaller)
    Judge given tenants 7 months to complete a defence and counting.
    Will be well over a year, with 20k arrears
    (equal to a year and a half living for free)


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