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Landlords hit with record licensing fines says PropTech firm

London landlords and letting agents have so far been hit with more than £900,000 in fines in the first half of 2023 alone.

Geospatial technology company Kamma, which monitors compliance fines in the private rental sector, claims 2023 is shaping up to be a record breaking year. 

Local authorities in Greater London have issued more than £9m in fines in total, with £909,550 dished out since December 2022. Fines so far this year are close to totalling fines recorded throughout 2022 as a whole.


Over 20 new schemes and consultations have launched throughout the UK in 2023, five of which are in London. New London schemes include Ealing, Newham and Kensington and Chelsea. 

Enforcement is expected to continue to rise as Redbridge, Brent and other councils plan to launch new schemes later this year. Now, four in five London boroughs have some form of additional or selective licensing in place. 

Camden council continues to top the council enforcement list in terms of number of cases brought forward, followed by Newham and Waltham Forest. Together they have brought forward over 1,000 cases against landlords and agents, with the average fine issued by Waltham Forest surpassing £8,000, nearly twice that of Camden.

Kamma chief executive Orla Shields says: “As both the number of new schemes and enforcement rise in the capital, it is expected that fines will surpass the £9.4 million mark by the end of the year. Smart letting agents protect landlords, and their pockets, by ensuring that their compliance is watertight, removing the risk of both financial and reputational losses.” 

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  • jeremy clarke

    Fines for breaching safety regulations or fines for not joining the licensing "club" aka, council pension fund?


    Try having a landlord who doesn't think the law applies and these new law and regulations wouldn't be here if not for rouges like them and I should know.

  • icon

    If they can't expect that there's more to renting than collecting the rent then there fit to call themselves landlords and I've no sympathy for them.

    Richard LeFrak

    Sandra, incoherent ranting will not get the attention you are looking for...

    You will find everyone on here abides by the law and respects the law, also you will find many of us on here are sympathetic to tenants and have had tenants for a good number of years. If you think any of us good people on here are rogue landlords then please feel free to try and find us down the local kebab house with adverts in the window...


    I doubt any of us are after your sympathy Sandra, and of course there is a lot more to being a landlord than just collecting rent

  • icon

    Well said Peter... Ps... What is a rouge Sandra?

    Richard LeFrak

    A fine Red 🍷 I think Shane ..! 😂

  • jeremy clarke

    Sandra, unfortunately rouge? landlords will not be reading this article and the proportion of bad landlords in the PRS is very small indeed. There is enough legislation for local authorities to prosecute any landlord reported to them, unfortunately more legislation will not get rid of bad landlords. Since 1903, it has been a requirement for a driver to hold a driving licence, 120 years later and the police stop lots of drivers every week for not having a licence!


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