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Activists use Shelter campaign to renew Section 21 call

Generation Rent says Shelter has it right when it complains about evictions in the private rental sector.

Earlier this week Shelter claimed that around half of the working private renters in England have too little saved to pay rent for more than a month if they lost their job.

This emerges from a poll commissioned by Shelter which, the charity says, shows that 55 per cent of private renters have had their rent put up in the last year.


It goes on to say that 37 per cent are now struggling or behind with their rent “due to the increase in payments.”

Generation Rent - in a separate statement piggy-backing on Shelter’s research - says it naturally agrees.

Chief executive Ben Twomey says: “This survey reveals a painful truth – renters are in a more precarious position than ever. 

“In such an uncertain economic climate, it is terrifying that over half of renters may not be able to find money to pay their rent if they were to suddenly lose their job.

“That these same renters, through no fault of their own, could potentially lose their home if their landlord chose to evict them with a Section 21 eviction is equally worrying.

“The government needs to act to support renters now and to provide longer term solutions to the cost of renting crisis that is devastating communities across the country. We need to see Local Housing Allowance unfrozen and an urgent effort to build more homes, particularly more social homes.”

“These measures, combined with the passing of the Renters Reform Bill, would protect tenants from imminent homelessness and give hope that things can and will get better. Change is long overdue but has never been so desperately needed as right now.”

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    They should be rejoicing that only 55% of private renters have had a rent increase in the last year. Haven't 100% of Social Tenants had a rent increase in the last year, mainly at 7%?

    Anyone on a tracker or SVR mortgage has had multiple increases in housing costs over the last year. Anyone coming to the end of a mortgage fix is seeing stratospheric increases in housing costs. All are at risk of homelessness if they can't pay. Homeowners have far fewer options than tenants and no equivalent to LHA or Discretionary Housing Payments.

    Perhaps the activists should start to look at just how lucky PRS tenants are right now compared with pretty much everyone else.
    If they wanted to genuinely help tenants they would campaign for a reversal of Section 24, removal of the extra 3% SDLT on rental properties, restoration of taper relief on CGT (to encourage more people to become landlords) and an eviction system that actually works and gets rogue tenants out in a timely fashion.


    Unfortunately the tenant groups don't really understand the PRS. Unless you understand the problem it is hard to solve it so there answer is always to blame the LLs.


    Problem being is shelter and generation rant are there to look after the great unwashed rogue type tenants not the good tenants


    As always Jo, spot on. The article could be rewritten for homeowners with a mortgage and have similar results.

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    If the Government really wanted to help tenants they would scrap the RENTERS REFORM BILL.

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    Ellie- YES YES YES. But they not.😞😞😞.


    You are right! However, they must be aware that their "reforms" are not helping tenants at all. They can see that rents have increased considerably, particularly in London, and tenants are finding it very difficult indeed to find anything that they can afford.


    They don't care about any harm done by their dogma.

    Somehow decent tenants need to realise how much harm these rabble rousers are doing to them - but how?

    NRLA could help if it wanted to but it's useless.

    Peter Why Do I Bother

    Amazing isn't it Bob that NRLA is very quiet on these subjects.... Obviously, our Ben does not want to go up against their Ben.

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    55% of renters have had an increase (only allowed one per year)
    100% of owners on variable mortgages have had 13 increases and it is open ended. Regardless of what Jeremy Hunt claims, If you don’t pay the mortgage you will eventually be repossessed. I think renters with their 5 week input into the arrangement have a great deal compared to owners


    Many variable rate mortgage payers have suffered payments double or even treble - much more than typical rent increases which tend to be under inflation and are therefore real term reductions subsidised by PRS Landlords.

    Peter Why Do I Bother

    100% Agreed. I will be polite and call him a Hunt for the treacherous behaviour of both him and Sunak. Gone against everything conservatives stand for.

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    Renters get various benefits. I as a homeowner get no benefits. If I loose my job I still don't get any help from the government. I would have to sell my property and live in rented accommodation, even then I would still get no help until my savings were less then 16k. I have been on close to minimum wage all my life, but because I have assets I have had very little help.

    I was off work for 5 months after having major heart surgery, didn't qualify for any help other then SSP around £400 per month, had to live off my savings.

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    The Conservatives need to have a long hard look at themselves. They have really mis-managed the economy, large projects and have overly complicated Brexit and Covid with mad untraceable payments.
    I have no faith in this Government or Labour, if or when they get in.
    If they cannot simply work out that the PRS needs to be encouraged to invest in then we really are doomed. Small businesses are also in the same boat as us. It really is unthinkable that this is happening on the Tories watch.
    I see that fuel prices are on the increase again, is this a precursor to energy rises about to explode!


    Agreed this isn't a conserative party that I recognise they used to support the small businessman and the self employed, they seem to hate us now, they are just labour under a different name

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    Conservative Mr Gove is red in blue but he is right there will be a viable sustainable Rented Sector. However it will not be us that’s running it, we are being systematically replaced by the big boys Corporate Companies, institutions, Banks, the John Lewis’s and the Pension Funds or am I mistaken or is it them that wants to throw 72b at it.
    When was any of that
    Look around you it plain to be seen massive construction projects in every Town but all high rise mostly modular Flats.
    Make no mistake we are being replaced this is what’s really happening and The Renter Reform Bill is the tool to get it done. The higher Rents are a windfall for them.

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    In case anyone is interested, I came across this youtube video explaining how small private landlords have been targeted and why many are selling up. See:

    youtu [DOT] be/NtVk3ERt66w?si=P-9F7fT_FQD84bci

  • Peter  Yednell

    The goverment might want to encourage so called "professional" big corporate landlords on thr Germanodel but this will take tax concessions for them to build large estates /apartment blocks and take years.. Driving small Landlords out of the market (the vast majority of small landlords good landlords who maintain their properties) is already creating shortages while we have rising demand.. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.


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