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Voids plunge to record lows - new figures

The number of voids has dropped by 44 per cent in the past month to hit an average of just nine days in July. 

This is down from 16 days in June and is the lowest ever void rate recorded by Goodlord, which has been operating a lettings market index since the mid-2010s. The previous record was set at 10 days in July 2022. 

The North East and the South West saw the lowest voids - recording void periods of just six days on average. 


This, respectively, represented a 60 and 45 per cent reduction compared to June’s void figures for those regions. 

The highest voids were recorded in the West Midlands at 14 days, a decrease of 22 per cent compared to June. 

Greater London saw the smallest month-on-month change: a 21 per cent reduction in voids, from 14 days to 11 days. 

Length of void period between tenancies, by region, June vs. July (days)


June 2023

July 2023

Month on Month % change

East Midlands




Greater London




North East




North West




South East




South West




West Midlands




England average




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    Personally I have had fairly long voids in the past. This is because I take the opportunity to paint the flat etc. Some work can be difficult to carry out when tenants are living there because it inconveniences them. However, once I advertise I generally have a huge response and sometimes let immediately, having thoroughly checked references myself.


    Voids are useful for repairs and improvements to be carried out, but one advertised normally a queue wanting to sign up


    I think they should allow us a council tax-free period for the work - don't they want the properties to be in tip top condition! They claim to want to improve the standard of the private rental sector, but, at the same time, are deterring us from carrying out improvements by charging us full council tax as soon as the tenants leave.


    A council I wouldn't normally regard as sensible, allowed 3 months zero council tax if major works are being undertaken in the void period.
    Just as well when Covid lockdown/distancing made renovation works take forever.
    Though haven't checked if they still do so.

    Also, zero council tax if/while the property couldn't be legally let. So if works were going to take longer than 3 months, getting essential gas/electrical safety checks/certificates done right at the end of works could be sensible.
    I recall council tax exemption for properties that cannot be let legally is a national exemption. But haven't tried that one out, nor researched it, so might be wrong.

    Not planning to try any of the above anytime soon though. All tenants want to stay, and properties in top/good condition: when re-let after the long void the agents said the condition was "immaculate". Though agents have been known to exaggerate!

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    This is such a non story, we all know this with tenants not leaving and anything coming up having 50 plus applications 😱. The government has failed the population.


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