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Generation Rent to run Rights Awareness Week next month

Activists in the Generation Rent group are running what they call Renters’ Rights Awareness Week in the second half of October.  

“Whether you’re new to renting, having issues with your landlord, or just feel you need a refreshment on your rights then these free online events are the perfect fit for you” says a statement from the group.

Topics covered will include pets, dealing with rent rises, and getting repairs done.


Supporters can sign up for as many webinars as they wish - they are free to join - and the group will send out factsheets too.

The week is being held between October 16 and 23.

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    Can they cover responsibilities at the same time please?

    Interestingly I gave some advice recently to a renter who had been kicked out by their LL. They had been told the LL only needed to give 1 mths notice, because he was moving back in, but then redecorated & relet the house. If only the tenant had read the 'How to Rent Guide'.....

  • George Dawes

    Activists , lol

    Most active thing they do is get out of bed

  • icon

    Very good Generation & Shelter keep pushing it, tell them everything is their right and entitled to everything . Have your awareness week you won’t be giving them anything.
    Just putting them on the wrong path as now growing up useless.
    They are already upon a pedestal acting Jack the lad out of control nearly barge up off the pavement.
    Make better use of your week, teach them some respect, discipline and responsibility we might have less blood on our hands.
    Far different when I was young hand milk 3 cows before cycling 5 miles to school and 4 more when I came home for a neighbour for money, now they won’t get out of bed in time & miss the free Bus.


    It is funny you should say that, Michael, about being barged off the pavement. A teenage girl tried to push me out of the way to get in front of me while we were getting on the bus today. I didn't let her do it, and she "sucked her teeth" in anger. I'd been waiting for ages and she had just arrived. She was so rude. Young people are developing a false sense of entitlement and personality disorders due to the propaganda.

    Unfortunately, there are some people, including some tenants, who think they can pick their victims when it comes to those they will try to cheat. Most will fold when they receive any opposition even if that opposition is just pointing out what they are doing.


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