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Another council leaps on landlord licensing gravy train

Middlesbrough is the latest council wanting to expand its landlord licensing regime.

It’s consulting on extending its existing scheme to another ward.

The Selective Landlord Licensing scheme has been running for a number of years in North Ormesby and Newport ward and in the council’s own words - “has led to great improvements to the areas.”


So it now wants to introduce a further scheme in Newport ward.

The authority wants to hear from local residents, private landlords, businesses and any other interested parties on the proposal.

A statement says: “The scheme aims to improve standards of property management in the private rented sector and, along with other measures, help bring about improved social and economic conditions.

“Under the initiative all private rented properties must be licensed by the Council, with licence holders required to meet certain ‘fit and proper person’ criteria.

“Licence conditions include proving that annual gas safety checks are carried out, as well as pre-tenancy reference checks and the provision of tenancy agreements.

In addition the landlord will have a plan in place to tackle anti-social tenants.”

Consultation on the proposals runs from this week until noon on Tuesday, March 12, with a final decision due to be taken after all responses have been considered.

For more information on the scheme, including the full proposal, visit https://www.middlesbrough.gov.uk/SLLconsultation

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  • Alan Bonde

    “In addition the landlord will have a plan in place to tackle anti-social tenants.”
    How on earth is a landlord supposed to “tackle” an anti-social tenant? We have NO legal powers to do that as the tenant, anti-social or not, has been given all the power by the Government.


    Reason and logic have no place here 😂🤔

  • icon

    To help bring about improve social and economic conditions, by imposing huge costs / sanctions ?.
    The landlord must now have ASB Policy as part of the HMO licensing Schemes imagine that, the Council’s can’t control their own as I seen yesterday new Flats provided by Council as temporary accommodation, windows broken glass substituted with pieces of plywood, one window with hinge broken off whole panel draped down hanging on by tread danger to life, the place is rife with drugs & violence.
    Landlord Association only 100k members and it’s taken 50 years out of a pool of at least 2.5m of private landlords despite the rapid growth in PRS in last 25 years they haven’t kept pace at all, not surprising when they haven’t opposed removal Section 21 it doesn’t boost anyone’s confidence, its now used as an arm of Government to introduce their Policy’s.

  • icon

    Ahh the now old get double council tax from a single property legalised theft scheme.

  • icon

    Kerching 💵💵💵 like we are surprised, it will be in every council before long, every ward 🤷‍♂️ The council’s are going bankrupt, this is a good earner, Arthur Daley would have been proud 🕵🏻

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    • A JR
    • 05 January 2024 08:45 AM

    Just another corrupted council corrupting their justifications and extorting money from those who provide urgently needed housing.
    There’s a pile of unintended consequences coming down their road!

  • icon

    The consolation is just paying lip service, the decision is already made

  • John  Adams

    Ironically Middlesbrough is another area with high levels of poverty and deprivation and here they are effectively reducing housing availability and increasing rents.
    If you are a Landlord in the area, write to your tenants and tell them that the Council has decided to increase their rents by implementing this surcharge, if they have any questions please do not hesitate to ring your local councillor and ask them why.

  • icon

    Why do they never licence social housing landlords? Think of the money they could rake in. Mind you, they probably realise that the licence costs would result in increased rents. Strange that they never follow the logic of that happening in the PRS.

  • icon

    James Licensing Schemes haven’t improved housing but created the worst housing Crisis in memory and for a reason to open the flood gates for Corporate Landlords & Institution's to take over.

  • icon

    Same in Bristol. I've looked after my tenant but licensing leaves me with no spare money to improve her conditions. I'm getting out and will let my family use the property. If I leave it empty it's double the council tax. Not sure the council help anyone bar themselves.

  • icon

    No need to worry what it will be like if labour gets in we have it already in Ealing about 70 Councillors about 60 of them labour re-elected ever 4 years for several consecutive terms.
    Suppose labour got in 13 years ago or what ever we couldn’t be any worse off because they wouldn’t have gotten away with the strokes this government pulled and we unsuspecting thinking they were for going forward improving life for everyone and Business.
    We had Selective Licensing for for 3 wards of the Borough only and I was unfortunate enough to have property in one of those and had to license a number of times, usually South Acton, Greenford & Southall or East Acton, allegedly trouble spots for a number of 5 year terms.
    This was renewed again in April 2022 for 3 wards only for another 5 year term so that should have been it. However Joe Blanchard assistant Housing Director in Ealing rubbing shoulders with Conservative Housing Secretary Mr Michael Gove who comes along just 9 months later and gives permission to change what had been set for 5 years to increase the Scheme to apply to another 12 wards in the Borough without any justification whatsoever.

  • icon

    Mr Joe Blanched also forced in what he calls Digital on- line Stream lining Licensing Applications and should only take about 45 minutes. He forgot it will take you another 45 days and cost you thousands to have all the Compliances and documents in place in order to do the Application if possible at all. Many hands on landlords running and maintaining their Business are supposed to have all this free unpaid time & expertise to do this but pay him for the work they do and then he subs it out with an iron fist. Also many older landlords can’t do the Application in this format either signs on several hundreds of landlords that should be licensed are not for this reason, what’s he going to do get repayment Orders for them all good luck with that extortion racket you are Bankrupting the Borough already.
    Harrow on the other hand at least has the paper Application process so we can struggle through that although no piece of cake either requiring a fire assessment costing you additional £220.00 annually which seems unnecessary when you are already having Gas, fire Alarms Certification’& Emergency lighting Certificates annually big cost.
    not forgetting a HMO License Application fee costs £1623. we are well and truly stitched up.

  • icon

    Gt Yarmouth has had Selective Licensing for 5 years now. The only properties that made the local news were owned by the Council, drug dealing, anti social behaviour and poor maintenance.
    These are not subject to Licensing. All landlords in the area increased rents to cover the fee, and whilst some properties were improved, the general area was still litter strewn and not maintained by the council.
    What made it worse is that the NRLA supported the scheme and continue to do so.


    What made it worse is that the NRLA supported the scheme and continue to do so.

    NRLA really not covering itself on glory at the moment.

  • icon

    @Annoyed Landlord - perhaps Mr Norwood can stop us commenting on this as well. Also GtYarmouth just announced £2m scheme to get prs landlords to rent themproperties bcoz their temp housing figures/costs now skyrocketing.


    No one works in Gt Yarmouth they are all benefit scroungers we all know that in Norfolk

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    Don't tempt him, Catherine.

    Any PRS landlord who rents their property to a council deserves everything they get!

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    James my friend just how do you improve property by robbing the finance that has the opposite effect.
    When I look at my credit card Statement it’s horrendous several imposed costs by Council on one property alone for instance. C/tax double for vacant period caused 100% by Regulation’s £860. no income no service, Additional re-license for 3rd time App’ fee £1150.00, Electric DEICR & remedial £1100.00. Gas Cert’ £120.00. Fire Alarm & Emergency lighting £300.00, EPC “C” renewal £120.00 £220.00 for Fire Assessment what about all my times am I free labour supply if I was I’d be a Charity and be tax free all this while no income. That’s thousands of pounds in the blink of an eye causes directly by Regulation most of which residential house holders don’t have to pay. They don’t pay double SDLT or Double C/tax on empty. What about buying a Property who scrapes the Deposit together and pays the Mortgage’s, is it all to free you are all living in cloud Cuckoo land. Buy your own good luck with that.

  • icon

    London is full of Benefit Claimants too it abolished marriage, just get pregnant have a couple of kids go on the Benefit get housed and kept and children allowance that they never paid into, others work limited hours get UC Housing allowance and the other benefits it beats working full time paying national insurance & tax.
    All I can hear is everyone want
    funding but where does that come from is there a magic Bank just take it from there.


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