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Most private tenants have problems with property conditions - claim

Two thirds of private renters have experienced a problem with the quality or condition of their property in the past six months, according to new research.

A survey of over 2,000 private renters was carried out by the TDS Foundation which works to advance education about the private rented sector.

It found that whilst 40 per cent of tenants did not have any problem with the quality of their rented home in the past six months, 60 per cent encountered one or more problems.


The top five problems included leaks or problems with plumbing (21 per cent), difficulties keeping their home warm (20 per cent), repairs not being carried out (18 per cent), serious problems with damp or mould (16 per cent) and outside doors, walls, roofs or windows being in need of repair (16 per cent).

Of this group, 85 per cent reported the problems they had with their property to their landlord or letting agent, with over three quarters (78 per cent) saying the issue was either fully or partially addressed.

The minority of tenants who did not report the issues to their landlord or letting agent said this was due to a perceived ineffectiveness of reporting (30 per cent), the hassle involved (27 per cent), fears about not being seen as a “good tenant” (23 per cent) and concerns about potential rent increases (22 per cent).

Dr Jennifer Harris, Head of Policy and Research at TDS Group, says: “Whilst a large proportion of tenants are experiencing problems with the condition of their property, they are being addressed by landlords in a majority of cases when they are reported.

“That said, it is worrying that over one in ten tenants who had problems with their homes did not feel confident reporting it.

“The Government’s plans to reform the rental market, including developing a decent homes standard for private rented housing, need to ensure tenants feel confident to speak out where their homes meet all required standards. 

“The TDS Foundation will continue to work to ensure tenants fully understand and make use of their rights when calling out the minority of landlords failing to tackle poor quality housing.”

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  • Fed Up Landlord

    78% full or partially resolved. Nothing to see here. Move along. FFS.....

  • icon

    It’s a shame Doctor Jennifer couldn’t use her time better by shortening the NHS waiting lists rather than getting paid a fortune for researching rubbish. Tenants live in properties of all ages. They all have their problems. Home owners get the same problems. It’s called life. Suck it up.


    Nick, I don’t think she is a real doctor. She is one of those who prefer Dr at the front of their name rather than initials after. They think it makes them sound important. 😂

    Once had a couple where the guy was a veterinarian. His partner kept insisting that I call him Doctor. 🤪

    I later enjoyed telling her we could not proceed because “Doctor_______” had failed the credit check. 😱 He had a CCJ.😀

    The only person I will call Doctor is the one who treats me when I am ill.👍


    Anyone who has slogged their way through a PhD as a postgraduate can use the title Dr. The PhD could be in any subject. It is confusing that the same term is used as applies to a medical Dr, which is normally a 5 year undergraduate programme.

    Peter Why Do I Bother

    Does anybody have a real job anymore???? Every Fkr is a researcher!


    Annoyed - I think the term is over used. Why any genuine Dr of anything needs or wants to work for the TDS I don't know. What a waste of tax payer funded education.

    Your stories are amusing :)


    I could later do a PhD in why uneducated people in rented homes living on benefits with no risk of S21 and all the incentives and encouragement of others (including Martin Lewis) to complain about anything and everything about properties and 'win' compensation has lead to a huge number of landlords selling up, and perhaps a Scotland style eviction ban being bought in.


    After 13 years of education, I balked over the academic and financial demands of a further 3 years to do a PhD and have enormous respect for many real Doctors who have a PhD, DSc, MD etc.

    Most medical "doctors " have two Bachelor degrees, MB ChB, with very few attaining the MD doctorate. To avoid confusion, physicians should do the same as surgeons and insist on being called MR and being respected for their skills instead of an academic title they haven't qualified for.

    Incidentally my greatest and most useful learning has been the 50 odd years in the University of Life and I applaud its many successful graduates who contribute here as well as contributing vastly to society in providing much needed homes and more than their fair share of taxes.


    The academic I've come across are normally very clever in one subject only and in genrtal are as thick as a plank elsewhere



    Right on the money as usual in a single sentence!

    Your wealth of common sense certainly merits you a title- not sure if it should be Dr, Lord or Sir - but definitely not Prince!


    Robert I have been awarded many titles over the years most not printable

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    Newsflash - home owners have problems too! Its called on going maintenance & as long as it is reported promptly & dealt with is just a natural part of living in a house!


    Totally agree. Just visited a property with a friend to look at its rental potential. It's been in her family for many years and has a number of faults which would have to be repaired before rental.


    Things that need fixing in my rentals = Zero
    Things that need fixing in my own house: quite a few, and some outstanding for quite a long time.
    E.g. All rentals re-wired, but my house not.

    But with a -RRB and s21 abolition inspired- Section 21 notice just been served, the sale proceeds will give me loads of money to do my own places up nicely.

    Not just what needs fixing and renewing, but several extras as well.


    Henry same hear I get stick off the wife when I jump to it when there is a problem with a rented property but when she points out a problem at home I put it on the back burner

  • Peter Why Do I Bother

    Strikes me as an advert...!

  • icon

    Who would take any notice of Tenancy Deposit Solutions 2’000 surveyed out of 11’000’000 and they were founded on the back of Shelters on a pack of lies which was instrumental in the introduction of Deposit Schemes in 2007 when they alleged up to 45% of Deposits were with held by landlords it later turned out to be less than
    2%, so they continue to attack and lie about us to this day even on National Television and no landlords there to put him right. Disgraceful behaviour by a Charity Organisation with tax free status who houses no one and the tens of thousands that I have to pay before Wednesday yet they are causing so much misery, suffering and homelessness and no consequences for them up on a pedestal and invited into The Parliament Select Committee about Housing Policy as if they’d know housing no one.
    When I go to the Butcher I ask to Butcher not the Block.
    I have tried the Schemes and never got on with them. Jo mention yesterday about the discount on the fee to Register the Deposit but I never got that because some code was required that I didn’t have, so I have about 10 without any Deposit that’s how much I love the Schemes. It’s a toss up between the damage I have to suffer or the liability of the Scheme sometimes used against landlords.

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    We all suffer problems with property from tine to time just as we do cars, I have an outside porch with a roof leak at present and simply cannot find that leak what ever we do

  • icon

    I had a weird problem like that on a property I bought, the seller didn’t hide it from but told me about it. A flat roof where it abutted the rear bay window at first floor level, you won’t believe what I found the problem to be, on the corner they had put the flashing under top layer of felt instead of under I kid you not.

  • icon

    Andrew Thompsons 10 year Roof Seal, back or grey flexible dry in 6 hours. brush it on.


    yes painted it on Saturday still a leak somewhere, driving us mad looking for it

  • icon

    Most Private Tenants have problems with the property, why what have they damaged ?.

  • icon

    What is this garbage.. Properties require constant repair and maintenance and "trouble heating home"? Yes, engery prices have leapt up!

  • icon

    I had the perfect example this evening. Two flats have problems with their cookers. One has a ring that will only get warm, the other has had no electric to the cooker for THREE WEEKS. They have not contacted me, but discussed it with the second tenant this evening. Suggested that they check their trip switch and Hey Presto! They have a working cooker!

    Not sure how they expected me to know that there was a problem, but I have added telepathy to my resume!

    The other tenant said not to call someone out just for one ring, wait till another one goes!


    Well small problems. My ex-tenants made a complaint about the HMO next door smoking weed. Wanted me to sort it out!


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