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MPs want landlord experiences of disabled people in rental sector

The all-party Levelling Up, Housing and Communities Committee of MPs is looking into housing for disabled people. 

It’s considering how the government, local councils and developers can ensure disabled people have access to housing that is suitable for their needs, and the committee is seeking feedback via an online survey.

A statement says: “We are interested in hearing your experience of finding or adapting suitable accessible housing. We are also interested in hearing your views of what more could be done to improve housing provision for disabled people. The responses to this survey will inform the Committee’s final Report. The survey is anonymous and respondents are discouraged from sharing identifying details.” 


There will also be opportunities to share experiences in person with the Committee at what are called “engagement events” and anyone interested in being considered to take part, should leave contact details at the end of the survey. 

It takes around eight minutes to complete the survey, with a closing deadline of 5pm on February 15.

The survey is here.

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    • A JR
    • 30 January 2024 08:56 AM

    I accept there is always more we can and should do to help the disabled.
    However, we know net result of this ‘ consultation will of course be, yet more red tape and higher costs. This is not the time to add further burdens on LL’s/ tenants.

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    They are treating LL's so badly that I cannot see many LL's completing the survey as they will be targeted. Contact details is very important from people completing the survey. I would like to help but my experience has not been good. Once I try to let to such charity. Everything was agreed, but last issue they needed to do is get experts to survey it if it was suitable for their disabled person, as one was disabled. There were 3 rooms downstairs, 2 of which we were ensuite. So it all went fine. The experts/assessrors decided it was not suitable as the driveway had a slope. This was a risk if the wheelchair was not locked and was at the top end of the slope. So this meant no for all the people in the group. Another is let to a charity. One of the first set of tenants was a disabled musician, who made a lot of noise and resulted in complaints from the neighbours. So the charity had to find him some other place and replace him with another person. This charity unlike shelter assist homeless who are working at low wages. So the rent is now about half the rent of equivalent property. The way I see it, the only way the LL should rent to disabled is through charity, who take the full responsibility of disabled needs. LL can let to disabled with full practical support from the council during the full term of the tenancy. They have a lot of staff. They need to be more mobile, rather than working from home. There is so much the LL can do, but antisocial behaviour and making waste changes to property is not always practical.

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    Levelling up = Levelling down for landlords. I would like to consider disabled people, but OMG. With all the anti-landlord business now let alone what's coming in... Why do I want a (disabled) tenant who turns rogue not paying the rent, or any sort of anti-social behaviour starts happening. Or they are angels and I just want to sell and retire. I have to get on bended knees to a judge and ask please please kick this disabled person out of my house..... No thanks!


    I very much doubt that would be the only reason you'd find yourself in court "Nick"


    Ha! I'm not too interested in the opinion of tenants thank you.

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    I took the time to write to that committee when they were considering the White Paper that then formed the Renters (Reform) Bill.

    A complete waste of time. Didn't hear anything back apart from an acknowledgment. Looks like they just wanted to grandstand on TV and hear 'evidence' from NRLA Beadle and the usual collection of supposedly pro-tenant charities.

    They came to some conclusions, some of which then ignored by Government. One is now being pursued by a Conservative MP and a group of colleagues for when the Report Stage of the Bill happens; which was due around now, but won't be this week.


    Waste of time, Henry. Packed full of James Turner clones: Tenants good, landlords baaaad. 😡

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    It's just a publicity stunt with the endgame being to blame prs landlords and hand them over to the banks and similar institutions.


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