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NRLA boss backs Labour Mayor’s clampdown on rogue landlords

Proposals for a ‘good landlord’ scheme in Greater Manchester have won the personal backing of the chief executive of the National Residential Landlords Association. 

Ben Beadle says the scheme is to be welcomed as an opportunity to distinguish the vast majority of responsible landlords from the criminal and rogue minority who bring the sector into disrepute.

Writing a guest column in the Big Issue, Beadle says the scheme - the brainchild of Labour Mayor Andy Burnham - must be backed up by policies to support and encourage responsible landlords to supply high quality homes.


Beadle cites figures showing high proportions of private and social renters being satisfied with their accommodation but adds: “Despite this, we must not ignore the minority of landlords who are failing to do the right thing. Not only do they cause misery for their tenants, they damage the reputation of the majority of landlords who provide decent housing. 

“That is why we need to find ways to make it easier for tenants to distinguish between responsible landlords and those who should be kicked out of the sector for good.”

He says Burnham’s idea is “a step in the right direction” but insists practical support must be put in place to support those landlords with the work required to meet their obligations.

Beadle writes: “Take energy efficiency for example. At present the law states that, unless a registered exemption is made, all private rented properties should have an energy efficiency rating of at least an ‘E’. 

“Under the Good Landlord Charter properties would need to have an energy rating of at least a ‘C’ which will require significant planning and investment. What is needed is a route map to help responsible landlords achieve this aim.

“Around a third of all private rented homes were built prior to 1919, a higher proportion than in the owner occupied and social rented sectors. Homes of this age are among the oldest stock in the country and are therefore the hardest and most expensive properties to improve.”

Burnham’s Greater Manchester Good Landlord Charter has many controversial ideas including giving all renters the right to request a property check, boosting  inspection and enforcement capability, and greater accountability of landlords to tenants. 

Beadle’s article concludes: “Andy Burnham is right to want to back responsible landlords and root out the rogues and criminals. However, it is vital that the rhetoric is backed up by policies to make this a reality. We stand ready to work with him to develop such plans.”

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    Beadle most certainly is not on the side of the landlords who support him by remaining members of his useless NRLA. I became disillusioned with this organisation some 8 years ago when I realised it is just a cash generating machine with various revenue generating schemes to extract money from members while doing nothing to represent them. No different to Shelter really.

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    I don't think the approach of the NRLA is the right one. The more regulatory burdens which are placed on landlords, the more good landlords will leave and the more tenants will be made homeless. The bad landlords are uncaring and will continue to operate. The good landlords are already conscientious.

    The NRLA needs to argue that government and local government take a more hands off approach to the private rental sector, not welcome all further interference in it.


    Exactly. I’m not tolerating all of this unnecessary and tenant biased interference.

  • icon

    More ‘welcoming’ from Beadle of more bad news for landlords….i’ve already cancelled my membership.

    Richard LeFrak

    Just mailed them myself cancelling. Utter Joke that guy.

    • A JR
    • 16 January 2024 09:06 AM

    I am holding on to my membership simply and only because I can retain my ‘vote’ which I will be using at their next AGM.


    Unfortunately I have just renewed for my 2nd year, but I feel I have just wasted my money.
    Going onto the nrla website it seems there are far too many 'professional' courses on offer, and all of these cost extra. Surely being part of the NRLA means that these courses should be free.
    Courses for example 'Landlord fundamentals' £45, 'HMO fundamentals' £64....if they are 'fundamentals' then why are they not bloomin included in our fees. And Beadle acts for us without EVER consulting us. And when it comes to section 21 he is actually acting against the wishes of members by championing for its removal. The NRLA seems to act like the Gov't, take your money and then tell you what they think is best. Definitely going to cancel for next year.


    Ray, the AGM will be in November and after that I will not renew if the Boy Beadle doesn't up his game.

  • John  Adams

    How do we get rid of this fool?

    • A JR
    • 16 January 2024 09:00 AM

    Great question. Beadle and the entire NRLA Board need to be ousted and soon. How? I believe members can vote them off at the AGM.

  • icon

    The phrase, “Watch out, Beadle’s about!” was an indication that something amusing was about to appear on television.

    Now the phrase indicates that something anti-landlord is being supported by a so-called landlord association.😡 My resignation email will be sent later today. It would be interesting to see how many members have left because of Bungle Beadle. Mind you, he will probably say the drop in members is because of landlords selling up! 🤔

  • icon

    Even the Govt has recognised that EPCs are not fit for purpose & EPC C is just pie in the sky! Now we have the NRLA promoting it again!


    Extraordinary isn't it!

  • Richard LeFrak

    If The Beadles About thought about it for a minute he would realise he is being contradictory. He has stated the vast majority of landlords are good so why is he not supporting those with reforms to S21 and S24 to help the majority.

    Tightening laws for the rogues would require little effort rather than the baby out with the bath water approach that local and central government are taking, coupled with the activists negative narrative.

    Honestly I have had enough of this jumped up little Jockey and his ineffectiveness, has he engaged with anyone on this group ? No. Has he come up with anything worth supporting? No. Has he given us all a discount card? YES..... !

  • icon

    Endless talk of getting rid of Beadle surely there must be means of doing so by getting a No confidence motion at a NzlRA meeting if you are members.

    Richard LeFrak

    Most of the good folk on here are working when he has his annual shindig...! Would we get any sense out of him ?!? Maybe if we utter the magic words "Student Lets"

    Anyway no longer a member after July, mailed the guy cancelling.

  • Sarah Fox-Moore

    I am no longer a member of the NRLA as its obviously not an organisation seriously advocating for landlords. Its at best trying to please all sides which means it achieves nothing. Disappointing as usual.

  • icon

    So now we have our CEO colluding with Andy to destroy landlords in the North West as they did in London where did he get a mandate for that.
    Who are all those Rogue landlords if they exist, or is it hear say or are they created by constant battering with Regulation’s, Red tape and financial ruin trying to exist with the weight of the Law stacked against them and Laws that discriminate and are not financially viable to obey.

    • A JR
    • 16 January 2024 09:22 AM

    This concept of the PRS having a problem with Rogue LL’s is a ‘toxic myth’ promoted by a leftist political agenda.
    Fact is there are 2.5 million private LL’s of which only a few hundred are prosecuted in the courts.
    Context matters, the problem is minuscule to the point of near irrelevance.

  • icon

    Don’t have time to read all the posts, but “thin end of the wedge” springs to mind and I wouldn’t trust Andy Burnham any further than I could throw him,
    He’s Socialist through and through and doesn’t understand that everything needs funding. Any fool can spout off about what he wants, but where does the money come from.

  • icon

    To be honest I believe the situation is much worse than many Landlords realise.
    So much stress over w/e trying to re-new a HMO license still not done, the licensing Boss in the Borough says it should only take 45 minutes. This is the fourth Application as it has been licensed 3 times previously and getting more onerous all the time so it’s not as if it my first go.
    I was endeavouring to get it done prior to existing one expiring @ £1150.00 if it expires it’s treated as a new Application and costs £1550..00 ok so you all knew that good.
    So I checked the licensing Registry to see how others cope, in my road only 2 properties licensed both owned by me but most of the road is let and many bigger than mine.
    Checked another post code where my wife has a house licensed for 4 times but again
    she’s the only one in that road to be licensed a house I gave her on Solicitors advice as they said she couldn’t make a Will if she had nothing to leave.
    Checked another post code in Central Ealing again mine is the only house in the road to be licensed & licensed 4 times since 2006, but mine is only 2 storey which I built over 50 years ago, all other are virtually 3 storey Edwardian type, the road has 2 posts codes in the other one there is one licensed so only 2 in the road. Checked another post code where I have one No 1305 so I suspect there’s at least 1305 properties in the road but again mine is the only property to be licensed & for 4 times, are you sick of me yet. This road is nearly all let so 1’000, houses that would require a license clearly haven’t. Wait for the punch line what they have secretly done is made it illegal to serve a Section 21 if a property should be licensed but has not (in affect secretly abolished S.21)
    So all you landlords quite content in the knowledge that you are safe letting being protected by S21 are. Ok so you all knew that good.
    So what’s all this about 12 months Re-payment Orders and or £20k / £30k fines willy nilly, how many landlords are aware of all this Sitting Ducks thinking they are safe with Section 21, OMG my nerves are shattering.


    I spoke to a landord friend. He wasn't sure about the RRB coming in at all. Another friend doesn't care - busy with day job, family & friends. Not too bothered. I don't think a lot of landlords know what's coming. The ones in the NRLA probably don't know with Beadle 'welcoming' all of it!


    I think you are right, Nick. Many landlords don't realise how impossible things are going to become.


    Please everyone... I've said on this site before...

    The interesting Michael Foley post includes "Solicitors advice as they said she couldn’t make a Will if she had nothing to leave".

    Please make a will even if you only have a couple of pennies to leave, unless you hate those you'll leave behind.

    My late partner (we weren't married or in civil partnership etc.) didn't make a will, because she didn't accept her cancer would be terminal: absolute denial. She owned very little, mainly just her clothes, ornaments, and a few hundred pounds in the bank; though had a small old life insurance policy.

    BUT the problems she left behind by not making a will were terrible for me and her two grown up children.

    So please, please make a will everyone. We have enough else to deal with in life.
    If you don't, then the law determines who gets what assets and money, but it is more hassle.

  • icon

    Hi Henry S, you are quite right make a Will which is why I done what I did at the time.
    That was the Solicitors advice at that time not too many years back but wouldn’t necessarily be correct today. The Law changed a couple of years after I done it so I needn’t have done it at all. Sorry for any misunderstanding.
    I made a typo earlier today the Insurance Premium tax was 12% not 15% up from what it used to be 5%.

  • icon

    The nrla have become a pointless organisation, apart from flogging insurance and other stuff they do nothing to represent landlords. They actually supported Selective Licensing in Gt Yarmouth against the wishes of landlords. Beadle is more into self promotion than fighting the corner for landlords. Time we had an Association for landlords with a voice instead of toadying up to Govt and local authorities.


    Are Eastern Landlords Assoc any better Paul ?

  • icon

    Who exactly is on the nrla board? How did they get the job, who voted for them and how much are they paid?


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