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Tougher Eviction Rules for social tenants - three strikes and you’re out!

The government may be keen on scrapping Section 21 powers for private landlords but it’s getting much tougher on social housing renters.

Eviction measures could include a “three strikes and you’re out” as well as controversial “British homes for British workers”. 

Housing minister Lee Rowley says: “If you abuse the system, making peoples’ lives a misery or actively work against our British values, you are making a choice – such choices will have consequences and our proposals seek to stop such people getting a social home. The message is clear: play by the rules, pay in and we will support you. If you choose not to, this country is not going to be a soft touch.”


The proposed reforms include new UK and local connection tests to determine social housing eligibility, with applicants required to demonstrate a connection to the UK for at least 10 years and their local area for at least two years. 

Ninety percent of the lead tenants in social housing are British, according to Government figures. However, in the London borough of Brent, 40 per cent of new social homes were let to foreign nationals in 2021-22.

Prospective tenants on higher incomes could also no longer qualify for social housing, although existing tenants will not be affected.

As part of the reforms, people who have unspent convictions for certain criminal anti-social behaviour or have been subject to certain civil sanctions could be disqualified from social housing for up to five years.

This sits alongside measures which could disqualify terrorist offenders from benefiting from social housing.

The consultation will run until March 26 and can be accessed via an online survey.

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    This country is not a soft touch they say …. 😂😂😂 since when 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • icon

    I read Gove's comments yesterday. So when these anti-social tenants have been evicted from social housing, who is going to house them?
    Another government policy not thought through to the end but makes a good sound bite


    They will end up costing the taxpayer, they always do 😱


    All councils will have to have designated sink estates where they re home all the low life tenants they evict from else where, pack them all in together where they can fight each other to the death


    Glasgow did this very successfully in the 1930's and very few lived beyond their 40's. Now they reach their 50's, just in time to see their great grandchildren qualify for their first ASBO!!

  • John  Adams

    It'll never happen. They'll be endless claims of DEI breaches and since most city councils are made up of Che Guevara wannabes they are not going to boot out anti social elements. That's why Thatcher's Right to Buy was a massive success as it gave the decent people the opportunity to flee sink estates.

  • Peter Why Do I Bother

    What a load of nonsense, this is just pure noise....

    As mentioned here previously where are they going to go?
    Three strikes and your out? Private landlords going to enjoy the same benefit with evicting people?

  • icon

    It's all noise. There will be loads off human rights nonsense blocking it. Also diversity, inclusion rubbish. Children involved. 'Breathing space'. This list goes on for this pond life to get out of everything. I'm sure why they want rid of S21. To turn PRIVATE PROPERY INTO SOCIAL HOUSING. It isn't so I am getting out.

  • icon

    Yeah fine, but where are they going to go? We don't want them! Someone has to house them unfortunately.


    No one ''has to'' house them leave them to the shop door ways or give them a tent


    Too many lefties around would rather force you to house the trash than not
    sadly. MPs and councils etc have no backbone to act other than against landlords.

  • icon

    If the council evicts them successfully without any interference from lefties, Shelter, Generation RANT etc, then they can have the pavements. These pavements are too good for them too. Definitely do not give them any tent unless they are prepared to work for it. They need to amend their behaviours.


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