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Five figure fine for landlord’s HMO bin, garden and fire breaches

A landlord has been fined a total of £10,000 for breaching regulations when renting HMOs to vulnerable residents, as a supported accommodation provider. 

During an inspection of two HMOs by Telford and Wrekin council officers safety issues were identified including overflowing bins, an overgrown garden, a collapsed front fence, defects to fire escape and more. 

As a result the landlord received Civil Penalty Notices as an alternative to prosecution and paid a total of £10,000 in penalties. 


A council spokesperson says: “We work closely with Telford and Wrekin landlords, supporting them to meet their legal obligations. However, we will take strong enforcement action and apply sanctions when needed, to protect our residents in the private rented sector.

“The significant fines imposed on the two HMOs should send a strong message to prevent other landlords from breaching their duties and from failing to provide the appropriate support and accommodation for our vulnerable residents in supported accommodation properties.“

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    Record fine it’s t only Recorded the Council will achieve. I am not defending the landlord or know anything about him. However at the same time
    why didn’t Council get their Bin men to remove the rubbish and use a fencing Company to fix the fence it only takes a phone call from them. Probably wouldn’t cost more than a £1k. then Bill the owner but they’d rather thieve £10k free money for themselves for nothing.
    It’s better to leave vulnerable people to the Council’s I am sure they’ll cater for their every need. Look how well they treat vulnerable landlords.

    • D B
    • 09 February 2024 09:14 AM

    I’m sorry but if you’re a landlord and aware of the various HMO Regulations you should know it is not the responsibility of an Authority to manage HMOs owned by private landlords.

    • A JR
    • 09 February 2024 09:55 AM

    'Bins overflowing', who's fault is that? a/ tenants creating and ramming too much waste into bin, b/ council failing to pick up waste often enough? 'Cutting grass' who's responsibility, landlords if communal, but if specific to a tenants use?
    Whilst the landlord may have some responsibility, where is the element of 'personal responsibility' on the part of tenants or indeed 'corporate responsibility' if collections are inadequate?
    As usual its easier to 'whip' the landlord and pocket a disproportionate cash lump for the council coffers. Little wonder LL's don't trust Councils.

    Peter Why Do I Bother

    Correct Michael, the landlord must be compliant in most aspects as he is an approved supplier to the council. Why is he responsible for emptying bins? If they are vulnerable then the council should be all over the refuse department.

    Was it in the contract to mow the lawn? Who damaged the fire escape and was it reported? Also who damaged the fence?

    Last point why is everybody nowadays "Vulnerable"

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    Seems to be a huge fine

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    this is the downside to HMOs the landlord is expected to wipe their backsides for them and leave vulnerable tenants to social housing or shop doorways, the private rented sector is the wrong place for them

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    With the scant detail provided this seems an outrageous fine for a landlords laxity. Awaabs case is a thousand times worse. I cannot find any detail of a fine here….can anyone help?

    Peter Why Do I Bother

    You won't find any details Hugh, you will not even find any details of anyone on the council or various branches of the civil service that received a warning or even a strong talking to...!

    One rule for one

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    I agree with you Hugh , The fine does seem very high . The Significant Fines , don`t appear to be relevant to the issues mentioned .
    Was the Landlord given time to rectify any issues . Or was it straight in for the biggest fine .


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