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Another council jumps on the selective licensing bandwagon

Yet another council is consulting on whether to continue a selective licensing scheme.

The scheme applies to several areas of Burnley and Padiham:t is proposed to renew this schemes for a further five years. There are also proposals to introduce selective licensing into two new areas of Burnley.

Burnley council is set to begin a 10-week consultation from the end of March with the decision on the future of all the areas being taken in the autumn.


The council has been operating selective licensing since October 2008 and claims that the aim is to support landlords and tenants and improve housing management in the private rented sector to help tackle issues such as falling house prices, anti-social behaviour, and general deprivation.

A report to the council’s executive says that communities had seen improvements under selective licensing. These include a fall in the number of empty homes, an increase in average house prices, reductions in instances of anti-social behaviour, and improvements in the energy efficiency of properties.

A spokesperson for the council says: “Selective licensing has been effective in improving certain areas of our borough and tenants, landlords and the wider communities have all benefited from the initiative. It’s now time to consider whether selective licensing should continue in these areas, and be introduced in others, and it’s important we hear from people in those communities so we can make an informed decision.”

The consultation will invite all residents, landlords, businesses and agencies working in the designation areas to comment on the proposals. All comments would be considered before a final decision on whether to extend the schemes is made.

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  • George Dawes

    Money for nothing

  • icon

    Roll up, Roll up ………. Free money 💰💵💰💵. Just another reason to call it a day. 🏝🏝

  • icon

    No comments will ever be considered as proved in London Boroughs with a majority against most of the points put forward. The consultation is nothing but lip service, their decision has already been made.

  • icon

    Forgone conclusion, it will be implemented regardless of ‘so called consultation’. We’ve seen it all before time and again. Unjustified, over- reactive state sanctioned theft.

    Robert Black

    I would put money on it going through if there was a bookie giving odds on it!

  • icon

    We can't comment on Khan's doorstep bovver boys but I don't think the biggest loss of life in any rental property happened outside of London in a private rental property?

    Perhaps Mr K should focus on things he IS responsible for and stop trying to make private rental properties as bad as social rental properties?


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