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Free training for landlords with cooperation of the NRLA

Landlords can benefit from a wealth of free training, courtesy of a north of England council.

Cumberland council is providing the training to property landlords in the area, with the support of the National Residential Landlords Association.

The event will take place on Friday April 5 from 9.30am until 5pm at the Civic Centre, Carlisle.


The event will cover:

- Pre-tenancy and liabilities for energy performance certificates, tax, and insurance;

- Responsibilities of a landlord surrounding tenancy agreements, fees ban, gas safety, houses of multiple occupancy, and licensing;

- Property standards including the housing health and safety rating system, repairs, dampness, and risk assessments;

- Setting up different types of tenancy agreements, deposits and rent setting;

- Obligations during the tenancy including periodic visits, tenant obligations, and anti-social behaviour; and

- Ending a tenancy with the relevant notices, what to do if the tenant wants to leave, possession, and eviction.

A spokesperson for the council says: “Whether you are a new landlord embarking on this journey for the first time, or a landlord with many years' experience, this programme is suitable for you.

"It is designed to provide detailed knowledge of all the key areas of renting and tenancy management, and to prepare you to deal with many of the challenges that lie ahead.  

“Property standards have become more and more complex over recent years, and operating a safe lettings business is key to providing secure homes to tenants and avoiding disrepair, accidents, and fines.

"This course goes into depth about what is deemed as a safe and secure property and how you can ensure your properties meet the required standards.

“As a council our aim is to protect both landlords and tenants to ensure that necessary standards are maintained and that both groups are protected, and we believe attendance at this course will help ensure that aim is met.”

Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Book your place via the NRLA website.

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    Always happy to attend free training, but this is a bit too far to travel :)

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    Most landlords, over 90% are aware of the tenancy process and what their responsibilities are. However, more than 50% of tenants do not understand their responsibilities. So the tenants need to have free training. Also the council do not understand their responsibility towards social housing. It is totally absurd that a council thinks they know more than the landlords. When the councils themselves prove that they are providing social housing and maintaining properties and administering the tenants in a responsible manner, then they can talk about providing courses or training to the landlords. If some council doing it correctly (so far none of the council either have the clue or staff to do the work), then they should think of training other councils and their contemporaries. This council seems to get on a high horse, as if they know what they are talking about.


    Since Bungling Boy Beadle’s anti-landlord group is involved, this is nothing more than a publicity exercise for him.


    Yes, tenants could benefit from training. Courses covering mould, ventilation, how to look after a property, what are tenants responsibilities.

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    FREE training from a Council?

    Sorry. That's just far too expensive for me to even think about it.

    £500 per day and I might think about it, but only if they pay me upfront and throw in lunch!

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    Given what we know about the quality of council services including housing services it seems to me that it is the Councils that need the training!
    There’s nothing inviting about attending these events to be lectured by those who clearly can’t, don’t, won’t, understand the business nature of the PRS or even vaguely appreciate the huge contribution the PRS makes to local housing up and down the nation.

  • George Dawes

    the only thing free from councils are bills

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    You can bring a horse to the water but can’t make him drink.
    I have no doubt this New Digital Generation who have set themselves up over us call all the shots inventing soft lucrative jobs for themselves and now wants to train us.
    The usual story they know everything in theory but can do nothing in practice and think they should train us, imagine that and what do they think we have been doing for decades, then they have the audacity to suggest that they are going to train us, some cheek they have no experience or mandate its outrageous.


    Or as we say in Bristol, "You can send a blonde to Uni, but you can't make her think".

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    Annoyed Landlord, you are refreshing my memory. I think our properties are Shipshape & Bristol Fashion .


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