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Landlord fined thousands for not handing over paperwork to council

A council is warning landlords and tenants after one landlord was ordered to pay more than £4,700 in fines and costs for not supplying information.

In a case brought by Shropshire council, Simon Williams from Manchester was fined £1,000, and ordered to pay a victimsurcharge of £400 and costs of £3,360.85 – a total of £4,760.85.   

He was charged under Section 16 of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 for failing to respond regarding a property which had been complained about in respect of anti-social behaviour, possible poor housing conditions, and possibly operating as a House of Multiple Occupation.  


A council spokesperson says: “The council wants to work constructively with any person who has an interest in a property that we are dealing with under our housing functions. This will include landlords, property owners, agents, tenants and others. 
“When officers make requests for information, I urge individuals to respond as fully as possible, as it is in their interests to do so. 

“We don’t want to prosecute individuals for this sort of failure, but as this prosecution demonstrates, we will do so if we fail to get the necessary engagement and co-operation.

“This prosecution serves as a reminder to all of the importance of responding to formal requests from the council in relation to a property in which they have an interest. It is a legal requirement, and failure to respond can lead to a costly day in court, as this case clearly shows.”

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    So was it real or a possibly fine ? of £1’000.00 that’s actually £4’760.85.

  • Richard LeFrak

    Would love to hear the other side of this story, possibly nightmare tenants who are annoying the living sh1t out of the neighbours?


    Yes that sounds like the truth here Peter

  • icon

    What paperwork are they talking about?

  • Gary Dully

    You can’t beat an encouraging headline involving a council, can you?

    If you look at today’s headlines on this web site, you’ll soon need a suicide watch.

    I’ll say it again, take the PRS business model onto Dragons Den and see how long it lasts under scrutiny.

    I’m out!

  • icon

    Not doing correct paperwork is the biggest crime in the eyes of any Council.

    Coating a high rise flat in inflammable material and cremating tenants in situ doesn't even seem to result in a knuckle rap (which of course is now a cruel and inhumane form of corporal punishment and thus illegal!).


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