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Good time for landlords to buy, insists investment expert

The latest Halifax house price index results, which show mixed fortunes for the housing market, should be seen as a spur for landlords to expand their portfolios.

The Halifax says that average UK house prices grew in March on a quarterly basis, by 2.0%, with annual growth slowing to 0.3%, from 1.6% in February. 

But compared to a month ago, the price of a UK property fell 1.0% or £2,908 in cash terms, with the average property now costing £288,430. 


That presents an opportunity for landlords, claims Yasin Patel, co-founder of  investment specialists Autarky Sukuk. 

He comments: “House price growth experienced a slight cooling in March, but annual prices are still at healthy levels considering the turbulence of last year.

“Inflation is proving a tricky beast to fight and this is prompting fears that the Bank of England will be much slower to lower interest rates, which keeps the cost of borrowing at more punitive levels. 

“Landlords should be assured that now is a good time to buy. Slowing house price growth brings more opportunities to grab a bargain. With rent rates at record highs, the potential yield that investors can get on returns is still attractive. 

“The next few months will be crucial for the industry, as the warmer months are typically some of the busiest in the calendar year. If we see this slowdown continue, we may need to be more realistic about how big the great property bounce-back will be.”

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    Extra SDLT 3%, mortgage rates at 5%, S24, RRB, possible rent controls - doesn't look so good from where I'm standing!

  • icon

    😂 😂 A good time for landlords to buy? I will NEVER buy another buy to let property. Who are they trying to kid?

  • Richard LeFrak

    I am holding what I have and no way buying another house unless it is for myself!

  • icon

    Never heard of him, never heard of them. Move on, just someone trying to make themselves sound relevant .... and failing badly!

  • icon

    Not allowed to sell, keep us locked-in, licensing Schemes, fix rents, control us. Held to Ransom.

  • icon

    They not mention the all the other hidden charges- elec certs gas certs and the ever large ing licence schemes…… and when lab get in later on watch out for more extra charges to fork out for.

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    They are a shariah compliant firm so desperate for business.🤣

  • icon

    A good time for landlords to buy? Note to his employer: give him a drugs test, he's got to be smoking something dodgy!!

    Is he not aware of the Anti LL everything? The list includes (but is not limited to) increased Taxes, increased SDLT, high mortgage costs, the RRB, removal of section 21, the removal of section 24, increased regulation, council licensing / money grab schemes, idiots calling for rent caps, a possible labour government who see LL's as the enemy, the list of reasons to not be a LL are increasing and un-ending. And here we have a guy telling us its a good time to buy. Check the calendar it must be 1st of April.

  • icon

    Not with a left wing labour party about to take power

  • icon

    A good time to invest! Poor joke!

  • George Dawes

    Rename them the wally facts

    No idea

  • icon

    They finance property developments and will want to encourage Landlords to buy them. No self interest in that article then?

  • icon

    One word.. Geezer is delusional


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