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Labour council celebrates leading role in clampdown on landlords

A Labour council in London has issued a statement appearing to celebrate its role cracking down on landlords.

The statement from Brent council reminds landlords that almost all of them, whatever type of property they own, must have a licence if the accommodation is within the council boundary. 

The only ward that the regime does not apply to is Wembley Park where the council says:: “The number of private rentals with poor housing conditions is below the critical threshold.”


A council spokesperson says: “We’re encouraging private landlords with properties in Brent to make their application today to ensure that they comply with the law. This scheme will bring about positive living standard improvements for private renters who make up half of all Brent residents. It will also give landlords and agents complete clarity on their responsibilities regarding property management and safety.”

The statement goes on to say that In 2023, Brent council issued its first banning order against a landlord, preventing him from letting houses in England for five years. Brent has also licenced more HMOs than any other London borough and, in its words, “has one of the most proactive enforcement teams in the capital.”

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    The minority of slum landlords flourish in the rent benefit end of the market. It used to be that rent benefit was paid on quality of property but nowdays it's based on size. This means that slum landlords who neglect their properties make more profit that conscientious landlords who let to benefit claimants and maintain their properties. Instead of licensing all properties, only a landlord wishing to let to benefit claimants should be obliged to obtain a licence. If a tenant is not on benefits but subsequently becomes dependant, the licence should be free for that tenancy but not thereafter. If only benefit dependant (renting to) landlord properties need a licence, then there is less properties to check and there can be more random checks at the appropriate bottom end of the market where there might be problems. . Universal licensing is a waste of time and money.

  • George Dawes

    License to waste money , typical council

    All the same , tories just as incompetent

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    Licences are just a source of extra income for the councillors to waste/ spend on their own pet projects. Yes there are some Rogue PLL’s but why do us GOOD ones have to penalised as well?

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    Its a shame more landlords don’t come out of their box speak up for their business, instead of just quietly reading comments and staying anonymous have your say we need you, don’t just sit watching your business go down the pan.
    Yesterday 2’300 read only 23 comments,
    2300 divided by 23 = only 1 in a 100 that’s a very poor showing come on now for goodness sake speak up, or as Edwina Currie once said about her football team LETS BE HAVING YOU .


    100% agree with the sentiment but wasn’t that a drunken Deliah Smith?


    Hello Michael,
    What is the point? Do you think what the landlords say here changes government policies. This is a platform for disgruntled landlords to vent their frustrations. The people who should be taking action are NRLA. What can they do - Nothing? I have lived long enough to know bulls***t sticks. Look at the media now, the government is blaming illegal immigrants for everything - oh we have a immigrant crisis. Does anyone in the country understand the truth? - No, No chance, you are not allowed to think, you are pushed a narrative by the governments for votes or something else, the truth is irrelevant. One of the key reasons for Brexit is uncontrolled migration from eastern europe, now that Brexit is achieved, crippling the countries finances the focus is on the Boat people. The same thing is happening in rental market. Blaming landlords for lack of housing and house building program. It is a game of forcing people to focus on a side issue while not dealing with the real issue. The majority of people in this country are too stupid to understand this, some support labour, some support conservative and a few support the truth.
    Go talk to the fishermen who supported Brexit and went out of business after Brexit. Brent is celebrating screwing landlords, while they are on the brink of bankruptcy and using hotels to put up tenants.
    All Landlords must understand that the general sentiment in the country is that Landlords are making easy money, thanks to tv programs to you tube videos, etc etc. This falls within the English class narrative. The haves and the have nots, the north and the south, the landlords and the lease holders and Now Landlords and tenants. Once labour is in power it will get worse. Take the money out of this country and invest in US or Dubai or join the party of people building blocks of flats to rent. Small landlords will be wiped out. All the government policies point to this fact.
    So Michael and Jo and others on here, if you have time on your hands, do something worthwhile, form a charitable organisation and receive complaints from landlords and support them, you will see first hand the illegal behaviour of councils like Brent. But more importantly, you will have a database of landlord problems. Then you can also influence government with actual data to back it up.


    @ Pat Gan, what an easy solution. Let’s blame Brexit for everything. Unfortunately we had BRINO because the politicians did not accept the referendum result and acted accordingly.

    If only we had politicians who put this country first for a change, the fishermen would be celebrating. You cannot keep adding to the population whether through legal or illegal immigration without improving the infrastructure. That is just plain common sense, but when did any politician get accused of having that? 😂 We need more hospitals, schools, doctors, dentists, homes and even reservoirs. Let’s blame Brexit rather than incompetent politicians.

    The sheep will still vote Labour or Tory. If you want change, change your vote. For local elections I will be voting Reform or independent candidates and for the General Election, whenever Sunak is forced to hold it, REFORM - they cannot be worse!


    Pat Gan
    You are clearly a bitter remoaner who cannot accept a referendumn result.

    As for implying my support for Reform makes me racist, nothing could be further from the truth. I have therefore reported your comment.


    The Europeans who came in were generally hard working people. Builders etc. The boat people haven't necessarily come here to work. Not sure bringing in Brexit into this is relevant anyway.

    It's fair to say these boat people all need housing and other resources including money and healthcare etc. All a drain on our resources.


    Nick the boat people are here for one reason only, to live off benefits, that's you and I Nick the hard working tax payer


    I agree Andrew. They come here, are safe, have money thrown at them, healthcare, shelter, clothes, mobile phone. In their dustbowl back at home they don't get anything. But you can't say anything. You're a racist. Meanwhile all the lefties do-gooders hush everyone in a race to give away YOUR MONEY meanwhile working for a 'charity' raking it in by helping cause the problem. A bit like Polly@Shelter.


    Michael, the government hate private landlords, they dont care what we think. They blatantly came out and said that they want us to sell.

    It's just a shame that tenants haven't seen this comment and wonder why landlords are selling up. And they are still blaming landlords.

    I was recently in touch with a local estate agent and they are desperate for landlords as they have next to no rental houses available as landlords are selling up.

    Same story from tenants, Please do I have any houses available for their friends as their landlord is selling up.

    When Labor get in next year, it's going to get worse. At what point are tenants going to realize that it's the government that are causing the homeless crisis and not landlords.

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    It’s hardly any cause for celebration when like other Boroughs Blocks of Flats are excluded from HMO mandatory licensing regardless of size or age if there are more than 3 Flats in the Block that’s the criteria for exclusion imagine that looking after the Big Boys again. How many of you knew that so Grenfell type excluded, it stinks, also I know some of Council leaders in Brent have or had privately rented houses themselves that weren’t licensed in the early years of licensing which were required so no need for them to be crowing.

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    This licensing rubbish is merely Labour (mainly) councils restricting the rights of individuals to make a living and all part of the United Nations Agenda 21. Read the book by Rosa Koire called Behind the Green Mask: UN Agenda 21. What is happening in the U.K. and around the world is right out of the UN Agenda 21 playbook.

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    "This scheme will bring about positive living standard improvements for private renters who make up half of all Brent residents".

    No it most certainly will not. It will result in more good LL's making haste for the exit door, reduce available PRS property on offer, force the remaining rental property prices up including the poor quality property. Congratulations another council money grab that ends up being past on to tenants, hurting the tenants and the only benefit is to the council who provide nothing in return. More government, Labour in all its glory.

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    Isn’t it strange that all reports of poor living conditions, damp, mould, lack of maintenance usually involve social housing, not PRS?

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    You can see the direction all this going:
    laws to improve PRS sector housing paid for by landlords.

    Tenant have rights to remain in another persons property for ever.

    Introduce right to buy to PRS sector at 30 % discounts. (Government takes a tax slice).

    Tenants buy their rented property at discount (government takes a tax slice)

    Tenant sells property making 30% profit (government takes a tax slice)

    Landlords buy property and rent them out (government takes a tax slice)

    Government continues selling 2M council homes at 30% discount (government takes a tax slice)

    This cycle of housing tax is also a vote winner for those who gain from doing nothing ie the tenants and the government so they both have a big interest in stating landlords are scum and rogues.

    My late mother said everything boils down to money and sex. She was certainly right about the money.

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    Pat. The way I see it the Country is made up of emigrant extraction including myself, the Prime Minister the Scottish Bloke and the Royal Family .
    No Sir I don’t have time on my hands nor time read all those comments either catch up when I can.
    Changed a window yesterday to keep Tenants warm, then run in a panic Flat Felt Roof letting in, it turned out the Tenants had nailed their satellite cable etc across it you couldn’t make it up.
    So as well as all the maintenance to deal with, government administration and Licensing Compliance apart from dealing with Tenants issues/ Contracts , coming & going, good luck to you what spare time would that be, not alone do we not have spare time but our time is not paid for.

  • David Saunders

    Bottom line to all the above comments is PRS is or soon will be finished and it will be 10 to 15 years before the penny drops as to why private lets are all but non existent, rents for the few if any available will have gone into orbit along with homeless figures and the then government comes up with a new idea to encourage/force property owners to let to the millions of homeless or am I just a pessimist/realist.

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    @Pat Gan - our local mid Norfolk candidate for Reform is indian ethnicity and recently made a point of saying he had been welcomed with open arms to Reform. Ben Habib deputy leader is half punjabi and I recently heard him saying in person he being half punjabi he couldnt be racist (even if he wanted to and laughing) I suspect you are forming an opinion some half baked smear campaign style comments rather than the facts

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    Ok Catherine Wright,
    I grouped 3 types together to say they won't win elections in this country - your understanding seem to group them based on racism - I didn't say it or imply it. It is also wrong to say ethnic minorities can't be racist.
    Nick stating most of the European migrants are hard working - How does he know that?
    European builders working in peoples houses without understanding British laws and building control are a problem too.
    I wonder what kind of Brexit the Annoyed Landlord would have got to safeguard our fishermen when they sell their catch into Europe.


    Pat my knowledge is largely anecdotal. Also based upon observations of people I have met. And those people on the tube who you can see are tired and have worked hard, as opposed to those from other backgrounds who it appears have not. I will never have every citizen's paperwork and do a national survey.

    Okay they may cause some issues with the law. But no more than a British person. That's just whataboutery.


    I know most ethnic minority immigrants tend to work within their communities, except highly skilled migrants working for NHS or IT companies etc. British born will work anywhere. Eastern europeans work in building trade and everywhere. Most of the immigrants are hard working. Once they are settled and they understand the laws of the land, then some of them will chose to exploit it. It is no different to any other British Citizen.
    Europeans emigrated to USA and built it while their families in Europe didn't see that level of growth. The simple reason is - only the ones that wanted to better themselves took the risk and travelled and are willing to put in more effort than anyone else. The Boat people are the same. Of course you will see differences in attitude between different communities too.
    I have seen so many EU builders with no regard or understanding of the laws. I have also seen them being exploited by their own and others.
    No one is perfect and we must not judge the book by it's cover. The government is trying to satisfy the rightwing conservatives. The people are being fed the immigration card again and again. We have so much more important issues to deal with. It is no different to brainwashing people.


    Pat, I don't think a lot of the boat people come here to better themselves in terms of working for it. Some will. But here, it's better than where they came from.

    I think the boat people are a very high priority to stop.


    I don't know anything about Boat people either but I will not make derogatory comments about anyone. Know your facts, don't spread lies. You as landlords should know just because some Landlords use s21 get rid of tenants instead of fixing issues doesn't mean we all do the same. Because all the charities like shelter etc went on about it non stop, government is looking abolish s21. You talking about Boat people is the same thing - no facts / just unfounded opinion.


    What ever their circumstances are, do you know what %age of our country's GDP is spent on them? Guaranteed to be less than 1%. Do you run your business worrying about something that is less than 1% or worry about the 99%. If you still worry about the 1% then there must be some other reason for it.


    Pat, I think most of us can all see what's going on. We won't always have access to all of the facts all of the time. Like most, I won't wait until I have all of the facts as I would never say anything. I don't agree it's all unfounded opinion. You can leave your head in the sand if you so wish.


    Pat, The UK GDP is approximately £2.632 trillion. 1% of that is £26.3 billion. So you say we are guranteed to spend less than £26.3 billion on illegals. Well that's not a good enough starting point.

    1% is still 1%. I'm glad you are not the Chancellor!


    Careful, Nick, or you may incur the Wrath of Gan.

    Only funny if you are a Star Trek fan.


    Annoyed - I know it. The Wrath of Khan.

    Regarding this post: Were I To Invoke Logic, Logic Clearly Dictates That The Needs Of The Many Outweigh The Needs Of The Few.

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    Thank you Nick for trying to get to reality, so quite clearly we are not spending anything close to even 1% and yet you said "Boat people are very high Priority to stop". You have just proved how low in importance dealing with Boat people are compared to other matters which affect the nation.


    Pat, please can you try to get to reality too.

    Even if I said they were a high priority that doesn’t necessarily just mean economically. In addition the numbers are rising with no signs of stopping.

    The boat people affect the nation in all sorts of ways directly and indirectly. They will also continue to breed their own…


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