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Renters Reform Bill looks set to miss today’s deadline

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak says he cannot say for sure whether the Renters Reform Bill will be ‘waved through’ into law in the so-called wash-up period before Parliament is dissolved later today.

As of late last night it looked unlikely that the Bill would be considered today.

Speaking on LBC about Bills still going through Parliament - including Renters Reform, and the measure to compensate victims of the contaminated blood scandal - Sunak said: “It’s a question of conversations across all parties in Parliament. Those are Parliamentary procedures. When Parliament dissolves at the end of a session and you have a couple more days to get the last bits of legislation through, I can’t force those through on my own.


“It requires a conversation with parties across Parliament. That’s how our constitution works - that’s how our Parliament works. There’s no need to make any political point about it. That’s just the reality of the situation.”

The Bill is formally at the Committee stage in the House of Lords, at which it would in other circumstances be subject to detailed line-by-line scrutiny. That is definitely impossible to achieve by the time Parliament is formally dissolved on May 30.

However, until then the wash-up period usually involves a rush to pass legislation and get it onto the statute book, which often means parties having to work together to agree on which Bills they will support.

Some Labour insiders suggest the party is keen to include the Renters Reform Bill in the wash-up as the party already accepts many of the key elements in the Bill, and getting it on to the statute book now would save it time, should it win the election and form the next government.

However as of late last night - Thursday - the House of Lords business listed for today, Friday, did not include the Renters Reform Bill, suggesting it is not considered passable by Labour and the government.

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  • George Dawes

    Intentionally incompetent

  • icon

    Anyone 🤷‍♂️ Seen my very small violin 🎻 😂😂

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    The Renters Reform Bill was dead anyway. All the provisions about phasing in the removal of Section 21 were ineffective because Labour said that they would abolish Section 21 on their first day in office.

  • Sarah Fox-Moore

    Don't let the door hit you on the way out!!

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    Labour will ensure it will be back and in an even more destructive format no doubt.
    The good news is there’s a little more time to get out!


    Go on, do it. Flood the market with houses.


    The houses/flats will be bought, in the main, by owner occupiers.

    What will happen to the tenants who can't afford to buy yet?

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    The good news is they have made Tenants intentionally homeless because they are their friends and love them so much.
    Filled B&B’s and Hotels with emergency Homeless driving the Benefit Bill through the roof that they haven’t got.
    How many years do they need in University to get a degree in incompetence.

  • icon

    Why are Polly Bleat, Generation Rant etc so quiet? 🤔

    What has Sir Kneel promised them?😠


    This is my fear 😰


    I think Polly/Shelter is saying that there is a housing emergency in order that Labour will institute an eviction ban as soon as they take office.

    Labour is going to have to say now exactly what they are going to do. People have the right to know what they are voting for.


    I suspect that if you vote for Sir Kneel, you will get Darth Rayner.🤔 Remember how Ken Livingstone seized power in London.😠


    AL, I think the Labour Party are going to be radical, not middle of the road.

    Richard LeFrak

    Ellie, labour will not be radical they will be middle of the road and Starmer will not move from the indecision that has Sunak all wrapped up.

    We need real leaders and real politicians and the only thing I see on the horizon is political to$$ers like Wes Streeting jockeying for the next job and Angela Raynor completely lost….

    Sad times and glad I am not in the country.


    I think they have radical policies on housing and on Net Zero.

    National Grid currently having a rights issue to try to raise billions. The share price has plummeted over the last day.


    I said above "Labour is going to have to say now exactly what they are going to do".

    I am not sure we will get details. Matthew Pennycook has tweeted today:

    "The Tories' decision to cave in to vested interests and abandon the Renters Reform Bill leaves in tatters the promises they made to private tenants five years ago.

    Labour will pass renters reform legislation that levels decisively the playing field between landlords and tenants."

    Perhaps he doesn't realise how many rights that tenants already have under the existing legislation. There is a strong argument that legislation which levels the playing field would give landlords MORE rights, not fewer rights.

    And let's not forget that landlords are frequently elderly and not in very good health. Tenants are generally younger, healthier and physically stronger. There is no other sphere of life where the elderly who continue to contribute their labour and tax money are treated so unkindly and ruthlessly.

    My father worked hard in the letting houses into his ninetieth year, and there was no tenant who took any notice of his age when considering their demands for repairs etc.

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    I predict many S21s being delivered before the election as Los take fright at a Labour Govt. I certainly am not taking on ANY new tenants now.

    Anyone know if Labour will bring back EPC C? More problems for LLs & tenants ahead!


    I'm certain Labour will stick the knife into us, they hate the self employed


    I believe they will bring back C 😰😰

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    We have a reprieve but as said above we have a great deal to fear with Labour. If only we had a decent Landlord Association other than NRLA to lobby government and push for 3 year fixed term tenancies.

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    I have come to the conclusion that people just don't want to be governed. I think that's the main reason Rishi is getting out, they just can't get anything done. People constantly cause disruption with their protests. No one want change, especially . the NHS, which needs a major overhaul. The Tory Party set out with a massive majority, but you can count their successes on one hand, cos people just don't want to be governed. It'll be the same with any other party who's elected. Nothing gets done!! If you were running a business and were so constantly thwarted because people working for you didn't agree, it would fail too. Personally I hope the new renting proposals do fail.

  • icon
    • A S
    • 24 May 2024 16:52 PM

    The Tory majority was TOO big. Every party has multiple factions, where they broadly agree on most things but have differing views on a few topics. With a slim majority, ruling parties pull together because they know the alternative is that they lose power. With a large majority, as has been the case in the last 5 years, the factions are emboldened and weaken the leadership. Nothing gets done. As we are seeing, the Tories are paying the price.

    Same will happen in the next term if Labour get a large majority. And the yo-yo continues...

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    Shelter says 80% of every £1 donated goes on advice, help and support to find the best options to prevent homelessness.
    How do they square that, when they don’t house anyone only lip Service. Continuously attack Private landlords that house millions for decades with private finance.
    Which ones are more Beneficial to Tenants, the ones that house Tenants or the one that houses no one and attract those who do.
    Some hypocrisy drive out thousands of landlords, sit on the fence and house no one themselves. Congrats

  • icon

    Pollyanna Neate and Ben Twomey with their huge salaries have they ever considered if they are actually helping tenants to get housing or just forcing landlords to keep the non-paying tenants and the ones who breach the tenancies to stay put until bailiffs come over to Chuck them, so cause havoc with LLs. How do they expect the landlords to survive in the long term? 5 years maximum and a lot of landlords would have departed or reduced their portfolio. Pollyanna Neate needs to wake up and taste the damage she caused. Shelter, Generation Rant, Acorn and such charities need to close down, as they are not fir for purpose but just feathering their own beds and homes. Shame on them.


    They have very profitable businesses don't they each has a high income, looking after number one, themselves

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    Letting Agents & Landlords Association's are not helping Landlords either, they are also riding roughshod over us feathering their own nest and making a fortune with their sidekicks. Why is NRLA cosying up with Goodlord the Digital Agency that excludes Traditional Landlords & Tenants if you are not Digital then can’t deal with you and caused me so much grief in years past when Tenants wanted to move mostly, sitting there smug with their buttons and nothing else all setting themselves up over our heads .


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