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Airbnb Clampdown, S21 Scrapped, and other manifesto pledges

The Liberal Democrats have set out a predictable set of pledges in their manifesto for next mon this election, centred on greater rights for tenants, higher volumes of housebuilding, and a clampdown on short lets. 

Liberal Democrats say (in their own words) that they will:

- “Deliver a fair deal for renters by immediately banning no-fault evictions, making three-year tenancies the default, and creating a national register of licensed landlords”;


- “Give local authorities new powers to control second homes and short-term lets in their areas”;

- “Abolishing residential leaseholds and capping ground rents to a nominal fee, so that everyone has control over their property”;

- “Allowing councils to buy land for housing based on current use value rather than on a hope-value basis by reforming the Land Compensation Act 1961”;

- “Introducing ‘use-it-or-lose-it’ planning permission for developers who refuse to build”;

- “Make homes warmer and cheaper to heat with a ten-year emergency upgrade programme, and ensure that all new homes are zero-carbon”;

- “Remove dangerous cladding from all buildings, while ensuring that leaseholders do not have to pay a penny towards it”;

- “Help people who cannot afford a deposit to own their own homes by introducing a new Rent to Own model for social housing where rent payments give tenants an increasing stake in the property, owning it outright after 30 years”.

Nathan Emerson, chief executive at Propertymark, says: “It is encouraging to see housebuilding targets being taken seriously within the first manifesto released, especially a realisation that more social homes are required so that people have access to a greater provision of housing. 

“Propertymark has always believed that ground rents should be capped, so it is good to see that similar proposals are being referenced in the Liberal Democrats’ manifesto. It will be interesting to see what mechanism they intend to use should they succeed in ending no-fault evictions.”

The other major non-housing pledges are:

- Everyone will have a right to see a GP with seven days - or 24 hours if it's urgent;

- Improved access to dentists and pharmacists;

- Guaranteed cancer treatment within two months;

- There will be NHS-style free social care;

- A new higher minimum wage will be offered to care workers;

- A plan to stop raw sewage being dumped into rivers and on to beaches, and hold water companies to account;

- Policies to solve the cost of living crisis for "the long term";

- “Fixing" the "broken relationship" with Europe;

- Ending first past the post voting and replacing it with proportional representation;

- Getting "big money out of politics" with a cap on donations to parties.

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  • George Dawes

    They’re so irrelevant might as well vote monster raving loony

  • icon

    They are a waste of time the best way of giving Tenants a fair deal is to stop attacking Landlords.

    Banning no fault evictions has already been proven to be the best way of increasing Homelessness and making Rents unaffordable, where have they been or still in cloud Cuckoo land.

    National Register for landlords too late we already have it with outrageous Selective Licensing Schemes Borough wide and or Mandatory HMO’s + Additional Licensing, all rights have been removed no further information possible we are being checked from the cradle to the grave,

  • Ian Deaugustine

    I hope they will disappear for ever! Hang on a minute, what do they call themselves? Liberal? What a laugh.

  • icon

    I agree with the above comments, but three year fixed term tenancies might be better than the open-ended forever tenancies which were being created by the Renters Reform Bill.

    The only problem with the idea is that there are many tenants who don't want to rent for three years, and three years can be a long time for a landlord to have a tenant if the tenant turns out to be causing real problems in one way or another.


    It is an easy fix and wholly possible to offer a range of fixed term tenancies from 6 months to 10 or more years.
    There is no need to abolish fixed terms. In fact, to do so is another reason why LL’s are choosing to exit.
    All it needs is a political brain cell!


    Ellie- I think it’s now clear there needs to be a selection of tenancies that would make it absolutely clear what the LL is offering. We should be allowed to offer a six month or indeed a three year long term tenancy with break clause etc matched with appropriate service level offering. However the laws on eviction and speed of need updating


    I agree with you both, AJR, and Jahan, and think that most landlords would also agree.

    It is undoubtedly the best way forward.


    I can see the Conservative Party manifesto states now:

    "We will pass a Renters Reform Bill that will deliver fairness in the rental market for landlords and renters alike. We will deliver the court reforms necessary to fully abolish Section 21 and strengthen ground for landlords to evict private tenants guilty of anti-social behaviour."

    So looks like more of the same that we went through for the last five years.

  • Sarah Fox-Moore


  • Ian Deaugustine

    Can someone explain the so-called "liberal democrats" and what liberal reforms Mr Milei implemented in Argentina and their positive impact on rental markets?

  • icon

    They used to be a centrist party, they are now more left-wing than Labour, Hamas apologists and greener than the Greens.
    Their depleted "shadow cabinet " is full of utter mediocrities, starting with Ed "lazy" Davey.
    Easy to make all these promises when you know that you will never be in power and wont have to deliver ! And good job too!

  • icon

    So Tories are proposing no capital gains tax if you sell to your Tenants, they are desperate to get us out.
    Couple of problems here the ones that could buy have bought. The others are on Benefits of some kind or housing allowance will never give it up or can’t afford it anyhow, even if they could they’ll want to knock you that amount on the selling price.
    I seen this kind of thing with Enterprise Zones.

  • icon

    The substandard, derelict and properties vacant that are not let-able because of new regulations sitting idle, if the attack on landlords hadn’t happened those would have been bought up refurbished by landlords and back in circulation on the market, but now no point or incentive so just walk away.

    Ian Deaugustine

    Thanks Michael, I totally agree with you, legislator are corrupt idiots and total incompetent.


    I had been doing just that for 30 yrs Michael, no more though what's the point, I look at the property auctions but I don't bid anymore, last one I bought was in 2017 and I don't think I really should have bought that.no incentive to do so anymore

    • A S
    • 11 June 2024 09:44 AM

    Yes Andrew, same. There seems to be a lot of people with a lot of spare cash (a consequence of the long term low interest society we have had), as well as foreign cash, who are buying at auctions, so no real bargains to be had anymore.

  • icon

    Thank goodness they won't get in

  • icon

    Limp Dims ate full of talk and no do, see a NHS GP in 24hrs how? no chance, pay to see a private GP in 24 hrs yes

  • icon

    I think the one fundamental problem is that there are just too many people for the number of houses available. If you solve that then many related problems will just go away. I want tenants who choose to be tenants, not forced to be through lack of availability & affordability.

  • Richard LeFrak

    Idiotic pointless party, led by the guy who did not know what was happening at the Post Office and probably banged his head too many times coming down that water slide....

  • icon

    Have Any off You Guys read the Reform Manifesto .
    If so any thoughts .

    I think it looks pretty good .


    They seem to be of the opinion that there are other things more important than punishing landlords.

  • icon

    Michael you talk a lot of sense , We House over 4.6 Million Households . Supplying a Vital need and everyone is attacking us. Everything was working quite well before all the nonsense.
    All of these so called Activists who actually house no one should consider how many Landlords will be selling up . If only 20 % that`s an awful lot of Homeless people. I make that 920 000 . Households


    Apparently, sur-le-continent the Activists are protesting at the EU election results which have put the right in power. Seems activists all over cannot cope with democracy.

  • icon

    Yes Annoyed . A German Politician summed it up today quote ` We are telling our Pensioners we have no money for You ` Yet we spend Billions Housing people who have arrived here illegally.


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