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Lendlord is a comprehensive online platform designed to supercharge the success of landlords and property investors.  We go beyond basic property management, offering a suite of powerful tools to  manage, track, optimize, and even grow your investment portfolio.



Effortless Portfolio Management: Consolidate all your property details in a secure cloud environment. Access everything you need, anytime, anywhere

Automated Cashflow Tracking: Ditch the spreadsheets! Lendlord seamlessly integrates with your bank accounts to automatically track rental income and expenses, saving you valuable time and reducing errors.

Never Miss a Beat: Stay on top of crucial deadlines with automated notifications for events like mortgage payments, gas certificates, EPC renewals, tax deadlines, and property licenses.

Uncover Mortgage Savings: Lendlord's intelligent algorithm analyzes your financial situation and property portfolio to identify potential cost-saving opportunities on your mortgages. Get matched with the best mortgage deals for your specific situation.

Data-Driven Deal Analysis: Make informed investment decisions with Lendlord's advanced property deal analysis tool. Evaluate both existing and potential properties for short-term and long-term profitability.

And the good news doesn't stop there! Lendlord now offers a dedicated finance service to streamline your investment journey. Our team of experts can assist with:

  • Financing new properties: Explore a range of financing options tailored to your portfolio needs.

  • Optimizing current mortgages: Secure the best possible rates and terms on your existing mortgages.

Lendlord's New Deal Analyser: A Must-Have for Smart Landlords

15 July 2024 188 Views

Lendlord's New Deal Analyser: A Must-Have for Smart Landlords

Landlords, if you haven't heard of it until now, it's time to take your investment analysis to the next level with Lendlord’s new Deal Analyser. This powerful property analysis tool delivers instant results and deeper insights, ensuring you make the most informed decisions for your property investments.

Instant Results for Quick Decisions With Lendlord’s Deal Analyser, you no longer need to wait for detailed reports. Simply enter the address, purchase price, and expected monthly rent, and receive immediate analysis of your investment. This quick turnaround allows you to seize property investment opportunities before they slip away.

Gain Deeper Insights with Enhanced Data The enhanced data and reporting features of the Deal Analyser provide a more detailed view of your potential investments. This comprehensive information helps you understand all aspects of the deal, ensuring you make well-informed, strategic decisions.

Lendlord's New Deal Analyser: A Must-Have for Smart Landlords

Make Confident Decisions with Expanded Metrics Evaluate your investments with confidence using a wider range of metrics. From cash flow and ROI to other critical indicators, the Deal Analyser covers all bases, giving you a complete picture of your investment’s potential.

Lendlord's New Deal Analyser: A Must-Have for Smart Landlords

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