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Kathryn Everson
Kathryn Everson
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Kathryn Everson
As a Dog owner and lover, who also runs a UK charity for dogs with a terminal condition, I am fully aware of the benefits of dog ownership, the bond that can be had between dog and owner and positive effect on mental well being, however, having allowed pets in my properties on all occasions it has been a nightmare. The first allowed their dogs to cause unbelievable damage, carpets were chewed through even stairs underneath the carpet were chewed along with numerous sets of architraving around doors and kitchen floor tiles. As for my pretty cottage garden, it was disgusting and a health hazzard as no excrement had been cleared up for months ( we made visits every 3 months until they stopped paying rent and refused entry) The cost involved with this damage along with other damage caused by the tenant, cost not only thousands of pounds, but months in turning it around to become a decent habitable property again. The costs of this didn't come anywhere close to the 6 weeks deposit held securely at the time. Again, second tenant who assured me their dog was a good dog (which I'm sure it was) was allowed to pee on carpets and chew edges, and the cat clawed up all the pile on the new stair carpets, again, time and money lost to make it a decent property for a new tenant. Unless there can be some sensible insurance against this sort of situation, and the onus is removed from the so called 'uncaring, selfish' landlords, along with many more unfair and unjust rules and legislation coming in (when there is an abundance already in place to protect the tenant) , then more and more people will back out of the rental market leaving an even greater housing crisis

From: Kathryn Everson 17 December 2020 11:26 AM

Kathryn Everson
As a complete Dog lover, in fact I run a UK dog Charity, I am extremely reluctant to accept tenants with pets now. I used to have a Pet Clause (ensuring my tenants were fully aware of their responsibilities regarding pets) I used to take a returnable additional deposit (to cover any additional costs relating to animals) however, having had a tenant move in 2 dogs without permission, who eventually left owing rent and caused over £10,000 of damage, much caused by the dogs. They were left outside all day in the small cottage garden which was never cleared up (I have lots of disgusting photographic evidence, which I will spare you), they chewed up the kitchen floor, the new carpet on the stairs, the wooden stairs under the carpet, other carpets in the property, the architraves around doors....it went on. After being served with a section 21 (as you can see a 'No Fault eviction order!) she eventually left leaving no forwarding address or contact details. The deposit retained at the time of 6 weeks rent came no where near the damaged caused or the loss of rent incurred by the time it took from when she stopped paying, the eviction notice and the final renovation of the property to get it back into a clean, habitable state for a new tenant. In another property I own , the dog caused damage to carpets, back door and with chickens kept in the garden (without permission) and excrement not cleared up this caused vermin which I had to pay for to be dealt with. I am all for tenants being able to have their pets with them, but my experience sadly in this and the new regulations of no additional deposits above 4 weeks rent, no requesting professional cleaning with de-infestation (vital especially in the case of cats) how can I possibly afford to allow pets. Sadly as Mathew Payne says this could only be possible if there was a reversal of allowing larger (or separate Pet) deposits and a guaranteed professional/ de-infestation clean at the very least.

From: Kathryn Everson 08 January 2020 14:50 PM

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