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This article makes complete sense; however, we will only achieve these aims if we can demonstrate to those in power that all parties want to work together to advance and unite the sector. It’s not enough to just complain but then refuse to be an active part of the solution. Having insurance is a vital part of ensuring every element of the tenancy is protected AND engaged. To provide complete protection however, you need to involve the tenant. If you both engage on the tenancy it is not only less likely to go wrong but if the tenancy does run into trouble it can be judged more effectively. rent-hub is a secure cloud based tenancy management and communication portal designed for the residential and commercial rental market. rent-hub provides unrivalled protection for all parties involved in a tenancy, meaning they can speak freely to their tenancy partner knowing that every event and communication throughout the lifecycle of the tenancy is logged, date stamped and digitally signed by all parties. This level of security and ‘all party’ involvement also applies across such items as inventories and inspection reports. This unique level of protection ensures that if a tenancy does run into issues, any dispute can be judged on the agreed facts and not time altered or one-sided memories.   Higher levels of communication, record keeping, compliance, dispute resolution and tenant retention are all more achievable using rent-hub. rent-hub can’t rid the sector of the rogue element, however the level of transparency and protection provided makes it unattractive to those who look to operate dishonestly…ensuring good landlords, agents and tenants are able to work cohesively and efficiently together.   Our ambition for the sector is far bigger than just launching a new piece of software; we want to work with other companies, associations and government departments to help the sector evolve and become more ‘connected’.

From: Steve Reice 25 April 2017 10:46 AM

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