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Council appeals to landlords to take tenants off the housing waiting list

A local council has moved to try and attract more buy-to-let landlords with a range of new services, aimed at boosting levels of housing supply and meeting tenant demand.

Through partnership working with Cornwall Council, Cornwall Housing Private Lets has been successfully awarded funding under the Rapid Rehousing Pathway initiative to expand as a letting agency with social values in an attempt to help stop homelessness in Cornwall. 

This specialist service has been set up to offer help for vulnerable people who are not owed a housing duty and need additional support to access and maintain accommodation within the private rented sector.


With a number of pre-assessed tenants ready to start an agreement, Cornwall Housing is looking for homes of all sizes in Falmouth/Penryn, Penzance, Truro, Newquay, Camborne, Redruth, St Austell, Bodmin, Liskeard and surrounding areas.

Building partnerships with landlords will enable the team to be able to offer a portfolio of properties to give support to rough sleepers, former rough sleepers and those at risk of rough sleeping. 

Nick Cross, managing director of Cornwall Housing said: “This is a unique offer to any private landlord and will help to fulfil our duty to help homeless people and to prevent homelessness in Cornwall. 

“Both tenants and landlords will benefit from having access to our tenancy sustainment support. 

“Whether you are a seasoned landlord or new to the sector our private lets team will tailor the tenancy to suit each opportunity.”

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  • jeremy clarke

    Unbelievable! Councils don't hesitate in introducing anti landlord policies and then have the cheek to ask for help!


    councils employ mostly unemployables

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    • D G
    • 07 February 2020 09:18 AM

    Hahhahaha, have a chat with Shelter to see if they can help; oh dear it seems they're only intent on ruining the PRS.

  • icon

    I’ve been letting in Penzance for 25 years. This is an offer I’ll pass on thank you.

  • icon

    Rapid rehousing, how about a rapid eviction when things go wrong ? thought not .


    Couldn’t agree more

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    • L C
    • 07 February 2020 09:33 AM

    Then stop attacking landlords at every opportunity!

  • Matthew Payne

    The government should be embarrassed, ashamed even, to ignore an entire industrys fairly sober forecasts, when they have never had any experience of getting involved in the PRS, becauase they simply don't understand it. Their desire to win some quick votes at the ballot box has clouded any common sense that was lurking in there somewhere.

    They need to act quickly this year to address some of the changes they have made before it becomes a crisis. Wherever you look it's the tenants that are suffering and it will quickly get worse.

  • icon

    This looks to me a bit like the climate issue.
    The governments say that there is a problem (kind of done that for both climate and housing).
    Pledge to fix the problem (kind of done that for both climate and housing).
    Actually get on and do something about it (kind of not done that for either).

  • Andrew McCausland

    Why would landlords put properties to hard to house tenants on benefits unless there are a range of support facilities available to them? The most critical are the requirement for payment of LHA or the housing element of UC direct to LL and the formation of a dedicated housing court to deal quickly and efficiently with repossessions.
    If Government wants the PRS' support then they need to move away from the recent direct attacks on the industry and see it as a symbiosis, a partnership for the benefit of all parties. Only then will the system work for benefit tenants, who at the moment are excluded from many properties.

  • icon

    Perhaps the Councils will act as guarantor for these tenants - and pay the rent upfront along with a sensible size of deposit?
    Perhaps the Tory Government - with a genuine housing shortage to deal with, and no need to worry about GR votes for nearly 5 years - will make rent evasion (after 2 months arrears) illegal?
    Perhaps Shelter will start acting in the interests of decent tenants and landlords, instead of encouraging scum to stay put without paying rent and depriving decent tenants of decent homes from decent landlords?
    Perhaps I should think about joining the real world again - but the thoughts were nice while they lasted!

  • icon

    Landlords should stay well clear.
    Problem tenants the support will not be continuous.
    Most will end in court evictions

  • John Cart

    Errr……….are they having a laugh. After all the grief and meddling we've had to endure they trot out this nonsense...…………..shove your request where the sun don't shine.

  • icon

    What a surprise! A council needs private landlords! Best tell the government...

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    • 09 February 2020 09:46 AM

    I haven’t read such utter vacuous, hopeless, disingenuous and dishonest crud for at least a week or so from a local authority. What utter rubbish you ineffective sponging morons are pretending to be working to solve anything but your own pay rise and aims for 25 hour week you hopeless useless pricks.

    • 09 February 2020 13:21 PM

    Heartfelt sentiments which I'm sure most LL share.

    I would rather keep my properties empty than take on council homeless scum.
    Most people are homeless through choice.
    They refuse to move to cheaper areas where there are plenty of LL who will take them on.
    Savvy welfare scroungers know that once they have gone from an area for more then 6 months they lose their 'local connection' and cannot return to that area to claim HB.
    So they DON'T bother sourcing cheaper property out of area.
    I would rather keep my properties empty than let to HB tenants.
    It is the completely DYSFUNCTIONAL eviction process that causes this mindset.
    It is scheduled to become even more difficult to get rid of rent defaulting tenants.
    UC of course doesn't do HB claimants any favours whatsoever but then all LL told Govt what would happen and so it has.
    I have been a victim of the system myself.
    It doesn't matter what incentives Councils offer.
    Unless they are prepared to pay for the losses while eviction occurs then few LL will wish to take on HB tenants.
    Obviously if the eviction process was changed to facilitate eviction as soon as rent arrears occur then LL might be persuaded to take on HB tenants.
    It is clearly not something that Govt or Councils wish to be seen doing..............helping LL evict wrongun tenants.

    So LL naturally react and refuse to deal with the dross tenants the Council want housed.
    Why should LL risk their financial future on dross HB tenants!?

  • icon

    What a cheek asking for help after shitting on landlords! I'm selling my 12 properties and getting out...I've had enough!

    • 09 February 2020 17:49 PM

    It seems the tipping point of many LL is occurring.
    Like you I intend to be an ex-LL as soon as I can.
    I will remove my capital and park it in an ISA or something where it will remain socially useless and unproductive capital.
    But at least I won't lose vast chunks of it while I have to pay the mortgage without any rent while evicting tenants.
    The risks of being a LL are so high now especially if not possible to source tenants who can qualify for RGI or their possible guarantors that it really isn't worth it anymore.
    Anything other than AST letting seems far better business which is why we are seeing the rise of AirBnB and FHL etc.
    Which means that vast amounts of residential accommodation which is already in short supply being no longer available to those who wish to rent on AST.
    All entirely predictable of course.
    But the dopey Govt wouldn't be told!!
    No surprise there!

  • icon

    After years of squeezing LL's to the bone and forcing many out of the sector they have the audacity to ask for LL help. Unbelievable. When the government reverses some of the punitive measures taken against LL only then will they encourage a partnership between councils and LL's.

  • icon

    After everything they have done to destroy us, now turn around and ask us to help them, are those people for real they push us off the edge of a cliff and then ask for our help.

  • Theodor Cable

    Any council from wherever will never get anything from me if I can avoid it.

    And what happened to the Croydon Council, who have lost £60,000,000 and have no idea where it went?

    And how many houses could they build for that for homeless and needy people?

    Just madness, and what crooks are they?

    And to make it worse, nobody from that organisation has been punished in any manner. Now that is just wrong!

  • icon

    Some fool has the temerity to say unacceptable, just ask how many of them have BTL props and let them to Council supported tenants.

    These are rhino skinned, pea brained pratts in the unemployable sector! Then suddenly they come out with some wisecracks which I am sure even a few of their colleagues must shake their heads at!!

  • icon

    Who knows what homeless persons would get up to in a rented property that they know would take months to wrest away from them should they default.
    I do know, from my occasional pro bono work with Crisis, that not all homeless persons are disreputable or unwilling to take and keep a property to a reasonable standard but on the other hand, many more don't actually want to live in permanent accomodation.
    Those individuals who have drink or drug dependencies may have like minded people in and out of the property and if evicted, it wouldn't be in a fit state to re-let until a deep clean and refit took place. Their friendships are in the homeless/dependent community and most would cling to that way of life. As for paying their rent. No. It would have to be paid direct to the LL.
    Council's views are that it's up to the recipient to spend their benefit money as they wish, unbelievable but true. Therefore if they default on rent do you really think that the council will pay twice, once to the tenant and again to th LL if tenant defaults? No. The laws surrounding this need a big re-think.


    I've been caught in the past as I think most of us have, we don't make the same mistake twice, leave these kind of tenants to councils and housing assocs to home, their problem.

  • Theodor Cable


    They could ask Shelter perhaps?
    Ha! - I am very funny don't you reckon?
    :-) :-)


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