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Don’t call me ‘Landlord’ - is the title discredited?

The majority of the buy to let community want the name ‘landlord’ dropped and replaced by something like ‘small housing provider’

That’s the claim by specialist buy to let brokerage Mortgages For Business, based on a survey of - well, landlords.

Some 59 per cent apparently claimed the term was outdated.


And 43 per cent said they preferred ’Small Housing Provider’ with 36 per cent retaining ‘landlord’ and 21 per cent opting for other options - including ‘Rental Accommodation Provider’ on seven per cent.

Gavin Richardson, managing director of Mortgages for Business says: “Sections of the media have vilified the buy-to-let community.  The government has hammered them - think Theresa May’s three per cent Stamp Duty surcharge and other tax deterrents.  

“It’s got to the point where the buy-to-let community doesn’t want to be associated with the term ‘landlord’ anymore.  The term carries much more baggage than it once did. No wonder the community wants a rebrand.”

Additionally, almost three-quarters of those surveyed said they felt unfairly portrayed as this generation’s financial bogeyman.  

Only eight per cent felt that landlords were not financial bogeymen at all while the remainder accepted that their notoriety might not be entirely unwarranted.


Richardson continues: “The majority of landlords are paying 40 per cent tax on their rental income - plus stamp duty - which means the government is profiting hugely from Generation Rent.  And to what end?  Hammering landlords over the last five years has done first-time buyers no favours - research from Nationwide suggests first-time buyers now need to save a huge 113 per cent of their annual salary for a typical home deposit of 20 per cent.

“What would happen if we took landlords out of the housing equation?  The impact on the property market would be significant and almost entirely negative.  It’s not as if the government is pouring money into social housing - or making any progress on house building.  

“Frankly, the government should be championing landlords and lauding their contribution to the housing sector - landlords are bailing the government out.”

He continues: “On top of that, millions of Brits face a financial crisis in retirement by not putting enough money aside for their pension.  Two thirds of employees aged 45 and over face poverty in old age unless they act soon.  One in five Britons say they have no form of private or workplace pension.  

“It is regularly drummed into us that we need to invest for a comfortable retirement.  And yet, when people start building a nest-egg - investing in property to try to ensure they have an income for their retirement - they are reviled.”  

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  • Robert Nottingham

    Do the community of stakeholders want to sing the wokey kokey too?

    Utter nonsense!

  • icon

    No matter what you call us they will still hate us!

  • Yvette Graham

    It’s about time we stood upto the government and media, we are as it says the provider of accommodation that the councils are unable to provide so help us not batter us …….im so fed up with it that I feel like my next step is to evict all my tenants, sell everything and move to another country and take my money and pay tax there and not here !

  • icon

    Tenants don’t hate us, in general Tenants & Landlord get on fine and respect each other. I think many are our friends apart from that one LL step we have to maintain in order to be able to run our business. Its Authorities that hate us while robbing us of billions and pretend to be Tenants friends to use as a lever against us, divide and conquer nothing new about that. I also know we have all those other groups with no input braying from the sidelines.


    Very good comment Michael, whole heartedly agree. I would add that it is the rogue Landlords whom are creating the headlines and to the non-tenants whom deal in this industry tend to lump us altogether. Like you I get on very well with my tenants and ensure that I keep my homes in very good order for them.

  • icon

    Whatever name is used, within a short period of time the media, Shelter, mindless politicians - who have little or no idea of the responsibilities placed on us - and the like will be trying to blame us for the failings of the system and successive Governments and advisers. So I suggest be proud of the name "Landlord" as we are doing what all the others are shouting about but failing to do.
    Thankfully as with the comment by Michael F, my relationship with tenants is very good and indeed several existing, and some ex tenants, could be readily deemed as being friends and I am sure that we are not alone because without a good respectful relationship between both parties things can be problematic if or when there is a "problem".


    Hi Don your view and experience is the same as mine. Obviously, not all, but the vast majority of my tenants I have had good relationship.

  • icon

    I've got no issues with the term landlord, there are those out there that hate us for a number of reasons, none paying tenants that have been evicted by landlords , government, councils, shelter, G R , and the bitter and twisted jealous out there that sit on the big fat backsides whinging , you cannot please everyone all the time and there's no point trying to.

  • icon

    I quite like being called landlord as I sit in my big house at the top of the hill and look down at all the peasants.

    Seriously though. What a ridiculous suggestion!

  • icon

    Rental accomodation providers, Small housing providers! Why use one word when you can use three!
    A bit like the Ministry for Levelling up, Housing and Communities.
    I have a good relationship with my tenants, even the students in my HMO when I have to gently chastise them and lead them into being responsible adults.

  • icon

    I think you should add the tag.
    Small housing providers or something like that.
    Whenever the word landlord is used.
    So that people can associate the word landlord with how important we are for society.
    There are too many ignorant people.

  • Matthew Payne

    Im not sure why anyone would conduct a survey like this in the first place, to what end?

  • icon

    Sadly, the Government are as guilty as the Media and other half witted organisations in stoking the fire of hatred against Landlords. As other people have mentioned, the name is irrelevant, whatever we are called it does not change anything.

  • icon

    Changing the name is just painting over the problem and will only be short lived. The real issue is very poor PR on our part. Our associations are badly letting us down with getting our message out there. Until we come out fighting and start exposing where the real blame for the housing crisis lies and highlighting the great work the mass majority of landlords do we will have to keep finding new places to hide!

  • George Dawes

    Yes change it to something like master of the universe and omnipotent being infallible and virtually superhuman

  • icon

    “Responsible Landlord” anything that goes wrong or failings with the system LL responsible.

  • Mark Wilson

    Funny and true!

  • icon

    They can change the name but nothing will change....we will still be made to jump through ever increasing hoops, face ever increasing obstacles and be forced to pay unfair taxes...I can't wait to sell my portfolio....I have provided good, well maintained homes for 20 odd years but I can see where it's going and I'm getting out before it's too late. I won't be waiting for more and more of this sh*t.....I'm going whilst the going is still relatively good....Adios amigos!

  • icon

    Shane. Sorry and so sad to see Businesses being deliberately driven into the ground by Draconian Treasonable Policies and Sabotage. Depending on your gearing many won’t have a choice with S24 which is what it is designed to do. Supposing on other hand people have built up equity in there you are going to get hit on the way out with c/gains tax. What then as we don’t have proper Banks anymore just some where to put your money at risk watch it devalue at inflation rate and pay you buttons if any interest.
    This isn’t going to play out well, did many of you watch Martin Lewis last night sending shivers up your spine, the bashers had their day many may get a shock if they get their benefits free bees get cut.

  • Peter Meczes

    I have personally no preference about the name used to describe my ownership of rental houses. I think we should all try to reeducate people so that we're not seen as money grubbing villains, ripping off unsuspecting and naive tenants. Its totally wrong for the majority of law-abiding responsible landlords who provide good quality accommodation but suffer from extra taxation, regulations and unfair legal treatment when tenants abuse their providers with damage and non-payment of rent.
    The reference to people not saving enough for their retirement is hugely important. That is the main reason for me and many others becoming landlords (that word again) in the first place. Many years ago I sold pensions and life insurance as a full time career. In their misguided wisdom the government at the time brought in legislation to stop cold-calling and canvassing. This resulted in a huge increase in the numbers of uninsured, under insured and pensionless people. What more can I say?


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