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Spring into action and sell your BTL portfolio fast

There wasn’t much by way of good news in the Spring Budget for landlords and property investors last month. Although some rumours...

18 April 2024

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A look into 2024 so far: 3 key insights for landlords

Twenty twenty-four is a pivotal year for landlords in the Private Rented Sector (PRS). It is still the Government’s aim that...

16 April 2024

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Coming Soon - “Bold” new proposals for private rental sector

An influential Labour website says a raft of proposed reforms for the private rental sector will be unveiled next month -...

09 April 2024

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How Non-Dom Tax Reforms Will Impact Prime Central London

The UK government's long awaited Spring Budget announced some key changes for the property market in an effort to stimulate activity...

30 March 2024

From: Tax & Finance

Landlords who sold earlier ‘may still benefit from tax cut’ - claim

Landlords who paid Capital Gains Tax at 28% - before the Chancellor reduced it to 24% in this month’s Budget -...

21 March 2024

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Tax Shock - did the Budget REALLY reduce Capital Gains Tax?

Some 89% of higher-rate and 100% of lower-rate taxpaying landlords who sell will see their Capital Gains Tax bill rise in...

18 March 2024

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How Technology is Transforming Property Management

The management of BTL properties, whether it's a modest collection of three units or a more sizable portfolio of fifteen, can...

15 March 2024

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Rents rise in most areas as landlords quit lettings sector

A new market snapshot from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors shows tenant demand rising but at a rather more modest...

15 March 2024

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Landlords ‘should only get lower tax if they sell with sitting tenants’

An activist group is demanding that the lower Capital Gains Tax should apply only to landlords who sell with sitting tenants. In...

08 March 2024

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Jeremy Hunt slashes the values of holiday homes

A legal firm says Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has effectively slashed the value of holiday homes which are sold from April 2025...

08 March 2024

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Did Generation Rent see a different Budget to the rest of us?

In what may appear a surprise to almost everyone, the Generation Rent activist group has described yesterday’s Budget as a “giveaway...

07 March 2024

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Lacklustre Budget slammed by landlord body

The National Residential Landlords Association has slammed yesterday’s lacklustre Budget as a missed opportunity. Yesterday’s announcements - like to be the last...

07 March 2024

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Buy To Let mortgage fixed rates fall as product choice rises

The buy to let mortgage sector has seen fixed rates fall to their lowest point since September 2022, according to analysis...

27 February 2024

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Is a change of government Starmergeddon for Britain’s landlords? 

I’m not especially political and certainly carry no candle for one flavour or another. I might argue that they’re all pretty...

10 February 2024

From: Legislation & Compliance

The Sneaky Seven - more expert tax info for landlords

Painful tax traps have been set for millions of people this year. Your pay may not even have kept pace with...

27 January 2024

From: Tax & Finance

Capital Gains Tax burden forces landlords to defer sales plans

A new study by the National Residential Landlords Association suggests some landlords wanting to quit the private rental sector have deferred...

23 January 2024

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Capital Gains Tax - the triple threat to investors

The capital gains tax allowance will be cut on April 6 from £6,000 to £3,000, so more people will pay CGT. The...

20 January 2024

From: Tax & Finance

Airbnb gives its landlords tax tips to satisfy HMRC

Airbnb has taken further steps to get in the good books of HMRC by issuing a guide on tax for its...

12 January 2024

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Tax - Eight Reasons You Could Pay More in 2024

After the Autumn Statement unveiled a major tax cut for January, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ll pay less tax in...

09 December 2023

From: Tax & Finance

Labour pledges not to tax “expensive homes” or raise CGT

Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves has ruled out any increase in Capital Gains Tax if Labour wins power. She also says there will...

29 August 2023

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The Benefits of Landlord Incorporation

Scores of portfolio landlords are incorporating their property portfolio as limited companies, which could save hundreds of thousands of pounds on...

26 August 2023

From: Tax & Finance

Capital Gains Tax - How to optimise your position

The data from the 2021 to 2022 tax year reveals that it has been a bumper year for capital gains in...

12 August 2023

From: Tax & Finance

How To Bring Forward Your Tax Freedom Day

This year Tax Freedom Day fell on Thursday June 8. This was the day of the year by which, theoretically, the...

10 June 2023

From: Tax & Finance

Landlords guide to making the right decisions in 2023

This year is set to bring sweeping rental reforms that will change the face of lettings forever. Landlords should be following...

02 June 2023

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Property Taxes hit new highs - HMRC reveals data

New figures show that property taxes - often rising as a result of frozen thresholds - lead the way as the...

26 April 2023

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Optimise Your Tax Position Ahead of April 6

Over two million more people are likely to be higher rate taxpayers by 2028 – thanks to the freezing of the...

01 April 2023

From: Tax & Finance

Tax Saving Tips to Consider before Tax-Year End

With less than one month left until the end of the tax year, many experienced investors will have completed their tax...

11 March 2023

From: Tax & Finance

Capital Gains Tax: the triple-whammy tax on inflation

The capital gains tax allowance will be cut from £12,300 to £6,000 on April 6 – the lowest the allowance has...

25 February 2023

From: Tax & Finance

Capital Gains Tax change - landlords who sell urged to be quick

Landlords who intend to sell their properties this year are being urged to act quickly ahead of the Capital Gains Tax...

18 January 2023

From: Breaking News

Capital Gains Tax change is major worry for landlords

A survey of some 2,000 landlords shows that more than four in 10 want recent changes to Capital Gains Tax allowances...

10 January 2023

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Capital Gains Tax changes - which landlords are hit hardest?

Changes to capital gains tax announced in Jeremy Hunt’s recent Autumn Statement will see the average landlord pay as much as...

28 November 2022

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Tory Tax Threat - party warned over yet more property taxation

A prominent figure in the lettings industry is warning the Tories against ‘stealth increases’ for Capital Gains and Inheritance taxes. David Alexander...

09 November 2022

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Capital Gains Tax Threat - government told not to raise it

A website that describes itself as promoting “popular capitalism” is urging the government not to consider raising Capital Gains Tax on...

03 November 2022

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Tax Grab - fifth of CGT payments fall outside time limit

A probe by the Financial Times has found that some 26,500 individuals missed the Capital Gains Tax filing deadline in 2021-22...

20 September 2022

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Shock figures show some landlord mortgage costs have doubled

New research from an online buy to let mortgage broker shows that average rates for some typical deals favoured by landlords...

16 August 2022

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Is This The Right Time for Landlords to Incorporate?

More SME landlords are seeking advice about whether now is the right time to incorporate, before progressing plans to secure more...

13 August 2022

From: Tax & Finance

HMRC’s massive rise in Capital Gains Tax paid by landlords

New figures show that the amount of Capital Gains Tax raked in by HM Revenue & Customs has skyrocketed.  The Revenue received...

08 August 2022

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Capital Gains Tax cuts for landlords considered by government - report

A report in a government-supporting newspaper suggests that a proposal to cut Capital Gains Tax for landlords who sell to first...

24 May 2022

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Big rise in Capital Gains Tax paid by Buy To Let landlords

New figures show that buy to let landlords quitting the sector or at least reducing their portfolios have helped the government...

03 March 2022

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Capital Gains Tax reform: Government decision at last

The long-awaited government response to calls to tighten up Capital Gains Tax has come at last - and it’s no change...

02 December 2021

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Good news - Capital Gains Tax reporting time doubled for landlords

Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s Budget has made one small but welcome change to Capital Gains Tax.  For those selling UK residential property, including...

28 October 2021

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Landlords back proposal to extend Capital Gains Tax deadline

Landlords have welcomed a proposal by the Office for Tax Simplification to extend the 30 day payment of Capital Gains Tax...

21 May 2021

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Capital Gains Tax problems hit landlords who sell, accountant warns

Some landlords have hit Capital Gains Tax problems when selling properties in consecutive years, an accountant warns. Elaine Shiels of RSM says:...

18 May 2021

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Tax reform should encourage higher quality buy to let, says agent

The government should use today's ‘Tax Day’ consultation process to reform Capital Gains Tax so that it encourages a smaller, high...

23 March 2021

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Capital Gains Tax threat makes landlords consider selling - Zoopla

One of the country’s leading property experts says landlords are now reassessing their portfolios as a result of possible Capital Gains...

19 March 2021

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£24,000 - landlord’s average loss from Capital Gains Tax threat

A lettings agency has suggested that the typical landlord could lose as much as £24,000 if the government increases Capital Gains...

17 March 2021

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David Alexander is joint Chief Executive Officer of property lettings firm apropos

Many landlords and property investors will have watched the Chancellor’s budget with a feeling of trepidation. There had been hints of...

12 March 2021

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Buy To Let sell-off underway as Capital Gains Tax threat rises

Landlords are exiting the office on greater numbers since the government called for a review of Capital Gains Tax last year, claims...

26 February 2021

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Hundreds of buy to lets involved in UK’s largest single incorporation

Over 330 rental properties have been incorporated into a single company - thought to be the largest single incorporation in the...

22 February 2021

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Fears grow of Capital Gains Tax hike for landlords

Landlords are warning the government that if it increases Capital Gains Tax the rental market will freeze up. Chatter has increased in...

10 February 2021

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Penalties on landlords betray Tory ethos, says party member

Some policies towards landlords show how the government has lost its conservative ethos of supporting businesses and being the party of low taxes.  Rosalind...

09 February 2021

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David Alexander is joint CEO of apropos

The last year has been one which has focused attention on dealing with the immediate, the here and now, in a...

04 February 2021

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Rental Income Taxation: A Landlord Impact Analysis

The changes to Mortgage Interest Tax Relief and impact on your wallet Before April 2017 landlords with a mortgage on their buy-to-let...

14 January 2021

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Capital Gains Tax change could mean landlords pay LESS, not more

A leading housing market analyst suggests that the implementation of a Capital Gains Tax change could actually mean landlords paying less...

24 November 2020

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Investment tips for landlords threatened by Capital Gains Tax hike

A property investment firm has given tips to landlords who may feel m threatened by the prospect of a hike in Capital Gain...

20 November 2020

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Advice to landlords on how to prepare for possible CGT change

A financial planner is advising landlords on how to minimise their current Capital Gains Tax liability ahead of possible change. Chancellor Rishi...

17 November 2020

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Landlords targeted for another huge tax from government

Landlords could be in line for another huge tax burden - a doubling of Capital Gains Tax.  A report commissioned by the government...

12 November 2020

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Answers to the most common questions when it comes to the 30-day CGT rule

Summer 2020 saw changes to the 30-day Capital Gains Tax (CGT) rule come into force and talk of a CGT increase...

30 October 2020

From: Conveyancing, Mortgages, Tax & Finance

New advice on Capital Gains Tax on sale of rental units

Tax experts at specialist landlord accountancy firm Gorilla Accounting are giving the sector fresh advice on minimising CGT liability when selling...

30 October 2020

From: Breaking News

Property guide: how to invest for success

When it comes to property investment, there is no one ‘right’ way to do it in order to succeed. Likewise, there...

29 October 2020

From: Top tips & guides

Is this the right time to invest in property?

Although the last six months have undoubtedly been difficult for many property investors and landlords for others this has been a...

28 September 2020

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What are the most common questions when it comes to the 30-day CGT rule?

It has been just over a month since changes to the 30-day Capital Gains Tax (CGT) rule came into force and...

15 September 2020

From: Breaking News

Capital gains tax review could lead to ‘a mass exodus’ from the BTL market

The chancellor’s decision to order a review of capital gains tax, signalling a future raid on second homeowners, including buy-to-let landlords,...

16 July 2020

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Are you aware of the new capital gains tax changes?

From this month, HMRC has enacted legislation requiring UK residents to submit capital gains tax (CGT) returns, as well as pay any...

10 April 2020

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Notable increase in void periods reported as rental demand slows

Void periods increased across the UK in September, with the exception of London, according to the latest Goodlord rental index. A void...

03 October 2019

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Proposed taxation would see the reality of owning property ‘greatly diminish’

Many young people would find it significantly harder to get a foot on the housing ladder, leaving many effectively renting for...

25 September 2019

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Capital gains tax on buy-to-let should be increased, says IPPR

Buy-to-let landlords could soon be required to pay more money in capital gains tax (CGT) under new proposals put forward by...

11 September 2019

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How to get CGT relief when passing on a buy-to-let property to your children

For most people, their properties are their most valuable asset. And for anyone with children, the consequence of not having made...

04 September 2019

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Landlords urged to carefully consider the ‘dramatic’ impact of the new tax deadline

Buy-to-let landlords, property investors and second home owners are being urged to beware of a ‘dramatic change’ to the existing capital...

01 July 2019

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Which area has the highest number of landlords avoiding tax on rental income?

  When you rent a property to a tenant, you are required to pay tax on any profit you make from rental...

26 June 2019

From: Breaking News

Tax changes could lead to a surge in BTL landlords selling up

There could soon be a sharp rise in the number of buy-to-let looking to sell up as a consequence of the...

28 March 2019

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Draconian tax changes shouldn’t spell the end for buy-to-let landlords

It’s now three years since the then Conservative Chancellor George Osborne introduced a series of measures aimed, principally, at cooling the...

27 December 2018

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Autumn Budget: What’s in store for BTL landlords?

Several ideas have been floated as potential proposals in this month’s Budget, including financial incentives for those offering longer tenancies. But...

12 October 2018

From: Breaking News

Philip Hammond urged to scrap stamp duty and CGT surcharges

The Chancellor Philip Hammond may have only announced last week that the Autumn Budget will take place on Monday 29 October,...

01 October 2018

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Capital gains tax soars as buy-to-let investors ‘unload properties’

Capital gains tax receipts hit £5.5bn in January, leaving the Treasury on course to rake in as much as £8.8bn this...

22 February 2018

From: Breaking News

Tax relief is abolished for landlords who own properties within a company

  Buy-to-let landlords who own homes within a company will face a higher tax bill when they eventually sell their properties. Yesterday’s Budget...

23 November 2017

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Save on tax: 10 ways to potentially cut what you pay to HMRC

Very few of us enjoy filling in a tax return. But here are a few suggestions put forward by London based...

21 June 2017

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Budget 2017: The NLA issues its wish list for Philip Hammond

The National Landlords Association (NLA) has once expressed its opposition to pending changes to mortgage interest tax relief ahead of the...

02 February 2017

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Encourage landlords to “exit their investments” by simplifying CGT

The government could go a long way towards boosting the stock of properties available for sale, which remains close to record...

09 September 2016

From: Breaking News

MP backs call to cut tax for landlords

Kevin Hollinrake, the Conservative MP and co-founder of Hunters estate agents, has tabled an amendment to the Finance Bill calling for...

05 September 2016

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Lifting the Lid on Deposit Disputes

Our latest infographic shows figures of how the majority of deposits are repaid at the end of tenancy and goes into...

05 August 2016

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MP backs bid to cut capital gains tax for landlords

An MP has spoken out in favour of buy-to-let landlords by insisting that they should never have been denied a tax...

04 July 2016

From: Breaking News

BUDGET 2016: CGT cut – but not for landlords

George Osborne has slashed the capital gains tax (CGT) rate – but not for landlords, prompting an angry response from the...

17 March 2016

From: Breaking News

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