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Labour left puts Khan under pressure over housing policies

Sadiq Khan, newly elected for a third term as London Mayor, is already under pressure from the Labour Left to be...

10 May 2024

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Stricter council enforcement of landlords demanded by agents

Political parties should stop bickering and instead work together to boost enforcement of rental standards in the private sector. That’s the view...

22 April 2024

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Councils set to grab over half a billion from higher tax

Changes to empty home council tax rates could generate an additional £540m from Monday, a lettings agency claims. Since April 2013, billing...

27 March 2024

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Another council slaps 100% extra tax on property owners

A council has agreed a council tax rise of an additional 100% on second home and long-term empty homes, despite widespread...

26 March 2024

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Empty Homes Scandal - TV property guru on the warpath

Homes Under The Hammer property expert Lucy Alexander is fronting a new campaign to identify empty homes and bring them back...

20 March 2024

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Jeremy Hunt slashes the values of holiday homes

A legal firm says Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has effectively slashed the value of holiday homes which are sold from April 2025...

08 March 2024

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300 per cent council tax premium proposed for long-term empty homes

Cardiff council is proposing new measures to help bring long-term empty houses back into use. Tomorrow it’s considering introducing a council tax...

06 March 2024

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Another council jumps on the selective licensing bandwagon

Yet another council is consulting on whether to continue a selective licensing scheme. The scheme applies to several areas of Burnley and...

04 March 2024

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Tax Demand - premiums slapped on second homes and empty properties

Dorset councillors have approved proposals for a council tax premium on second homes and a tightening up on its existing premium...

19 February 2024

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Is a change of government Starmergeddon for Britain’s landlords? 

I’m not especially political and certainly carry no candle for one flavour or another. I might argue that they’re all pretty...

10 February 2024

From: Legislation & Compliance

What To Consider When Investing In A Holiday Let in 2024

If you're thinking of investing in a holiday home this year, there can be a lot to consider. From gathering insight to...

27 January 2024

From: Agent Advice

Labour council doubles tax on short lets and second homes

Labour-controlled Haringey Council in London says the owners of short lets and furnished holiday homes will be forced to pay double...

22 January 2024

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New landlords charged full five-year licence fee on scheme ending soon

A north of England council says it’s reviewing the fees for its selective licensing scheme “in terms of potential impact on...

31 October 2023

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Vast numbers of homes lie empty despite demand for properties

New research shows that 676,000 homes in England are sitting empty. The research comes from property purchasing firm House Buyer Bureau which...

06 October 2023

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Higher Taxes for Second Homes - landlords urged to have a say

There are only a few days left for landlords to have input to a government consultation on council tax hikes for...

22 August 2023

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Extinction Rebellion jumps on housing protest bandwagon

After genteel protests from the Generation Rent ginger group and more pro-active protests from the Acorn group of rental activists, tomorrow...

07 July 2023

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Activists back Labour Mayor’s demand for power to seize homes

The Generation Rent campaign has given its support to a call by London Mayor Sadiq Khan to be given powers to...

26 May 2023

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Labour Mayor wants powers to seize empty properties

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, wants new powers to impose higher tax on empty homes - and even seize them...

24 May 2023

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More Airbnbs in big cities than households on waiting lists - claim

A news service claims that in many UK cities there are now more entire homes listed on Airbnb than there are...

05 May 2023

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Second homes to be clobbered with more than double council tax

Councils are to be given powers to enact huge tax increases on second homes and empty properties, the Scottish Government proposes. New...

18 April 2023

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Rent Freeze at centre of local election party pledges

An immediate private sector rent freeze and eviction ban for the duration of the cost of living crisis is the key...

06 April 2023

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How To Protect Landlords’ Empty Homes

According to the most recent statistics there are 676,452 vacant properties in England, nearly half a million of which have been...

18 March 2023

From: The Big Issues

Council to spend £1m gathering information about HMOs

A council is to spend £1m “to gather information about the conditions of specific groups of privately rented properties and proactively...

01 March 2023

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Are second homes “flipped” to  Airbnb to avoid council tax?

Campaigners behind the National Empty Homes Week - running until March 5 - are accusing some second home owners of “flipping”...

01 March 2023

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Fishermen blame landlords for pricing locals out of homes and jobs

A fishing organisation is blaming landlords for contributing to a housing crisis which, they say, means locals cannot live in coastal...

27 February 2023

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Labour’s “a home for £1” idea mocked by leading agent

A Labour Party proposal to sell some long-empty homes to first time buyers for just £1 has been dismissed as the...

22 February 2023

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Landlords may suffer double council tax during void periods

Landlords say housing standards in one of the UK’s biggest cities could sugar because of council tax changes for empty homes. Manchester’s...

14 February 2023

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Tens of millions to restore empty homes - but not for private landlords

A £50m scheme to bring more empty homes back to life in Wales - but private land are excluded from applying. The...

02 February 2023

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Council shines spotlight on empty private homes - but not its own…

A council is reminding residents they have only a week left to comment on empty private homes.  Caerphilly council’s draft ‘Private Sector...

11 January 2023

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Airbnb accused of using charity to disguise housing market damage

The charity Action on Empty Homes, which is mounting a campaign against short let properties, has attacked Airbnb for making a...

28 October 2022

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Do we have an Empty Homes problem or a New Build House problem?

With cost of living increases impacting homeowners, landlords and tenants, are the 44,130 vacant houses across cities in England a bigger...

19 October 2022

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Activist campaign to limit homes used for Airbnb-style short lets

A new campaign has been launched calling for the regulation of Airbnb and other short lets in England. Action on Short Term...

01 September 2022

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Delay in council tax premiums imposed on second homes

One of the country’s second home and holiday let hotspots has been told it will be unable to levy extra council...

28 July 2022

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Landlords to be offered incentives at council talk-in

Landlords and owners of empty homes iare being invited to a free event next week to find out more about help...

07 July 2022

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Government wants national register of short term lets

A review into the effect of short-term lets has been launched by the government.  The government says future policies could involve physical...

30 June 2022

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Rent controls would add to London’s lettings stock shortfall

A new calculation suggests London needs almost 85,000 new private rented homes a year to meet its housing needs. And it adds...

07 March 2022

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 Landlords offered leasing scheme to bring empty homes back to use

A council is calling on landlords of empty properties to take the necessary actions to get their homes back into use...

01 March 2022

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Wanted - quarter of a million new rental properties every year

New research commissioned by the landlords’ trade body shows that the UK needs almost 230,000 new private rented homes a year...

15 February 2022

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Conservatives increasingly keen on helping renters rather than landlords

A poll of Conservative voters shows strong majorities for higher taxes on second homes and empty properties, and tougher demands on...

10 February 2022

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New bid to get landlords to long-term lease properties to councils

The Welsh Government has announced a £30m pot from which councils can pay for easing properties from private landlords. Under the Welsh Government’s...

30 November 2021

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Free advice for landlords on lettings incentives

Landlords and owners of empty homes in North Somerset are invited to a free event next month to find out more...

29 October 2021

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Council in talks with landlords to buy back empty homes

Bury council is to spend £1m buying empty homes from landlords and other owners. The council says it will shortly identify which...

15 July 2021

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New attack underway on rental and holiday homes

An estate agent in Scotland is warning that a new attack on the rental sector and holiday homes may be underway.  Jennifer...

12 July 2021

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Cash help to get empty homes back to habitable condition

A grant scheme helping buyers to get empty properties back into use has been relaunched in part of Wales. The Valleys Taskforce...

30 June 2021

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Top Labour MP speaks out against “greed of the mega-landlords”

Former Labour Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has spoken out against what he calls “the greed of the mega-landlords.” The veteran MP -...

02 June 2021

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Landlords’ comments wanted on concept of investing in empty homes

With buy to let and traditional commercial property both under challenge thanks to government regulations and Coronavirus, the government is now...

16 March 2021

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Landlords encouraged to use ‘under-utilised’ homes for council

Owners of apparently empty or under-utilised properties in a prime London area are being asked to bring them into use to...

01 March 2021

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New call to scrap stamp duty surcharge to stop supply dwindling

The National Residential Landlords Association is calling on the Chancellor to scrap the three per cent stamp duty levy on the...

05 February 2021

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Landlords set out key reform demands ahead of election

The National Residential Landlords Association has released its manifesto for the 2021 Welsh Parliament elections - and it makes the case...

11 December 2020

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Landlords are accepting lower rental offers to avoid void periods

A growing number of buy-to-let landlords with empty homes are looking to avoid lengthy void periods and maximise profits in the...

09 June 2020

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UnderTheDoormat offers free accommodation for NHS workers

UnderTheDoormat, which provides short-let properties in London, is opening up its homes to doctors and nurses for free as they care...

24 March 2020

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BTL landlords are worried about the prospect of a Labour government

Hundreds of buy-to-let landlords have expressed concerns for the future of the buy-to-let industry if Labour comes into power.  Boris Johnson is...

09 September 2019

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Labour’s new ‘tax bombshell’ – party plans to scrap council tax for renters

Renters would stop paying council tax under radical plans being considered by the Labour Party. A Labour-commissioned report calls on the party...

05 June 2019

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Iain Duncan Smith criticises former chancellor’s housing polices

Former Conservative Party leader Iain Duncan Smith has criticised policies of former Conservative chancellor George Osborne with regard to housing. Speaking at...

27 March 2019

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Offer landlords tax incentives to end the ‘scandal of empty homes’, says RLA

The government is being urged to do more to address the ‘scourge’ of empty homes in England by supporting buy-to-let landlords...

13 March 2019

From: Breaking News

‘National scandal’ as the number of empty homes across England rises 5%

Buy-to-let landlords are often blamed, primarily by those under the age of 40, for the existing housing crisis because property investors acquire...

12 March 2019

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Will paying 50% more council tax get landlords ‘a return on their investment’?

A 50% council tax increase could be on the way for owners of empty properties across many parts of the country...

07 December 2018

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Almost a third of first-time buyers want landlords to sell to long-term tenants

As the Chancellor prepares to deliver his Budget today, research from Aldermore has revealed the measures prospective first-time buyers want put...

29 October 2018

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Council to pay private landlords £5,000 reward to house tenants

A new landlord reward scheme designed to increase the stock of private rented accommodation in the marketplace in Rochford, Essex, has...

23 October 2018

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Grants of up to £25,500 offered to landlords to restore empty homes

Private landlords are being offered money to help encourage them to restore their empty homes in the London borough of Barnet.  Empty...

22 October 2018

From: Breaking News

Conservative think tank is wrong in its call for landlords to ‘disinvest from the sector’

Proposals drawn up by Conservative think tank Onward to allow existing buy-to-let properties to be eligible for 100% capital gains tax...

09 October 2018

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Council launches new private rental scheme in bid to provide more homes

Peterborough City Council has launched a new private rental scheme aimed at landlords who are looking for a long term tenant...

18 June 2018

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Council tax discount for landlords may be scrapped

Buy-to-let landlords could soon be hit with an empty homes tax after the Chancellor Philip Hammond yesterday gave local councils the...

23 November 2017

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Autumn Budget: Key points at-a-glance

The Chancellor Philip Hammond has delivered his Autumn Budget. Here are the key points of his speech impacting private landlords and...

23 November 2017

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Free open day for private landlords in Stirling

Private landlords in Stirling may be interested in attending a free private rented sector open day and conference to be hosted...

05 May 2017

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Landlords offered £1,000 to bring empty homes back into use

Owners of vacant homes in the Rochford district in Essex are being offered grants of up to £1,000 by Rochford District...

04 November 2016

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Cash incentives to help bring empty properties back into use

Homeowners and prospective landlords across the Deepings and Bourne districts of Lincolnshire are being offered grants of up to £5,000 to...

03 June 2016

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RLA calls for action on empty homes in the capital

Action is needed to tackle the scandal of ‘buy-to-leave’ investors who are denying Londoners the homes they need, according to the...

12 April 2016

From: Breaking News

Luton council cracks down on rogue landlords

Luton Borough Council has launched a new initiative which aims to tackle rogue landlords who are letting properties that are being...

17 December 2015

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