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Half of tenant moves triggered by landlord sales - new survey

There’s been another survey of landlord activity in the private rental sector - and this one shows that 50% of tenants...

17 May 2024

From: Breaking News

Political change may boost landlord investment, survey shows

More landlords predict Scotland will attract the most residential property investment outside of London and the South East in the next...

03 May 2024

From: Breaking News

Rental Market set to strengthen as First Time Buyers hold back

Around half of first-time buyers say their prospects of owning a home are further away than ever due to the ongoing...

17 April 2024

From: Breaking News

Landlords NOT pricing out First Time Buyers - new figures

The popular narrative may have been that first time buyers have been priced out of the market, partly by landlords: but...

02 April 2024

From: Breaking News

Renting set to boom as buying is even less affordable

The average house prices in England was £290,000 last year, some 8.3 times average annual earnings. This was actually down from 8.5...

26 March 2024

From: Breaking News

Empty Homes Scandal - TV property guru on the warpath

Homes Under The Hammer property expert Lucy Alexander is fronting a new campaign to identify empty homes and bring them back...

20 March 2024

From: Breaking News

House Price Boost could just be momentum … or it could be better news

The latest index, from the Halifax, shows house prices rose 0.4 per cent in February – the fifth consecutive monthly increase....

09 March 2024

From: The Big Issues

Did Generation Rent see a different Budget to the rest of us?

In what may appear a surprise to almost everyone, the Generation Rent activist group has described yesterday’s Budget as a “giveaway...

07 March 2024

From: Breaking News

Lacklustre Budget slammed by landlord body

The National Residential Landlords Association has slammed yesterday’s lacklustre Budget as a missed opportunity. Yesterday’s announcements - like to be the last...

07 March 2024

From: Breaking News

First Time Buyers fail to take hundreds of millions in cash help

An analysis of government data suggests that potential first time buyers have failed to take advantage of literally hundreds of millions...

01 March 2024

From: Breaking News

Letting agents demand banks cut mortgage rates

The letting agents’ trade body has made the unexpected move of calling on banks to cut mortgage rates. Rates are typically decided...

29 February 2024

From: Breaking News

Lawyer steps up criticism of Gove’s attack on private landlords

A prominent lawyer has stepped up her criticisms of Housing Secretary Michael Gove and his attacks on buy to let and...

28 February 2024

From: Breaking News

What’s your view on tenants getting 99% mortgages?

Rental sector and property industry views are split over the controversial idea of allowing first time buyers to put down a...

26 February 2024

From: Breaking News

Why the 1% mortgage deposit scheme is unworkable

The government’s proposal to introduce a new one per cent deposit mortgage scheme to help young people onto the property ladder...

24 February 2024

From: Rental Reform

Renters may become first time buyers with just one per cent deposit

The government is considering allowing renters to buy their first homes with just one per cent deposits, according  to press reports...

22 January 2024

From: Breaking News

Building Society warns it may stop lending on holiday lets

A building society says it is considering ending its policy of lending to buyers of holiday lets. Martese Carton, the director of...

09 January 2024

From: Breaking News

Activist slams bank boss for telling buyers to save for deposits

The chief executive of Generation Rent has slammed the chair of the NatWest Bank for comments over first time buyers. At the...

08 January 2024

From: Breaking News

What Should We Expect from the Budget on March 6?

The Treasury has announced March 6 as the date for the Spring Budget and Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has commissioned the Office...

06 January 2024

From: Tax & Finance

Higher rents mean first time buyers compromise on size - claim

Escalating rents have led many first time buyers to adjust their property expectations and accept smaller homes when they purchase, a...

03 January 2024

From: Breaking News

Rental sector rivals unite against Tory First Time Buyer plans

Both sides of the rental divide have criticised Conservative proposals to boost housing demand while doing nothing about supply. Over the New...

02 January 2024

From: Breaking News

Labour to scrap Section 21 on first day in office, says Rayner

Labour’s shadow housing secretary and deputy leader Angela Rayner says her party will scrap Section 21 on its first day in...

20 November 2023

From: Breaking News

Siblings join parents to help first time buyers quit rental market

New analysis reveals that other family members beyond parents are increasingly lending their financial support to first-time buyers.   So far this year...

08 September 2023

From: Breaking News

England football star scores at upcoming expo for landlords

Former England footballer turned TV pundit and property expert Dion Dublin is to headline this month’s South East Property Expo. The centre...

08 September 2023

From: Breaking News

It’s Grim Down South - capital appreciation tumbles in the south

New data from Zoopla this morning makes grim reading for landlords, especially those reliant on capital appreciation and with investment properties...

31 August 2023

From: Breaking News

Generation Rent says house prices too high for tenants to buy

A statement from activist group Generation Rent suggests there’s a connection between Section 21 and the period of time people rent...

04 July 2023

From: Breaking News

Are 35 year mortgage terms storing up problems for the future?

One in five first-time buyers taking out mortgages lasting over 35 years A record 19 per cent of first-time buyers took out...

07 June 2023

From: Breaking News

Race For Space puts premium on detached houses

Detached houses are the most popular type of property for those who have moved homes in the past year.  The Halifax says...

31 May 2023

From: Breaking News

Crowning Glory - House Prices Since The Last Coronation

When the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II took place on 2nd June 1953 the average house cost just £1,692...

06 May 2023

From: The Big Issues

Labour bid to help renters buy sets alarm bells ringing

Labour’s proposed reforms to the housing market “raise many questions”, a property industry figure claims. Under controversial plans put forward by party...

05 May 2023

From: Breaking News

Rental demand set to rise because of first time buyer woes

The rental market is likely to see continuing high demand as first time buyers battle increased house prices and higher mortgage...

04 May 2023

From: Breaking News

Labour video slams ‘rogue landlords and letting agents’

Labour’s shadow housing spokesperson is promoting a video claiming that ‘everyone’ in the private rental sector suffers from ‘rogue landlords and...

25 April 2023

From: Breaking News

Lender banning second homes now suspends arrears fees

A building society that last summer scrapped all lending on some holiday homes has now come up with another unusual policy...

27 February 2023

From: Breaking News

Labour’s “a home for £1” idea mocked by leading agent

A Labour Party proposal to sell some long-empty homes to first time buyers for just £1 has been dismissed as the...

22 February 2023

From: Breaking News

Lender wooing first time buyers into buy to let

A high profile mortgage lender operating in the buy to let sector has launched a series of products aimed at investors...

21 February 2023

From: Breaking News

Property Tax Surcharge - politicians break rank to query measure

Two Members of the Scottish Parliament have broken rank with their own party to query the motivation behind a new property...

20 January 2023

From: Breaking News

High mortgage costs and deposits set to keep rental demand high

New data produced this morning by the Nationwide suggests prospective first time buyers are having a tough time - and many...

13 January 2023

From: Breaking News

Stay renting! First time buyers warned after interest rate hike

Would-be first time buyers may have to settle for renting for longer and putting their ownership aspirations on ice, following the...

16 December 2022

From: Breaking News

Young adults under pressure with home ownership out of reach

As the cost of living crisis bites and inflation continues to soar, new research reveals that people aged 18 to 34...

16 December 2022

From: Breaking News

Tory slams government over second homes and “stuck” first time buyers

A prominent Conservative has described as “infuriating and saddening” the fact that so many Millennials are stuck renting and cannot afford...

12 December 2022

From: Breaking News

Canny landlords have chance for cheap purchases - claim

A prominent buy to let lender says falling house prices five canny landlords the chance to buy property relatively cheaply. Emma Cox,...

08 December 2022

From: Breaking News

Tenants rent for longer as first time buyers get ever-older

The average prospective buyer now predicts they will be 37 years old by the time they get their first home.  This compares...

07 December 2022

From: Breaking News

Rental demand likely to soar as first time buyers defer plans

A new survey from Aviva has revealed that over a million people may rule themselves out of the first-time buyer market,...

24 November 2022

From: Breaking News

First time buyers put off purchases and settle for renting

New research from Leeds Building Society paints what it calls “a harrowing picture” of the housing market for first-time buyers. It claims...

11 November 2022

From: Breaking News

Interest rates up as gloomy housing market forecast is revealed

The Bank of England has increased its base rate from 2.25 per cent to 3.0 per cent. This is the largest hike...

03 November 2022

From: Breaking News

Labour to stop landlords getting in first when buying properties

Labour leader Sir Kier Starmer has told his party conference that buy to let landlords will no longer “get in first”...

27 September 2022

From: Breaking News

Landlord Update - the government's Plan For Growth

The new Chancellor of the Exchequer spoke for only 25 minutes but effectively turned the recent history of British tax policy...

24 September 2022

From: Tax & Finance

Stamp Duty Cuts take effect immediately

Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng has announced that stamp duty will be cut.  In future there will be no stamp duty on the first £250,000...

23 September 2022

From: Breaking News

Rental demand to stay strong as first time buyers frustrated again

Around seven out of 10 prospective first-time buyers’ attempts to purchase a property have been impacted by the rising cost of...

21 September 2022

From: Breaking News

Tax cuts for landlords in return for long-term rent deals - call

A properly industry leader is calling on government to cut taxes for landlords who agree to long term tenancies and rent...

16 September 2022

From: Breaking News

Restrictions on AirBnb and other short lets to be debated by MPs

MPs are to have another opportunity to debate possible restrictions on the number of so-called party houses let from AirBnb and...

15 September 2022

From: Breaking News

Frustrated first time buyers may have to continue renting

New data from Zoopla suggests that growing concern about the cost of living crisis and in particular rising interest rates may...

26 August 2022

From: Breaking News

Forget 50 year mortgages - invest in private renting to help young people

A leading figure in the property industry has slammed the government’s proposals to encourage more lenders to offer 50 year mortgages...

19 August 2022

From: Breaking News

Rents rise three times faster than pre-pandemic - Rightmove data

New analysis from Rightmove reveals that first-time buyer asking prices and equivalent asking rents have risen three times faster compared with...

25 July 2022

From: Breaking News

Government clampdown on Airbnbs, holiday lets and second homes

Councils will be able to control numbers of second homes and holiday lets under new plans unveiled by the Welsh Government. There...

06 July 2022

From: Breaking News

Airbnb Party Houses - new bid to change law for short lets sector

An MP has introduced a Private Member’s Bill which, if successful, would reduce what she calls the “nightmare” of Airbnb party...

29 June 2022

From: Breaking News

Tax Take - Investors make up almost half of stamp duty receipts

New figures released this morning show that buy to let investors and second home buyers now pay almost half of the...

22 June 2022

From: Breaking News

Rents and mortgages cost roughly the same, claims Rightmove

New analysis by Rightmove is tracking first-time buyer affordability over the last 10 years - and it shows why so many...

25 May 2022

From: Breaking News

Capital Gains Tax cuts for landlords considered by government - report

A report in a government-supporting newspaper suggests that a proposal to cut Capital Gains Tax for landlords who sell to first...

24 May 2022

From: Breaking News

Renting set to prosper as FTBs face “frightening” price rise

The house price inflation facing first time buyers is “frankly frightening” according to a new analysis which suggests typical FTB house...

20 May 2022

From: Breaking News

Soaring rents keep rest of housing market buoyant - analyst

A business analyst has given an interesting interpretation of the soaring rental market - and says it keeps the wider sales...

18 May 2022

From: Breaking News

Cost of living crisis hitting renters most, suggests advice service

Renters without a property to sell are likely to be the worst demographic sector affected by the cost of living crisis...

28 April 2022

From: Breaking News

Activists want controls on rents, house prices, planning consents

A protest by Welsh nationalists has called for a new Property Act to be passed by the Welsh Parliament, which would...

23 February 2022

From: Breaking News

UK Holiday lets attracting more landlords, says mortgage lender

The specialist holiday let market is becoming increasingly attractive to ex-pat investors - and another mortgage lender has entered the sector...

02 February 2022

From: Breaking News

Tory complains about “coughing up most of income to landlords”

A prominent Conservative has complained that her party, and others, have failed to do anything about a housing market in which...

05 January 2022

From: Breaking News

Stop landlords buying properties to let out, says Tory activist

A former Conservative councillor has used a leading party website to call on the government to restrict the purchase of buy...

04 January 2022

From: Breaking News

Rejection of first time buyer mortgages keeps rental sector buoyant

New data suggesting that only a third of first time buyers are able to secure a mortgage at their first attempt...

15 December 2021

From: Breaking News

Home for sale - but not to landlords

A social landlord is selling a home on the open market but says it should go only to a first time...

02 November 2021

From: Breaking News

London rental market set for boom as first timers look outside M25

The London rental market may be in for a boom as figures show Londoners purchased over 60,000 homes outside the capital...

03 August 2021

From: Breaking News

Outright ban on buy to let under debate in one part of the UK

It may not be a typical part of the country but on one of the Channel Islands there is now a...

14 May 2021

From: Breaking News

Next Buy To Let growth sector identified by investment bank

Investment bank and wealth management consultancy Arbuthnot Latham predicts the next big growth area for buy to let will be Houses...

13 May 2021

From: Breaking News

Outlook uncertain for buy to let after recent retreat - Nationwide

The private rental sector is in slow retreat according to a new analysis by Nationwide-owned specialist lender, The Mortgage Works. Nationwide chief...

05 May 2021

From: Breaking News

Tax reform should encourage higher quality buy to let, says agent

The government should use today's ‘Tax Day’ consultation process to reform Capital Gains Tax so that it encourages a smaller, high...

23 March 2021

From: Breaking News

Tenants increasingly worried over personal credit scores

Despite talk of increased arrears and wider economic concerns, it appears tenants are increasingly worried about the long-term effects of poor credit...

12 February 2021

From: Breaking News

Plight of first time buyers shows landlords needed more than ever

A new survey shows almost two thirds of prospective first time buyers regard it as ‘impossible’ to get on the property...

17 November 2020

From: Breaking News

High-deposit cities may prove rich pickings for buy to let landlords

A league table of UK cities where it takes the longest for first time buyers to save for a deposit may...

11 November 2020

From: Breaking News

Buy-to-let mortgage activity dips

There was a further increase in mortgage lending for first-time-buyers and home movers in August compared with the previous month and...

16 October 2019

From: Breaking News

Platform reduces rates

Platform has announced reductions to borrowing rates across a range of mortgage products, including buy-to-let deals. The intermediary mortgage brand of The...

16 July 2019

From: Breaking News

Landlords continue to exit the BTL market

There was a further rise in the number of landlords exiting the buy-to-let market, new data shows. Belvoir’s Q3 Rental Index, compiled...

19 December 2018

From: Breaking News

Almost a third of first-time buyers want landlords to sell to long-term tenants

As the Chancellor prepares to deliver his Budget today, research from Aldermore has revealed the measures prospective first-time buyers want put...

29 October 2018

From: Breaking News

Strong support for petition calling for BTL tax relief changes to be reversed

An online petition calling for buy-to-let tax relief changes to be reversed has received almost 16,500 signatures. Buy-to-let landlord and property investment...

05 July 2018

From: Breaking News

Specialist Buy-to-let mortgage solutions for landlords with no proof of income & adverse credit

If you’re a landlord and wish to raise finance against an existing buy to let property and don’t have proof of...

06 June 2018

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Government responds to petition demanding tax changes for landlords

The government has responded to a petition calling on the reintroduction of full mortgage interest relief and the scrapping of the...

30 May 2018

From: Breaking News

More than half of BTL landlords to offload properties, says Property Partner

Over half of private landlords plan to sell some of their buy-to-let properties this year, it has been claimed. Some 54% of landlords...

12 April 2018

From: Breaking News

Philip Hammond urged to scrap stamp duty

The Chancellor Philip Hammond should scrap stamp duty because it would encourage more buy-to-let landlords to invest in the private rented...

22 November 2017

From: Breaking News

The effects of the Manchester city centre housing boom

A continuous increase in the number of cranes, hoardings and skyscraper frames around Manchester’s inner ring road is visual proof of...

21 November 2017

From: Breaking News

‘Landlord tax’ raises £2bn from buy-to-let investors

The Treasury has so far pocketed around £2bn as a result of the 3% stamp duty surcharge on additional homes, including...

25 August 2017

From: Breaking News

BTL tax changes push ‘amateur landlords out of the market’

The steady levels of mortgage activity seen through the first half of the year continued into July, with gross mortgage lending...

25 August 2017

From: Breaking News

Tax hikes for landlords are ‘hurting but not working’

The stamp duty hike and mortgage tax relief cuts simply do not add up for buy-to-let landlords, leaving many with little...

04 July 2017

From: Breaking News

Suppressing BTL market leaves overall housing market in a ‘precarious position’

The government is putting the overall housing market at risk by “squeezing” the buy-to-let sector with higher stamp duty, new mortgage...

30 May 2017

From: Breaking News

Caridon Calls for Coherent Housing Policies from Politicians

The policy focus of the upcoming election will be on Brexit, but political parties will do well to remember that housing...

11 May 2017

From: Sponsored Content

MP’s call for stamp duty to be payable by the seller, not the buyer, gains support

Stamp duty should be coughed up by those selling their home rather than purchasers as this would boost property transactions, while...

06 December 2016

From: Breaking News

Landlords warned about ‘risk’ of using limited companies for buy-to-let

Buy-to-let landlords face the risk of double taxation if they choose to put their property investments into a limited company to...

28 September 2016

From: Breaking News

Tenants now spending two-thirds of disposable income on rent

Tenants are now spending two-thirds of their disposable income on rent as sky-high prices put even more homes out of reach. The...

13 September 2016

From: Breaking News

MP backs call to cut tax for landlords

Kevin Hollinrake, the Conservative MP and co-founder of Hunters estate agents, has tabled an amendment to the Finance Bill calling for...

05 September 2016

From: Breaking News

Renters must earn over national average to be able to buy

The gap between average incomes and the pay of tenants who want to buy their first property has reached a post-recession...

03 March 2016

From: Breaking News

First-time buyers outnumber landlords three to one

Data released today by the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) shows lending to first-time buyers continues to outnumber buy-to-let purchases by...

18 February 2016

From: Breaking News

Property experts says tax changes will lead to higher rents

One of the country‘s leading rental sector analysts is warning that tax changes for landlords’ mortgage interest relief, and the imminent...

11 February 2016

From: Breaking News

Countrywide: Two million homes changed tenure since 2005

Two million homes have changed tenure in the last decade, either switching from home owners to landlords or vice versa when...

09 November 2015

From: Breaking News

IMLA: Deterring buy-to-let investment will harm tenants more than landlords

Measures which discourage investment in the private rented sector can only push up rents and harm tenants more than landlords, a...

20 October 2015

From: Breaking News

Homeownership “a distant dream” for nine million renters

Nine million UK renters (45%) say they will never be able to afford their own home, according to the latest Post...

17 September 2015

From: Breaking News

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