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The most popular rental areas unveiled

Property search data from Rightmove over the past 12 months has been analysed to reveal the most sought-after areas for a...

31 December 2019

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House price growth set to pick up speed following an end to the political gridlock

Residential property prices, much like the economy, are likely to grow faster than initially anticipated next year thanks to the greater...

17 December 2019

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It’s a buyer’s market

It is a potentially good time for buy-to-let landlords to add to their portfolio, the latest housing market snapshot suggests.  With buy-to-let...

18 November 2019

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Spike in landlord exodus to lead to ‘record rents’ and ‘fewer homes to choose from’

Almost a quarter of landlords are planning to sell at least one property from their existing buy-to-let portfolio, new research from...

17 October 2019

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Brexit blamed for fall in asking prices

Asking prices in the UK have dropped as Brexit uncertainty takes its toll, new figures show.  According to fresh data from Rightmove, the...

16 September 2019

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Property price cuts attracts buyers

There has been a 6.1% increase in the number of property sales agreed, as buyers are spurred into action by improved...

19 August 2019

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High demand for rental homes following introduction of the tenant fee ban

There has been a significant rise in tenant demand in recent weeks after the change to tenant fees came in on...

19 July 2019

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Rents in London hit record high as number of homes continues to decline

Average asking rents in London rose to an all-time high of £2,091 a month in the first quarter of the year...

18 April 2019

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The average time it takes to sell a property revealed

Some buy-to-let landlords are being driven out of the market by the government’s tax crackdown as growing numbers struggle to make...

27 February 2019

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Rents in London hit an all-time high as supply plummets

Asking rents in London rose to a record high in December, with market conditions in the capital improving to levels not...

17 January 2019

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Is this a good week to invest in property as asking prices continue to fall?

Making an offer to purchase a property might sound like the most stressful thing to do just before Christmas, but this...

17 December 2018

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Shortage of rental properties continues to push rents up

A continued shortage in the number of rental properties on the market is placing upward pressure on rents across most parts...

30 October 2018

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First-time buyers in the driver’s seat as buy-to-let property sales fade

The price of small properties across many parts of the country has dropped largely because landlord purchases are down, offering fresh...

16 October 2018

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Asking rents rose in the second quarter of 2018

Asking rents for properties in the UK increased in the second quarter of the year, led by gains in London, Rightmove’s...

26 July 2018

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Hackney sees fastest growth in home rents over past decade

Hackney in east London has recorded the fastest growth in rents on a typical two-bedroom home over the past decade, according...

28 March 2018

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Rents increase across the UK but at their lowest level since 2014

The average asking rent across the UK, excluding London, increased by 0.7% in 2017, which is the lowest rate of growth...

11 January 2018

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