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Scam! Police warning over fake landlords and rental fraud

Landlords, letting agents and tenants in South Yorkshire are being warned about an increase in rental fraud. Local police there say they...

20 September 2021

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Students rents are soaring according to bank study

Landlords with student tenants, as well as the growing number of institutional landlords of purpose built student accommodation, appear to be...

06 August 2021

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Fake investment scams on the rise, warns Citizens Advice

The Citizens Advice consumer charity is warning that fake investment scams are amongst the fraudulent activity that’s on the rise across...

16 June 2021

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Fraudster fake landlords scam tenant out of deposit cash

A genuine tenant who advertised on social media for a property has been scammed out of £450 by fraudsters posing as...

14 June 2021

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Scams are rife in the private lettings sector, says Trading Standards

Scams involving fake landlords and bogus lettings agents are rife in the private rentals sector, and may have been made worse...

23 February 2021

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Possible refund for investors caught out by planning consent scam

The Financial Conduct Authority wants to find people who unwittingly invested in an unauthorised land banking scheme - they may be...

14 October 2020

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Mandatory landlord register demanded by Generation Rent activists

The Generation Rent campaign says a mandatory landlord register is necessary - and would have stopped the actions of a rogue...

06 October 2020

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Gumtree insists it takes ‘fraud very seriously’ following latest letting scam

Gumtree, the dedicated website for free classifieds adverts in the UK, is urging landlords and tenants to follow its ‘safety advice’ when...

05 March 2020

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Fraudulent rental scam leaves couple £800 out of pocket

A young couple who recently turned to the web to find a property to rent have fallen prey to a fraudulent...

03 March 2020

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Airbnb tenant subletting scam exposed

There is a growing issue of tenants subletting their rental properties on websites like Airbnb, with some renters inappropriately using it...

28 October 2019

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Lord Alan Sugar caught up in ‘Airbnb scam’

Lord Alan Sugar has issued a warning to Airbnb users after a family was  cheated out of around £465 because fraudsters told...

22 October 2019

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Man denies posing as a landlord in a deposit scam

A man in Dundee has denied that he fraudulently pretended to be a landlord who asked for an up-front deposit from...

16 May 2019

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Scammer steals £1,200 from couple by posing as a landlord

A fraudster pretending to be a landlord scammed a couple looking to move into a new property with their children out...

29 April 2019

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Rental fraud remains 'one of the uglier aspects of private renting'

The National Landlords Association (NLA) is reminding would-be tenants to be vigilant when looking for somewhere new to live and to...

08 April 2019

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Tenant sentenced to 12 years in prison for burning down rental property

A tenant who was found guilty of deliberately burning down a property he was renting four years ago was sentenced to...

18 March 2019

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Fraudsters claiming to be landlords leave tenants £20k out of pocket

Fraudsters posing as landlords have conned prospective tenants out of £20,000 over the past couple months by persuading them to pay...

22 February 2019

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Top tips to help protect yourself against property investment fraud

Many people invest in property or sign up to investment club arrangements, which are not uncommon in the industry, but sometimes it...

21 February 2019

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Managing agent fined £26k for cramming 16 tenants into family home

A rogue managing agent of an overcrowded house of multiple occupation (HMO) in east London has been fined £26,000 for breaches...

16 October 2018

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BTL landlord cleared of assault

A buy-to-let landlord who pushed a council employee out of one of his properties in Blackpool has been cleared of assault. Landlord...

25 September 2018

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Propio targets BTL investors for new property investment platform

Propio Properties has launched a new online property investment platform that it hopes will appeal to buy-to-let investors looking for a...

14 June 2018

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Landlords: How to sell your unwanted rental properties quickly for cash

Having a poor performing rental property or one you simply wish to get rid of quickly can be a real drain...

08 June 2018

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Fake landlord sentenced to six years in prison

An unscrupulous individual pretending to be a private landlord in order to scam more than £10,000 from unsuspecting tenants before going...

06 February 2018

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Rogue landlords allegedly making millions out of housing benefits

Rogue landlords are profiting from the housing benefit system by enticing desperate local authorities to place single homeless people into small...

19 January 2018

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Naive couple conned by imposter landlord

A couple in Plymouth have been scammed out of £1,200 by a fake landlord who copied and pasted pictures and details...

25 September 2017

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Student landlords warned about potential scam

Private landlords offering accommodation to students who are planning to go to the University of Newcastle this September are being targeted...

11 August 2017

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Users are wising up to ‘dangers of online rental fraud’

With July being Fraud Awareness Month, the subject of online rental fraud has been brought into the spotlight by Nick Marr,...

20 July 2017

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The reputations of ‘good landlords’ being ‘tarnished by the bad ones’, says LGA

Local councils are calling on the government to close a legal loophole that allows landlords to get away with converting properties...

14 April 2017

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Top tips to help you stay safe and beat the fraudsters and scammers

The vast majority of landlords are unable to identify a fake passport when presented with one leaving them vulnerable to fraudsters...

29 March 2017

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New landlord checking service launched

Private tenants can now verify a landlord's credentials for any UK rental opportunity following the launch of a new landlord checking...

20 October 2016

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Rogue landlord and accomplice fined £28k for scam

A landlord and her accomplice have been ordered to pay close to £28,000 after being caught out trying to con investigators...

16 September 2016

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Lifting the Lid on Deposit Disputes

Our latest infographic shows figures of how the majority of deposits are repaid at the end of tenancy and goes into...

05 August 2016

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Bogus letting agent jailed for ripping off landlords and tenants

A fraudster who posed as a letting agent with the sole intention of stealing from landlords and tenants has been jailed...

02 August 2016

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Rent-to-rent scammer jailed for fraud

A rent-to-rent fraudster has been jailed for 16 months after being found guilty of six counts of fraud relating to HMOs Moses...

25 April 2016

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RLA issues Gumtree warning

Bosses at internet listings site Gumtree will meet with the Residential Landlords Association (RLA) to discuss scam in which fraudsters posing...

03 March 2016

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Landlord possessions reach record high

The total number of evictions last year reached a record high of 42,728 according to data from the Ministry of Justice.  Whilst...

16 February 2016

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Warning against falling for stamp duty surcharge 'avoidance' scam

The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) is warning private investors not to be lured by firms offering schemes which allegedly promise to...

10 February 2016

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Eviction specialist warns about subletting scams

A tenant eviction specialist has warned that the Government’s proposal to introduce minimum room sizes will not prevent subletting scams which...

11 November 2015

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New Channel 5 programme exposes subletting scam

Stay tuned tomorrow evening at 9pm for the first in a six-part Channel 5 series about subletting. ‘Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords’ follows...

23 June 2015

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Fake landlord conned victims out of £20,000 say police

Police are hunting for a man who posed as the landlord of the apartment he was renting in London, in order...

17 June 2015

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Tenant in illegal sub-let scam jailed for eight months

A court has heard how two landlords have lost thousands of pounds to a tenant who allegedly claimed to be their...

15 June 2015

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