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Landlords and Tenants Responsible for Some of Britain’s Biggest Moving Home Fails

18 July 2019 8266 Views
Landlords and Tenants Responsible for Some of Britain’s Biggest Moving Home Fails

UK furniture brand, Happy Beds, surveyed 2,000 Brits to see what the common problems are that they face on moving in day. Over half had said that they experienced some sort of problem on moving in day.

Some of these fails are down to the landlord, including the house not being completely ready for the tenant, despite being told that it would be, and previous tenants not having cleaned the house completely or leaving things behind.

“Landlords should always ensure that their new tenants are moving into a new, clean property. This would certainly help with one of the woes of moving in day. Moving someone else’s furniture just adds to the stress that a new tenant will experience.” Says Joy Richards, who commissioned the study at Happy Beds.

As a result of the worries behind moving in, one in eight movers had said they suffered a sleepless night ahead of their move in day, and half of movers will grab less than five hours sleep to prepare for the move.

Landlords and Tenants Responsible for Some of Britain’s Biggest Moving Home Fails

“Unfortunately for tenants, there is no law behind moving into a clean property. Most landlords, out of common decency, will ensure that the property is clean before their new tenant moves in. If a previous tenant doesn’t want to clean the property themselves, then usually, the landlord would take a fee from their deposit to hire a cleaner to ensure that the new tenant starts their new journey more positively.” Says Owen Lloyd from Howells Solicitors.


  1. Damaged furniture

  2. Scratched walls

  3. Not being able to fit an item through the door

  4. Not being able to manoeuvre furniture up/down the stairs

  5. Not being able to manoeuvre furniture around a corner

  6. Boxes breaking and the contents spilling out everywhere

  7. The previous residents hadn't totally moved out or left things behind

  8. The house wasn't ready

  9. Not having everything packed up in time

  10. Delicate possessions breaking

  11. Removal van showing up late

  12. Lost boxes

  13. Feeling ill on the big day

  14. Friends who were meant to help cancelled last minute

  15. Losing keys

  16. Car/van breaking down

  17. Problems picking up a rental van

  18. Removal van getting completely lost

  19. Keys breaking in the door

  20. I got lost and couldn't find the house

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