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8 reasons why your buy to let should have home and boiler cover

16 July 2020 2215 Views
8 reasons why your buy to let should have home and boiler cover

You may wonder whether there are really that many benefits of home and boiler cover that’s specifically tailored for landlords and, even more relevant, is landlord boiler cover really worth it? The answer is yes; home and boiler cover can be crucial for landlords to have in place for their rental properties. The boiler is one of the main features in the home and, if something goes wrong, the way you deal with it can affect the whole way your tenants view you. Boiler cover is a policy that can cover the cost of repairs for your boiler if it breaks down at any time. We explain below exactly what advantages you can expect to gain from having a comprehensive boiler and heating care plan.

Reduces the cost of repairs

If your boiler breaks down, and you don’t have boiler cover, it can be incredibly expensive to repair. If it needs replacing, it will cost even more. On average, UK homes spend around £270 on boiler repairs every time their boiler breaks down. Boiler coverage saves you from paying over the odds for your repairs, making it a lot more affordable. In addition to this, if your own finances are stretched at any time, you can be sure your tenants won’t have to wait to have the repairs carried out on the boiler in your rental property.

Other added extras

Landlords’ boiler cover tends to include other services within the package such as annual gas safety inspections. This helps to ensure that you tick all the health and safety responsibilities relating to gas and heating in one easy package, without worrying that you might forget to do those all-important safety and maintenance checks.

It’s not just the gas and central heating either

Landlord policies could help with more than just the maintenance and repair of a boiler. Some packages also cover:

● Plumbing
● Electrics
● Drainage
● Pest control
● And more…

This means you can rest easy, knowing that most of your property problems can be covered by your care plan which saves you having to search all over the place for independent experts to return your rental properties to a good state of repair.

Annual servicing to keep your boiler working

Whilst boiler cover packages vary from provider to provider, there is one thing that they all include: yearly servicing. They will send someone round once a year to check that your boiler is working at the level it should, meaning you are less likely to have it break down. This ensures that issues can be spotted promptly before they cause you further problems.

Covers all boilers

For the majority of cover plans, it doesn’t matter what model you have, or how old your boiler is. Most plans will cover any type of boiler in any property, so you don’t have to worry whether you are eligible for coverage or not; you will always have the support you need for repairs, making your life and the lives of your tenants much easier.

Repaired by experts

Boiler cover packages send you experts to solve the problems in your properties, helping your tenants return to living comfortably in the property you’re renting to them. It also takes away the stress of finding the best person for the job, as your care plan provider will have people on call that know exactly what they’re doing. That way, you can rest assured that they will do a great job for you which will mean a pleasant living environment for your tenants.

1) 24/7 call outs

With most boiler cover for landlord plans, you’ll have 24/7 call outs included, many of which can be arranged by the tenants themselves if they have an emergency. This not only means that you can have any problems solved quickly, but you can also ensure that you’re not paying sky-high callout fees, or worse, struggling to find someone to come out to you.

2) 24/7 help and support

As well as 24/7 call outs, most cover plans give landlords a customer support portal with hints and tips to help you with any problems that might crop up. If you have a simple problem that could be fixed without calling an expert out, this could save you not only time but money too, as they enable you to troubleshoot some simple issues yourself so that you can solve these quickly and

If you are a landlord, it really is worth investing in landlord specific home and boiler cover. You’ll save precious time and money, and tenants can live comfortably in your properties for as long as they’re renting from you. With boiler cover for landlords you’ll be able to enjoy the peace of mind knowing that, if something does go wrong at the property, it’ll be taken care of by professionals who know exactly how to deal with the job in hand.

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