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Deposit Protection


Fast, simple deposit protection "As the longest serving CEO of all the deposit protection schemes I’ve seen first-hand how deposit protection has helped raise renting standards, reduce unfairly withheld deposits and improved landlord - tenant relationships. Our aim is to provide quick, easy and compliant tenancy deposit protection. All our landlord, agent and tenant users benefit from mydeposits’ unique strategic partnerships with expert organisations in the sector.   Eddie Hooker CEO ...

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Reposit: The tenancy deposit alternative A new way of renting without the hassle of a deposit With the tenant fee ban approaching, letting agents across the UK are looking for ways to reduce costs and increase efficiency. One way agents can not only save time but actually make money is by using Reposit instead of a traditional tenancy deposit scheme. Over £4billion of tenants' deposit money is tied up in deposit schemes, causing a headache for agents and landlords and a financial burden for tenants. Luckily, these are no longer the only options available....

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