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Landlords urged to carry out mid-tenancy inspections

Now is the ideal time of year for landlords to carry out a mid-tenancy inspection of their rental property, according to the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC). 

This is because many homes will currently be suffering from mould, which is generally caused by condensation problems. 

The AIIC is therefore urging landlords to carry out a mid-term inspection in the next few weeks in order to stop any problems from escalating. 


“Mould can be caused by a lack of ventilation or incorrect drying of wet washing – even if just one tenant is living in the property,” says Patricia Barber, Chair of the AIIC. “It can also be caused by on-going leaks both inside and outside the property, blocked gutters and missing roof tiles.”
Barber adds that these problems are exacerbated if the property houses more than one occupant. 

The AIIC advises landlords that if there is any sign of mould build-up they should make sure that it's not down to external factors, a lack of ventilation facilities or any other problem they could solve themselves. 

If, on the other hand, it is being caused by bad living conditions then landlords should advise their tenants of the required action to take in writing.

This should include reference to ventilating the property, wiping down walls and windows in bathrooms, using extractor fans and not placing wet washing on radiators or heaters and the importance of wiping down any mould spores as soon as they appear.

“If mould is not dealt with on a regular basis the resulting damage could cause both tenant and landlord a lot of money at the end of a tenancy,” says Barber. 

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  • Mark Wilson

    I think this article is saying 'open a window'.

  • icon

    We have two flats with no bathroom window.The tenants often get mould forming , any advice?

  • icon

    Ventaxia dehumidifier that is left on and turns itself on when humidity rises.

  • icon

    extractor fan is a must, which needs to be switched on by the tenants. However, not all tenants do so.


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