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Landlord left with more than £4,000 rent arrears by unscrupulous tenant

A buy-to-let landlord has been left with a major clean-up bill after a tenant from hell trashed his rented home in Malvern, Worcestershire, leaving it in a terrible state, before disappearing owing more than £4,000 in rent.

Neil Cooper, 54, was forced to issue his tenant with notice to vacate a property he owns in Malvern Link, WR14, after missing several rent payments.

Cooper told the Kidderminster Shuttle that the tenant had been in the property in Malvern Link for just over a year when he missed a rent payment in April.


“They missed the first rent payment and I thought, ‘well everybody struggles for cash from time to time’, so I let them off,” Cooper said.

“The tenant then failed to pay again and I couldn’t reach them via email. The letting agency also tried to get hold of them and got no response.

 “Eventually, after three months with no response, we were getting worried and the letting agents told them that if they failed to make the payment again, legal action would be taken, and they would be evicted.”

After still receiving no reply, the landlord sought consent to evict the tenant. But when he visited the property, he discovered that the tenant had actually moved out, leaving the house in “a right state”.

Cooper added: “When I opened the door it immediately seemed as though the tenant had left in rather a hurry.

“The place was a right mess, there were empty glasses all over the place, food left lying around and clothes still left there.

“We have had to take up the carpets and get new flooring sorted. The bathroom sink was smashed so that has had to be repaired as well as the two broken doors in the house.”

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    Left it a bit late, 2 months max arrears and sec 21 and / or sec 8 should be issued, don't mess about with tenants like this, i would have knocking on their door every day demanding payment.


    Wouldn't that be classed as harassment?
    I was advised not to contact them when I had issued the notices.

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    Harassment!! O poor little tenant who didn't pay his rent and lived rent free, somebody keeps asking for their money and upset them, sham. I know let's put them in the stocks and throw rotten food at them, or why not pay for a holiday for them. How silly Billy of us to keep asking them to pay up!


    Unfortunately, this is the reality that landlords have to face.
    You couldn't make it up really, and my deceased father , who had a distinguished career in the military would be flabbergasted by the political correctness and human rights issues we have to endure on a daily basis.


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