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UK’s ‘worst landlord’ owes more than £100k in unpaid fines

A buy-to-let investor, once dubbed “country’s worst landlord”, still owes more than £100,000 in unpaid fines in relation to over 60 convictions for housing offences.

Katia Goremsandu, 68, has accumulated £143,709.12 worth of property-related fines, including leaving her tenants without heating or functioning fire alarms, over the past few years, but so far only paid off £40,345.50. 

But according to the court, Goremsandu, who is paying off £103,365 of outstanding penalties at the rate of £1,000 a month, will take nine years to pay off the string of fines. 


Haringey council estimated in 2014 that Goremsandu’s rental income was around £188,000 a year, including housing benefit payments. But the landlord claimed in court papers last year that her annual rental income was £109,200.

Joe Beswick, head of housing at the New Economics Foundation thinktank, said: “Until we introduce real protections for tenants, and proper means of enforcement, landlords like Goremsandu will continue to operate like this.

“The fact that Goremsandu is able to continue earning huge sums annually despite gross malpractice is a clear example of the imbalance of power in our housing system. Landlords are reaping enormous financial rewards, benefiting from limited regulation and toothless enforcement, while tenants can be evicted without fault with just two months’ notice.”

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    Why doesn't the court force her to sell some of the property she owns. Then perhaps ban her from being a Landlord. This action shows a complete disregard for the law, but the court allowing a relatively small amount to be paid each month allows her to basically stick two fingers up at the system.

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    The council should confiscate her properties and make them into Council houses and Council tenants.

  • Amanda Burrow

    Sorry does she force her tenants to live in her properties I agree they should be in order and of a good standard but the fault lies with the government that sold our council houses off and the government not building enough effordable homes ! If the properties aren’t good enough then bascailly move out ! But where too ???

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    I don't agree that this is landlord's behaviour can be defended or that this is just another case of landlord bashing. People like this landlord are the reason the rest of us who try our best are vilified.


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