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Amanda Burrow
Amanda Burrow
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Hi Iv worked in the lower end of rentals housing mainly single mothers , for last 35 years I simply can’t belive what the government has done

my expertise in the industry

Worked as agent , land buyer for larger companies , and basically my own industry I’m a unpaid social worker

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Amanda Burrow
I’m sorry to read your post , Why not write to them , maybe reword my attachment to suit yourself ! Honestly begs belief what we are going through , Dear xxxx After you informing myself you do not intend to rent your rent for my property I’d like to inform you that Your rent will not be written off, It will still be owed and accrue on your account showing as arrears so anything you can do to minimise the debt will help you in the long term. The government have advised that they will suspend eviction proceedings in the courts for three months to allow tenants time to agree on a payment plan with their landlord to bring the rent back up to date. Therefore we are also asking that you put forward a plan for us to take forward It has not been made clear by government what happens if tenants are in arrears after those 3 months and landlords are in financial difficulties with no income, so we can only hope that the situation is resolved by this point or the government rolls our further financial support. I strongly recommend that, if you are affected, you contact the benefits office to discuss the possibility of a claim for universal credit or one-time hardship payment. If you have life/illness insurance cover you should contact your insurer and those tenants who are self-employed should contact their insurer accordingly top see if there are necessary provisions for interruption of work within their policy. Please do remember that this also poses a lot of other potential issues from a management point of view such as not having any funds to pay contractors for maintenance and of course our own wages, as individuals, we are also in a position where we will lose our income and not be able to pay our own rent, so it is important that we work together as closely as possible and communicate well to minimise the impact this pandemic may have. We will update you as soon as there is further news. In the meantime, we hope you and your family stay well and we can all find a way through this together. You will have to doctor my letter to suit ! Personally o would consider if the property is worth keeping as your sailing so close to the wind , has it gone up in value much if so sale and invest either in your own home to enjoy or in a more higher yielding area ! Hope this helps alittle Amanda

From: Amanda Burrow 30 March 2020 22:40 PM

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