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New Forest council calls on private landlords to help reduce homelessness

Rough sleeping in England has sadly increased for the seventh consecutive year, official figures show, and now New Forest District Council (NFDC) is calling for greater support from private sector landlords, as part of its efforts to reduce homelessness.

NFDC wants private landlords to work with them by joining the ‘Private Sector Lease Scheme’ as part of its work under the Homelessness Reduction Act.

Across the district there are already 117 properties in the scheme, but the council hopes to attract significantly more private rented homes with a view to renting them to vulnerable people who need accommodation in the district.


Cllr Jill Cleary, NFDC portfolio holder for housing, said: “Becoming homeless is a devastating thing to happen. And it is not just the stereotype of rough-sleepers this national issue affects; losing your home could happen to anyone, often through no fault of their own.

“We work to help anyone who doesn’t have a roof over their head.”

Cllr Cleary believes that the scheme has benefits for landlords as well as people who need accommodation.

Landlords who join the scheme receive a fixed term lease over a number of years and guaranteed monthly rental income for the whole of the lease period, including any times when the property is vacant, while all repairs are carried out by the council’s maintenance team.

Cllr Cleary added: “We are working hard to meet the requirements of the new Homelessness Reduction Act head-on and in its first few months helped 63 households who were facing the imminent loss of their homes to secure alternative accommodation and avoid homelessness. But we can’t do this alone.

“We need more properties and believe what we offer landlords who join the private sector lease scheme is hassle-free with many mutual benefits.”

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    this has been tried before and failed as i remember.

  • icon

    Don’t tax us out of existence and rob us through licensing and we may consider


    On that note, Vince Cable is calling for Business Rates to be discontinued and the shortfall to be met by a further tax on landlords.
    I have commercial lets and that would have a devastating effect on my income.
    The only saving grace is that the Liberal Democrats don't have a 'chance in hell' of being elected, but it keeps us (as landlords) in the spotlight once again?

  • James B

    Good luck with that if they want landlords help the way they treat them

  •  G romit

    .... and then next year they'll probably bring in Selective Licensing.

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    My tree word comment is unprintable.

  • icon

    Two word

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    I’m just about to go to court to evict a tenant that the council advised them not to leave. Any Landlord that now helps the Council is a traitor and should be shot! Tell them to go and shove it where the sun don’t shine. Talk about the horse has bolted!

  • icon

    They are a farce every last one of those councils just taken us 12 months and counting to get planning for a conversion of care home into 12 flats 12 MONTHS and they wonder why they arnt building enough homes


    thats fast!!! i kid you not

    and cost?????

  • icon

    They, the council charged for the last 5 years a HMO licence for 3 persons, and set stupid rules and regs which they don't apply to their own rented out same properties, ie right next door. AND now you DON'T have to apply for an HMO licence when current license finishes for 3 persons in properties less than 5 stories, complete stupidity set up by muppets from the council and government have not got a clue offices.

  • icon

    ss--ask for your money back--sounds like they may have acted ultra vires?


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