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Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour manifesto is ‘too extreme’ and ‘unrealistic’

Labour’s general election manifesto promises to “transform” the UK with what some commentators view as the most ambitious - and most costly - pledges ever made. 

The manifesto sets out plans for the private rented sector, which includes the introduction of open-ended tenancies, the scrapping of Section 21 and new rent controls, designed to restrict rent increases to inflation.

The party has also proposed the introduction of nationwide licensing as well as new minimum standards for the PRS. 

But the NLA has hit out at Labour’s manifesto for being “too exteme”, as well as “unrealistic”, not to mention “hugely damaging to housing supply in the UK”.

From rent-caps to open-ended tenancies, the association is not clear on how Labour intend to make these policies work. 

Richard Lambert, CEO of the NLA, commented: “How will Labour ensure landlords who are already compliant don’t take the full brunt of these changes? Will they give housing enforcement the priority and the resources it desperately needs? Does Labour intend to reform the courts so that if a landlord needs to end a tenancy, it can be done quickly and efficiently to?

“Currently, what Labour proposes will force landlords to be more selective about the tenants they take on and will drive many from the market altogether. 

“We cannot stress enough that punishing law-abiding landlords who live and work in the PRS will be something the Labour party will come to regret.”

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