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Landlord left in tears after nightmare tenant leaves house in an awful state

A landlord in Cardiff was reduced to tears after discovering her house in a shockingly dire state.

The tenant is said to have fled the house in Rumney, leaving the property in an unbelievable state.

Hundreds of alcohol cans and bottles, old newspapers, used tinned food cans, plastic carrier bags, crushed boxes, plastic bottles, were among the shocking mess left behind by the tenant.


Aside from the rubbish piled throughout the property, the walls were covered in stains, marks and spider webs, while the  toilet appeared to be smeared with poo.

When the landlord discovered the mess she broke into tears.

The house had to undergo an extreme clean afterwards and the property has been gutted and renovated.

The landlord said: “No landlord should have to walk in to see a property like that.

“It has broken my heart to see my property like this.

“I did everything to make sure the property was fit for a tenant.

“I just don't understand why anyone would do this?”

She added: “The floors, skirting boards, kitchen has all been ripped out and it's cost me thousands of pounds.

“I just can't understand why anyone would do this.”

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    • D G
    • 26 June 2019 09:18 AM

    I've being carrying out inventories for nearly 20 years; this is not an isolated incident. The thing that concerns me though is that the landlord discovered it, why had an inventory clerk or the agent not been in the property first, the tenant can now claim the landlord created the mess.


    Waste of time, the tenants always gets away with it.


    If the landlord only opted in for a find tenant only service then it is their responsibility to do a checkout.

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    I don’t do Inventories either but had always done them for 30 years prior to 2007 when Shelter brought in Deposit Schemes to undermine Section 21. Leaving is wrong what ever we did.

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    I think it's fair to say we have all been there, roll your sleeves up and clear the mess up, it's the only way, once you have had this happen a time or 2 you do get hardened to it.


    Insist on a homeowner guarantor! I operate in one of the poorest areas in the UK and every single one of my several hundred tenants has a homeowner guarantor. I'm in Court every month, but there's barely anyone that has not paid me in full since I started this policy in 2007 after the deposit scheme came in making recovery of deposit all the more harder.

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    Carry out regular 3 monthly inspections Do Not Leave to a LA they just don't it but say they have. Sort out an issue immediatly , if need be play the scum tenant when you have one at there own game. Do not hesitate , hound them until your property is as you want it. Forget council threats, take photos demand council environmental dept take action. Do not be put off by their toothless threats turn it all around and get council involved, police, utility companies. Every day be in that council office and demand environmental assistance based on the evidence you put on their desk, get council bods names and numbers, involve local press and local social media name and shame everyone.


    Do Not Leave to a LA they just don't it but say they have. Really. You have evidence that every LA pretends to do inspections do you?

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    Another article in Landlord Today - Headline ... “Rogue landlord ordered to pay £10,000 for renting out poor quality housing” This is absolutely right to happen but “NOTHING” will happen to the tenants that caused all the damage to this poor woman’s, and many others, property. Punishments are not hard enough for wilful damage. These people just move “say they’ve never rented before” and cause havoc and misery somewhere else. Time for stiffer action . Have a tenant register, national insurance number etc. They either pay or are declared bankrupt which will affect their future chances. Makes my blood boil!


    I had a problem with tenants not paying and it took months and a Section 8 notice and court date to get them to vacate.
    They left without a forwarding address and numerous black bags of rubbish for me to dispose of.
    I suspect that they did exactly what you pointed out and said that they had "never rented before".
    The problem with taking these sort of tenants all the way to court is there inability to pay for losses incurred and there would be a fairly considerable amount of bills unpaid that may be given priority over mine.
    I was just glad that they left pending court action, so I didn't have to throw more money at it, which I had no hope of ever recovering.

    • 26 June 2019 11:21 AM

    There already is a National Register of good and bad tenants.
    It is just not that effective as most LL and LA REFUSE to use it!!!!!!
    Only because they won't get their referencing kickbacks.
    All this provided



    Who have a far superior referencing offer but of course don't and won't pay kickbacks to LA.
    Network referencing is the only true way to prevent taking on wrongun tenants.

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    • 26 June 2019 11:30 AM

    @Luke P
    I take my hat off to you.
    I have never been able in 11 years been able to source a homeowner guarantor for any of my tenants!!!
    With you operating in the lower end of the market I am even more amazed that you gave been able to source viable homeowning guarantors.
    You certainly have a magic touch that has certainly eluded me and most other LL.
    A tenant with a homeowning guarantor is a rare beast indeed!!
    It seems you are an excellent hunter of these beasts.
    If LL were able to achieve as you seem to do rarely would LL suffer these horrendous losses detailed in the piece.
    Perhaps you might divulge some trade secrets as to how you are able to hunt down these rare homeowner guarantors!?


    I agree paul, these types of guarantors are as rare as hens teeth even in good areas.

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    We have had a similar experience with a tenant who was disrupting other tenants with noise.
    We issued her with a S. 21 at 4 months to ask her to leave by the end of her 6 month AST; she immediately stopped paying rent! She claimed to need her deposit back to put down on her new flat which we reluctantly agreed to in order to assist her to move out. When she finally vacated the property four months later, she left it in poor condition, requiring expensive repairs and owing us several thousands of pounds in rent and other costs. We took her to the small claims court and the judge found in our favour, however she then took out a Debt Relief Order, advised by the CAB! This cancelled all her debts; all other creditors were well-heeled national companies. To make matters worse we knew from Facebook that she enjoyed two holidays abroad whilst we were trying to get her to pay us. We make every effort to be good landlords, providing quality homes for our tenants...where is the justice in all of this?

    • 26 June 2019 13:48 PM

    Civil Recovery is a joke.
    So either have RGI on the tenant or have a homeowner guarantor with RGI on them.
    If unachievable and you still let to a tenant then that is a very big BUSINESS risk the LL is taking.
    If it goes wrong then ultimately it is the LL fault!
    So the answer is don't let to tenants who can't achieve the above
    If not possible then consider giving up being a LL.
    If refusing to do so then expect big losses as in this example

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    Hi, I has the same problems with my properties,cost me a fortune. The tenants seems to know the law more then us. Please can anyone forward me the insurance company that covers the rental and the damage caused by the tenants. thank you

    • 26 June 2019 23:07 PM

    You won't go wrong using the services of LRS.
    I would also suggest that you should perhaps join the NLA or RLA.
    There are many LL insurers.
    If you have flats you aren't allowed to have your own buildings policy which is usually required to have add on malicious damage insurance.
    There some LL contents policies which give malicious damage cover.
    But you must shop around

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    Yes Steuart Saunders we have evidence. It took more than a dozen black bags to temove the filth and dirt and rubbish a tenant had accumulated in 4 months in a Brand New built flat , the agents was being paid to manage and hadn't. The tenant is still living in flat but now Fully Understands the rules of Our tenancy!
    Hopefully this is a site used by Professional LLs not to make up stories. I take it your a LA? And you woukd never do that?


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