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New technology aims to improve fire safety

New technology is being launched in an attempt to improve fire safety in the rental sector. 

Following the changing recommendations around fire safety and to support housing providers with their inspection process, Gas Tag has announced the upcoming launch of its latest product, Fire Door, which aims to support safety through technology

Fire Door is a physical tag that is placed in the property and tracks all of the fire door inspections and servicing work. This data is then fed into an online portal for landlords to monitor data. 


Evidence obtained and published in the recent Phase 1 report of the Grenfell Enquiry revealed that ineffective fire doors allowed ‘smoke and toxic gases to spread through the building more quickly than should have been possible’. This has led to The Rt Hon Sir Martin Moore-Bick to recommend that managers carry out inspections on fire doors no less than every three months.

Gas Tag has incorporated the recommendations from the recently published Phase 1 of the Grenfell Tower Enquiry into the workflow for Fire Door, along with best practice guidance. 

Once in use, Fire Door will allow housing providers to effectively manage inspections and collate and report accurately on important fire safety data. 

Peter Luke, commercial director at Gas Tag, commented: “Fire Door is the result of us listening to what our clients want and using our technology to support them to achieve their compliance and safety goals.

“Gas Tag revolutionised the housing sector by standardising the gas servicing workflow through our mobile app. We have replicated this approach with Fire Door, creating a process that will prompt the inspector to follow best practice, answer relevant inspection questions and take photographic evidence of the door.

“All of this information will be sent in real-time to the provider’s portal and stored, giving them full visibility on the condition of their fire doors and the ability to carry out desktop audits.

 “We have had really positive feedback on Fire Door from our clients so far and we are excited to roll it out to the sector.”

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    More rubbish you caused Grenfell Tower Disaster killing 72 people RIP, with Technology you revolutionized that alright, so you sit on your hindquarters listening to other morons and come up with more rules for us, never mind putting tags on doors just remove the wedges that's keeping them open.

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    Totally agree. Internal fire doors are invariably wedged open and I must admit I do have some sympathy with the tenants as they're a pain in the neck to open every time you want to go in or out of a room. Until there is some electrical connection broken every time a fire is open which stops the heating etc. from working, no frequency of inspection will ensure that internal fire doors are kept closed.


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