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Right To Rent online system tweaked later this month

It’s been confirmed that a new online system allowing landlords to check the Right to Rent status of prospective tenants will be available from November 25. 

The new system has been widely anticipated - in September the government said tweaks to the Right To Rent procedures would be made to cope with the Coronavirus crisis ahead of the new online process.

Individuals applying for rental property and landlords themselves will be able to visit www.check-right-to-rent.service.gov.uk and verify the identity of the prospective tenant against the details available on their page.


The government earlier this week released a 43 page document updating Right To Rent, including minor changes to allow requests for digital versions of documents, making checks on a video call, and how to approach situations where prospective tenants don’t have the document required. 

The new guidance also includes information on checking the validity of documents and retaining evidence in the current circumstances.

Right To Rent was introduced in 2015 after a six month trial in the Midlands, and has been hit by non-stop controversy ever since.



In the spring of this year the Court of Appeal ruled in favour of the government’s scheme, overturning a decision reached in 2019 by the High Court which had found that the Right To Rent legislation was unlawful and racially discriminatory. 

At the time the High Court said the measure caused agents and landlords to discriminate against British citizens with ethnic minorities and against foreign nationals.

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  • Ruan Gildchirst

    There will be an unofficial eviction ban For Years!

    If someone wants to they can live rent free for at least two years, then use delaying tactics for another year,

    Then tell the LL to pay the tenant £4K in cash for them to move out, or they take a hammer to the walls and do more than £4ks worth of damage

    The days of the LL are over, the smart LLs are getting out now, soon it will be only the government renting to private tenants as the housing prices crash picks up speed over the next few years


    I expect unofficial evictions will be making a come back as well, what do you think ?



    What you suggest to tenants is extortion and even suggesting it as a potential course of action could be regarded as illegal.

  • icon
    • 05 November 2020 16:07 PM

    Yep will surely occur.
    If I had the situation I would have no compunction in having a rent defaulting tenant immediately removed.
    I am just NOT interested in the PoE A.
    The alternative is bankruptcy and homelessness.
    Seriously would any LL prefer that to being imprisoned which rarely happens if ever?
    With the feckless tenant getting away with paying rent.
    A LL would go straight into an open prison for a start.
    So no different to being locked down in your home!
    The PoE A is a toothless/paper tiger.
    Not many would support feckless rent defaulting tenants over a LL rights to be able to trade and take on a rent paying tenant.


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