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Landlord allows tenant to live in his property rent free for five months

As the escalating coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc, a number of tenants have been left in extremely vulnerable situations. 

Many who have become ill, lost their jobs or are caring for relatives are desperately worried about how they will pay their rent. But one extremely generous landlord has decided to give his self-employed tenant a five-month rent break during the coronavirus outbreak.

Paul Bradshaw, from Loughborough in Leicestershire, has given his tenant, a father-of-four who was already in rent arrears,  a rent-free period for five months to help cope with the outbreak of Covid-19. 


Bradshaw said he had been contacted by other landlords who had "done similar" with their tenants.

The 32-year-old posted about his gesture on Twitter, calling on other landlords to do what is “morally correct”.

Bradshaw said: "I think the word profit just needs to be forgotten about right now and everybody just needs to try and break even through this.

"People that owe money to those self-employed, people that have got invoices outstanding - I think we all have a responsibility right now just to try and help people in any way that we can."

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Poll: Would you consider offering your tenant a rent-free period during the coronavirus outbreak?


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    I think as a landlord we are placed in a difficult position. Potentially giving tenants a rent break sounds great but i have mortgages to pay and the rent is my only income so i would go bankrupt very quickly. Its a very worrying time , i am incredibly worried



    I agree. This my problem is now your problem approach is not on. I’m all for helping folks but firmly believe this is why we contribute vast amounts to the state on everything we earn and buy. This should be the first port of call for anybody that needs help.

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    Nice to read this, a generous offer. I have done similar in the past for tenants who got into difficulties but unfortunately when you have mortgages to pay it is not so simple. A couple of my tenants have now contacted me to say they are off work due to Corona, one couple will try for Universal Credits. I've said we'll discuss again when the rent is due, I would be happy just to cover the mortgage payments but also suggested to one that rent could come out of the deposit if they prefer (they are very good tenants who look after the house extremely well). Well let's see what happens and try to keep positive.

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    That is why small deposits are a crazy idea.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    ... " ALREADY in Arrears " ! is the key here.
    The Landlord isn't running a business ( because they can't be run that way ) but a hobby.
    With a hobby, its just an interest you have and making a profit isn't a consideration.
    Also, you can't live off or feed your own family on hobbies.

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    I have mortgages, maintenance (gas/electric), insurances, agent fees to pay and need the rent as contractually agreed between me and my tenants. I can not afford to allow too much 'freedom' in not collecting rent. For the past 50 years I have paid my taxes and still do! So why do I have to subsidise the country even more. If the tenants are able to get 80% of their wages from the gov then they can pay 80% of the rent now and the outstanding 20% (s) when back in employment over a set agreed period. May sound harse but why should I be bankrupt and have court judgements against me!

    • 31 March 2020 00:06 AM

    Because David you are an evil greedy LL taking homes from people and therefore you deserve everything that happens to you.
    Now bend over and take it like a man.
    That is the view of the dopey left-wingers who resent that you are able to offer a service that you charge for.
    You may well offer a very good service.
    That makes no difference.
    You are still an evil greedy LL.
    Society at large holds with such opinions.
    Don't imagine in any regard that what you do will be considered a valuable service.
    The idiot left resent anyone who charges for a service.
    They think it should be free .
    I'm afraid the country is going to the dogs.
    Best to get out of the PRS ASAP.

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    Government interference has done maximum damage to private renting sector in this Corona virus crisis, they didn't need to interfere, anyone who couldn't pay obviously wouldn't have paid anyhow. The Tenant who could have paid probably would have paid and no such thing as throwing people out as that takes 6 to 9 months at best of times. I now have 6 houses where any income is very unlikely at all even definite. I am not Social Security who can dip into tax payers piggy Bank, or Council who takes money off LL's at a whim while never costing them a penny with no input, not even Shelter with the begging bowl adverts looking for £10, who don't supply housing and pay their top brass well in excess of £100k pa, and have Charity status, (can we who actually supply housing have Charity Status). The Government has opened the flood gates now no one wants to pay because of even more guaranteed rights to destroy private LL's.


    The damage they do to us will come back and bite tenants, councils and the government hard on the backside when we get back to normal, if a tenant fails to pay me without good reason I will serve sec 8, I will evict, however long that may take and I will make sure every landlord in my area knows who they are, we landlords do talk to each other

    Daniela Provvedi

    @Andrew, please don't forget to slap on a CCJ as well.
    @Michael, you're right. Government should not have interfered.

    Us LL were doing alright before covid-19, how were we able to do anything wrong with all the rules recently thrown at us?

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    • 31 March 2020 10:40 AM

    Never forget the CCJ....And never forget to renew it ever 6 years, and don't forget to add the interest.

    These people must be made to understand that renting a property requires commitment and responsibility.

    As long as they allowed to feel no pain, this will just continue.

    Go for it.......And evict as soon as you can.


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