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New Gas Tag feature now available for all landlords to use during the pandemic

All landlords and contractors can now access Gas Tag’s latest feature, designed to ensure that they are compliant during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Launched earlier this month, Gas Tag’s new functionality makes it easier for landlords and contractors to meet their regulatory requirements, such as annual gas safety checks and other compliance services during the outbreak, as it allows engineers to report a failed access attempt due to a resident self-isolating. 

The sector has been advised that it should continue to carry out gas and safety checks as normal. But the pandemic is causing issues for providers when attempting to carry out regulatory requirements, such as annual gas safety checks and other compliance services. 



The move to make Gas Tag’s functionality free comes after new data showed the increasing challenges landlords and contractors face accessing properties to carry out important safety work.

John Roche, chief operating officer at Gas Tag, commented: “As an organization, we pride ourselves on working closely with the sector and developing products to help them carry out their work and keep people safe. That is why we have decided to open up our functionality for free to all landlords and contractors during the pandemic.

“Our data shows that it is becoming harder and harder for landlords and contractors to access properties to carry out their work. With many organisations also facing staff shortages, repeated failed access attempts can prove costly.”

Landlords are currently being advised that where they are unable to access a property to carry out work that they should be able to provide evidence that reasonable attempts have been made. 

Roche added: “Through our Isolation UTA [unable to access] feature, landlords and engineers can easily mark incidents where residents are self-isolating, allowing them to manage their resources effectively and ensure they can access homes when it is safe to do so.”

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    This feature can be used to work remotely without the use of the tag in this instance. Feel free to call the office for more information.

    Many Thanks

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    Or you can just tell yes tell tenant to wait in the garden for 15 mins whilst Gas Check done then all finished see you next year. If they don’t want to give access then great don’t bother calling when your boiler isn’t working cos our answer will be something along the lines of ‘sorry your engineer won’t attend your property because we have reason to believe you are not well, once we have a doctors certification and we will make an appointment’

    Gas tag 😂


    Tenants refusing to allow vital safety checks, especially in flats, should be fined as they're putting other occupants' lives at risk - unless these checks are largely a waste of landlords' money - like many other schemes only applying to rental properties. How many owner occupied properties have gas explosions or CO- related deaths in the average year?

    What Covid-19 checks will be dreamt up for us in the coming months?


    But Robert are you aware that it’s statistically proven that owner occupied houses are much safer on gas and electrical levels compared to tenanted properties?

    No I’ve not read that stat either


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