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Health and welfare of tenants jeopardised by landlord

A landlord has been hit with a fine of over £600 after failing to comply with an improvement notice - jeopardising the health, safety and welfare of a tenant.

Nicholas Glover of Chesterfield was convicted at Southern Derbyshire Magistrates’ court for failure to comply with the requirements of an Improvement Notice contrary to the Housing Act 2004 in a case brought by Chesterfield council.

The court heard how Glover was served an improvement notice in early 2019 after the council identified two ‘category one’ hazards in the property. 


Whilst one of the hazards had been resolved on a later visit, Glover had failed to install a proper heating system in the flat, leaving the tenant with no fixed source of heating for 18 months.

He was issued with a £660 fine, along with a £66 victim surcharge and ordered to pay £926.11 costs.

Councillor Chris Ludlow, cabinet member for housing, says: “The council is committed to protecting local residents and we will always take action against rogue landlords so we can make sure all tenants are safe and secure.

“This prosecution should act as a warning to landlords. They all have a responsibility to provide tenants with good quality, safe accommodation.”

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    Interesting photo. I suppose it bears some connection to the article. But not that much. Maybe the editor of LT didn't have much time to search for a better one.


    Oh dear David! Surmising without evidence?

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    Heating, '' you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink'', back in the 90s, when I was green enough to rent to students, I had 3 18 yr old girls in a house complaining about how damp it was and that all their cloths and bedding was damp, I visited one morning and met one of them dressed in a thick coat shivering with cold, when I asked why the heating was not on she replied '' oh that's too expensive we cannot afford to switch that on'', their rent for the whole house was only £75 per wk, £25 each, some people are beyond help.

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    I can well understand that I bought one lot a New Condensing Dryer 3 Years ago, £280. just leave it anywhere still not used, they don't was to spend on the electric. No problem they can tell Council they have mildew they'll find the LL probably £20k & £10k expenses for themselves, what happened to the scales of justice.

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    eu corruption has seeped into every pore of the public sector


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