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Rent controls backed by self styled Citizens Assembly

A so-called Citizens Assembly set up by a leading politician has called for rent controls.

The Citizen’s Assembly of Scotland was launched by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon in 2019, with the aim of being representative of the country. Its recommendations are not binding, but the Scottish Government is obliged to respond to its recommendations and reports.

So the Assembly has now called for both rent controls and a joint approach to the private rental sector between politicians and tenant bodies.


The report also advocates a points-based system of rent controls linked to the quality and amenities of a property, not market rates.

The Scotsman newspaper quotes one of the Assembly’s 100 members - Shirley Islam, a social care worker - saying: “I think for a lot of young people today they are stuck in a trap of extortionate rents but also outrageous mortgages. How is someone with an average wage supposed to live comfortably in rented accommodation today? You often see ‘affordable housing’ advertised but affordable for who exactly?

“What the assembly allowed was for a variety of voices from various backgrounds to come together to tell their truths. From landlords to young tenants we were able to hear from a wide consensus. We came to the conclusion that we had to support a recommendation to try to tackle the inequality gap between older home owners and younger people struggling to achieve security.”



It cites another Assembly member - Aidan Callahan, a musician - saying: “I’d like to hammer home the point that the assembly was looking to provide guidance on what we, the people, want to see for housing. It is clear that where we are right now is not good enough and that we can help this process through our recommendations.

“I will be honest that I did worry that there would have been a big divide between landlords and homeowners, and what young people hoped to see to help them access more secure tenancies, whether that was renting or making it easier to buy homes. But the truth is that 96 percent of us backed recommendations for rent controls and there was a lot of support for other progressive housing measures.”

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  • George Dawes

    That will be the beginning of the end of PRS

    Rent controls don't work , it's been proven in the past . Then again most politician's are too thick and too cosseted in their public sector wage bubble to work that out.

    Mark Wilson

    George, I thought the beginning of the end started some time back. This is the power of the people.


    Time the SNP rag tag supporters woke up to reality that things need to be paid for by the people using them!

    Also time some idiots stopped emulating Trump in ignoring reality and his supporters in chasing the impossible!

  • icon
    • 22 January 2021 10:23 AM

    Not with my properties it is not.
    No Govt. would try to compulsory purchase in this climate.

  • icon

    Strange photo to put with this article: What has this photo got to do with a 'Citizens' Assembly'? Who are these young ladies? Are they working in an office? - In which case, where are their facemasks (for a indoors setting)? Can they not work at home? What is so interesting on that laptop? Not sure if they're looking at 'Landlord Today', but I might be wrong. Is the young lady with the mobile phone doing social media? On landlord/tenant issues? So many questions, so few answers ...... The public deserve to know. They have a right to know. Maybe we should set up a Citizens' Assembly to investigate these questions ........... As I said, strange photo for that article.

  • George Dawes

    Power of the people ? More like the moronic masses .

    Just look at some of the comments on here as an example. Cough cough 😷

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    • 22 January 2021 10:41 AM

    Rent control is Communism.
    I thought this is a Laissez-Faire economy as defined?:
    "Abstention by Governments from interfering in the workings of the free market."


    Agreed and like Communism it hurts those whom it claims to help.

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    With all the regulations and banning of removing thives from rental property's the prs is fast becoming unviable as it is. Bring in rent controles and landlords will be selling up in droves if there not already. Then were will and who will the feckless be homed by. This snowflake generation is pathetic. Stop spending your money on garbage you don't need and start saving properly for a mortgage. Sacrifice for years just like all the previous generations have had to do. Stop expecting other people to fund everything for you.

  • icon

    Re rent control - honestly everyone don’t worry we will make MORE MONEY. Until they build more tenants will be fighting over property

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    I have not increased my rents over the past few years, however if this come in and the control is that rents can on be increased by 5%** I will increase the rent by 5%. Simple. We won't loose it just means rents will go up by the government approved maximum. Then who can argue with the increase? I can say this is the council recommended level. Argument over. **%value is used as a example


    Generally I only increase rents when I re let to a new tenant, if this does come in I will be increasing rents once a year for all tenants


    I agree.

    Look at what has happened with minimum wage legislation where many firms who would previously have paid more now realise they were at a competitive disadvantage and stick to the letter of the law. Standards drop as better employees can't get paid more without Unions shouting DISCRIMINATION! which it would be - justifyably so!

    Look at the energy cap, where all energy companies ' standard tariffs are nearly identical whereas it's possible to get energy significantly cheaper by shopping around.

    The do gooders pushing such policies only hurt those who deserve better treatment and protect the feckless, reckless and hopeless. They probably recognise kindred spirits!

    • 23 January 2021 15:19 PM

    I do too, but I make sure that the new rental price covers all backdated stupid charges that we are forced to pay for like electricity and gas checks.

    Someone must pay them, and it will NOT be me.

    When will these idiots realise that THEY are the ones who are the culprits for increasing rental prices and damaging the people they maintain they are helping?

    Such Bullsh*t

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    Hi Ed, I find myself in the same position Rents have not increased in 8 years or less than eight years ago, (fact) so whats all this talk about Rent controls if that's not bad enough add loads of arrears to this. The Power of the people is the power of the people who live off others and do nothing, a bit like the '60's when unions got too strong and wanted everything which was great until they Bankrupted the Employer then had no job. When they talk about rent Controls does that mean it can't go any higher or lower or just higher and will it guarantee me my Rent arrears.


    Great point. We are always told to learn lessons from our history. When you liken these organisations to those unions and what happened to those who they were supposed to be representing. Linking it back to the point of rent controls, I don't think landlords will leave the market (data provided by property master). The price of rental accommodation will just go up.


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