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John Thompson
We all knew this would happen and it will just get worse. The government and councils keep rushing in more and more demands on landlords, legislation, required certificates, more tax demands, stamp duty, and cutting back of allowed deposits and any tax relief. etc. etc, at the same time they also making it more and more difficult to evict bad, antisocial and nonpaying tenants, some of these tenants trash the properties and LL end up paying out thousands to put it all right with no hope of recourse against the tennent. There seems to be well-organized hate campaigns directed at LL that the government keeps pandering to, hoping to keep their votes, while small LL have practically no voice and no organization with any backbone or power to speak up for them and convey their problems and struggles. Meanwhile, social housing has been cut right back, immigration is sky high and house building is way behind what is needed to house the ever-expanding population. So we have a huge housing shortage and massive housing demand, as many LL sell up, fed up with being battered from all sides. These groups seem to not realize that for the vast majority of LL they have mortgages to pay on their properties and that this is a business, its how they earn a living, and like any business it has expenses that these lot are forever driving up. It all has to be paid for and of course like all businesses the expenses are passed onto the customer, or the business goes under, so the tenant has to pay for it, it's not rocket science. As long as LL are demonized and viewed as rich, money-grabbing pariahs that need to be controlled and taxed to the hilt, and tenants are poor helpless victims, things will only get worse for all concerned.

From: John Thompson 18 June 2020 11:06 AM

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