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Baroness leads call for ‘winter truce’ on evictions

Activists in the Generation Rent campaign group are urging the government to introduce what it calls “a winter truce” with no evictions.

The Baroness who is the director of the group, Alicia Kennedy, says: “No evictions should take place during winter, given the risk to vulnerable people of being made homeless amid freezing conditions. Last winter’s truce brought England and Wales into line with other European countries and this should be put in place every year.

“This year a winter truce is even more urgent due to the heightened level of infections, the uncertainties posed by the Omicron variant, and the prospect of people who have already lost income since March 2020 facing the loss of their home at what should be the happiest time of the year.”


Her group contends that the lifting of restrictions on evictions at the start of autumn has seen evictions occur at a similar rate to before the pandemic. 

It says that its interpretation of Ministry of Justice statistics suggest that between July and September 2021, evictions of private renters reached 87 per cent of the level they were in the same period in 2019.

Generation Rent estimates that if evictions occur at that level “then every working day will see 83 households evicted across all tenures. This includes 28 renter households evicted per day through the Section 21 process, which the landlord does not need a reason to use and the tenant cannot appeal.”

The activists says that in 2020, the government placed restrictions on bailiff enforcement of evictions from December 11 to prevent evictions from taking place at a time when rising cases of Covid-19 were putting additional strain on public services - it wants the same this time.

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    What landlord is going to evict a good tenant in winter ? the only tenants to be evicted in winter are the rogue non payers, and who's fault is that ?


    There may also be the rogue ones who terrorise their neighbourhood with anti social behaviour. I don't imagine many of their neighbours would support a winter eviction ban.

    As you say good tenants are at very little risk of being evicted.

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    Congrat’s Alicia this is a recipe to create more arrears, do you not think they will take advantage of this.

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    How about a winter truce on withholding rent?

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    Evictions DON'T cause homelessness.

    They make properties available for decent tenants when rogues - who dodge rents, trash our properties and cause mayhem for neighbours are evicted. These practices very often go together!

    Who has the greater right to a home - a decent homeless family - or a rogue ?

  • Theodor Cable

    If they need to be evicted, then the time of year is in no way part of the situation.
    If they agreed to the contract they signed, and I bet they did that rather quick, then the eviction must be treated the same.

    So, the scum involved in not paying their rent, need to learn a few lessons and the harder the better.

  • George Dawes

    Not her again …

  • icon

    How about a trade off, we accept her winter truce each year in return she accepts tenants who haven’t paid rent in full are removed from the property within 14 days of the rent arrears being due by the police.

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    I think she means give the tenants the property.


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