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Government tells landlords - no national licensing scheme planned

The government has revealed that it has no plans to introduce a national licensing scheme for landlords.

Housing minister Chris Pincher MP made that clear in a written response to a question from the Labour MP for Warrington North, Charlotte Nicholls.

“The government is committed to delivering a private rented sector that works for everyone and balances the needs of landlords and tenants” Pincher said.


“The government has no current plans to introduce a centrally based licencing scheme for private landlords. We are working with local authorities to raise standards in the private rented sector." 

He continued: “Local authorities must license Houses in Multiple Occupation where five or more people from two or more households share facilities. Local authorities also have the power to license different types of privately rented properties through additional licensing or selective licensing schemes.”

Groups including Generation Rent and Shelter have called for a national register of landlords

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    What a travesty. Is this so the local authorities can continue to fine?
    England needs this urgently. There’s too many amateur landlords who haven’t a clue what they’re doing, have no training and yet offer housing and a service that has over a hundred pieces of legislation and so on and many don’t even use the correct tenancy agreements.
    If licensing of agents is required it should equally apply to landlords who are their own agent.
    Rent smart Wales has done a great job of weeding out bad landlords.
    England needs to do the same.

    Matthew Payne

    It's not so much the fines, but the subscription model that LAs desperately need to retain to refill the coffers. If HMG centralised it, it would not only be expensive to implement, they would then have to prop up local councils even more with extra funding.

    PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    ' Amateur Landlords '' - if that's referring to single-property Landlords, yes they make up about 50 % of Private Sector landlords.
    But, 84% of Tenants are satisfied with renting, - so that kinda Deflates Michaela's point.

    That said, the Government have to take responsibility for the incessant and convoluting regulation imposed on the sector, by responding with knee-jerks to so-called Tenant support groups who are only actually campaigning for the minority, about 5 - 10 % of Tenants, ( and thereby, actively Against the majority of tenants. )

    But tenants don't see this, as I imagine neither do you Michaela.

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    Nottingham City Council recently released the figures for their Selective Licensing Scheme. Since lunch in 2018 when they anticipated 30k applications the have had 24,069. That suggests 6k (probably more) LLs have not applied. A simple LL Register, where tenants could check their property is registered and report it if it is not, would help to flush out these 'hidden' LLs who are often the ones renting substandard properties.

    As an aside NCC have issued just under 17k licences - not what I would call a success story.

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    I think now there should be a national landlord register so you need to be licenced to rent out property along with a tenant register yep the tenant should be checked out as well for criminality, non payment etc, bad history and they have to produce this checkable on a national database as well.
    There you go 'Right to rent' sorted at the same time

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    The councils are the UKs biggest LL, not professional LL, they are the ones that need licensing. I had HMO in the same building block owned majority by the council, they tried to impose their rules on my property But Not their own, made them change their own rules, what applied to me applied to them now. Amateurs.


    Councils are the biggest and the worst landlords in this country.

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    Steve, I had the same 3 Bed extended House had to get license for 5 Persons, similar house next door let to Housing Association no License required and 8 persons there minimum some times 14 + everyone acting the jack all kept by tax payer, (LL wasn't bothered moved abroad & had 10 year Contract guaranteed no input required of him).
    I know some people are moaning about HM0 Licensing but huge numbers of you never had a license, now I some coming due for the fourth time and required to do it again which is very unfair considering others never had a license.

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    Maybe Christopher Pincher could learn from Matt Hancock and give everyone one dose first instead of we doing it over & over again then classed as Rogue LL, Authorities never refer to us any other way. When a LL gets convicted of an allegation regard letting he is given a Criminal Record. The Mayor of London landed scores of Timber Box obstetrical's in middle of road & at junctions around several London Boroughs as part of a Traffic Creating Scheme costing the tax payer £1m, now deemed illegal by the High Court. He is now spending big bucks setting up a Criminal LL data Base, will he be on it he has broken the Law ?.

  • Fredy Jones

    Some questions about breathing space.......

    1. Could you still be cut off from utilities/broadband if you successfully qualify for breathing space?

    2. What happens to tenants who have their court case come up and the LL gets a possession order, but the tenants qualify for breathing space?

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    I suggest looking at the gov website. Its gonna cause all sorts of issues. Best of luck Fredy


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