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Landlord fined in blitz of private rental waste dumping

A landlord’s firm has been fined after waste accumulated in the rear yard of a tenanted property.

Elahi Properties of Blackburn was ordered to pay £1,259 by a court, comprised of a £750 court fine and £500 costs.

The firm was summonsed to appear in court earlier this month after ignoring repeated calls from the local council to take action. 


In the past year, 40 waste prosecutions have been brought forward by the same council - Blackburn with Derwent - totalling nearly £16,000 in fines alone.

Council spokesman Jim Smith says: “The council won’t tolerate rubbish building up and causing issues for neighbours. Piles of rubbish are disgusting, the rotting waste causes bad smells and attracts vermin.  There’s no excuse for it and it’s not fair on the people who live nearby. 



“Most residents take pride in their homes and surroundings, in fact we work with an army of volunteers who take to the streets daily to help rid our borough of litter.

“We will do everything we can to help those who need it and take action against those who blatantly blight our neighbourhoods.” 

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    Not Surprised how much rubbished is in the back garden, it looks like another miscarriage of Justice the Tenants that put it there, as you said its rotting away and smelling which means its Domestic waste they were not prosecuted as usual and free to keep doing it.
    As a LL I would & do clear it all the time using my own labour and costs , usually involving a skip (£265+ vat £53). It shouldn't need to happen if the Tenants used the wheely bins correctly the rubbish wouldn't be there. In West L'don Councils is the biggest problem for causing rubbish, we are not allowed to use the Re-cycling centers, restricted by internet making it impossible for anyone other than Digital Academics who won't be dealing with waste. It has to be booked on-line that most of Borough Residents cant do incl' me, its useless like anything to do with the Council, book in advance itemize what you are bringing when yo get there the first person you meet Digital Academic straight out of Uni' with there lap top to log everything, its a bit of rubbish for goodness sake & we have to put it in all different bins anyhow, the Service is not workable go away and have a sleep for yourself. My suggestion to anyone thinking of buying a property is don't do it and you will never be prosecuted for anything and loved by authority.

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    Send clearing of tenants rubbish bills to the council. Hound them, calll them and email them.
    Thry have a responsibility as well but hide behind covic, and "its not our responcibility " well they have a duty of care to, environmental health need to be involvec, councils make rules for others never themselves, we need to act like the professional LLs we are, don't stop hounding these wage stealers and council tax thieves.

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    Most of my properties bin collections are a Tuesday in Norwich so I generally take a ride in either on a Monday or a Tuesday morning and check that the bins are out, it's all part of being a landlord, most tenants do put their bins out but there are often one's that either forget or just cannot be bothered, the last thing we need is rubbish building up as it will always be the landlord that gets the blame and never the tenant.

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    The first thing our Councils did in the first lockdown was to close all the dumps and then complain about fly tipping!

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    To be honest, there is not enough detail in this report ( there rarely is!). What type of property was it? If you guys are going to continue reporting emotive articles, then at least put some detail in otherwise you are doing it just to illicit some form of emotional response


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